Dorm Room Sex

It was late on a Tuesday night, I had turned in early and was almost sl**p when Daryl opened the door and came in with a friend. The lights were already out, only the light that seeped in form the window illuminated the room.

I could make out Daryl's body but could not place his friend, except from the fact that it was a male I did not know who. The of them conversed in hush tones. I could see tier silhouettes very well, the two of them embraced passionately and kissed for a seemingly long time.

When they parted I could see that both their cocks were exposed and standing at attention. Rapid movement, that I took for them undressing, and they slipped into Daryl's bed. At this point I could not make out who was pitching and who was catching. I do know that they were very passionate about the sex and was moaning and groaning something awful.

My cock was so hard that it hurt, I was too afraid to move thinking that they would stop and leave me hanging. For twenty minutes they were having passionate sex. I heard some whispering and saw movement, the two of them were out of the bed and moving around in the room.

One of them sat down on my bed by my side the other, crawled up from the foot, and was sliding under the covers behind me. I felt the harden cock of one of them as it slid down my spine and the crack of my butt.

Just as it reached my butt hole two powerful arms enveloped me and pulled me over on top of my bed mate. Before I could protest the one sitting on my side was between my legs and positioning both cocks at my anal opening.

I started to protest just as the two of their cocks invaded my butt hole, I cried out pain and surprise as the two cock heads entered my anus. 'SHHHHHH, it wont hurt long, hush,' said the voice over me.

The one under me was nibbling at my ear and kissing my neck. the one above me licked down my neck to my nipples and kissed/sucked them both till I was trembling with passion. Slowly the two of them started to fuck both huge dicks up into my rectum. I gasped and begged for them not to but was in noway able to stop them.

I had never had two huge dicks in my ass at the same time and was some what frighten as to what would happen. The person under me was raised up just enough so that his cock was half way into my anus the one on top held my legs bucked up high enough to admit half his cock into my stretched anus cavity.

It wasn't long before the two of them exploded and filled my anal canal with the mixture of their baby making fluid. Once they had shot their load they pulled from my aching anal opening and laid one in front and one behind me.

It was then that I realized who the second guy was Jarvis, he was Daryl's fuck buddy before I was and had seduced me once or twice before. The rest of the night the two of them took turns sexing my little ass till the sun rose. It was a regular class day but neither of us went to class, the two of them fucked me all day and most of Wednesday night.

When Jarvis finally left, late Wednesday night, my butt was so sore that I thought I would walk funny for weeks.
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2 years ago
poorman 2dicks in sametime ur asshole was stratch
2 years ago
HOT story! Thanks for posting all the sexiness.