An Unexpecteded Fuck Session

[ As I became aware of my surroundings...I realized that my knees were pushed back into my arm pits. Two huge hands under my shoulders, clasping them from the back, and a hulk of a man was prostrate over me, in my anus was an enormously huge tube sliding back and forth in my anus cavity.

I struggled to open and focus my eyes, the face that was over me straining with each lunge was that of "Horse Dick Harry". Than I knew what the huge tube was that was sliding back and forth in my ass hole was, it was Harry's enormous fuck tool and he was balls deep in my butt.

Slowly Harry pulled back till only the head of his gigantic fuck tool was lodged in my ass hole, my outer anal sphincter muscle ring clasping on to the neck of his massive cock head keeping it from slipping from it's grasp.

Harry noticed my eyes open and lowered his head, his lips touching mine, his tongue probing through my lips finding my tongue and playing tag with it till he cajole me to join in his game of tag.]

I remembered earlier in the evening walking pass Harry's house and him calling out to me from the side of his garage. Vaguely I recalled that as we talked he offered me a sip of his drink, but I don't think I saw him drink from the cup.

I became unsteady on my feet and Harry assisting me to the ground and both of us laughing. After that it was some what foggy, I was being helped into the basement door. Harry fumbling with my pants and shirts, I felt a bunt pain in my anal area and an uncomfortable felling to my thighs...then blackness.

My mind cleared as I understood what had happen the bastard had d**gged me and was now taking advantage of my u*********s body. My arms were laying out to my sides, I reached up and gripped his biceps and tried to speak. The pain soared through my body as my nerves began to return to normal.

I dug my fingers into his massive arms and tried to speak, I only babbled incoherently. Harry kissed my lips again and whispered 'yes, I know how much you like my dick in your ass...' I reached up and took hold of his head with both hands, he just lowered his face to mine kissing my lips passionately.

I was still not in complete control of my body and bounced off the mattress as Harry plunged his tremendous penis in to my stretching rectum. I tried to yell but only a moan slipped from our kiss, Harry didn't let up, he plowed deeper and deeper into my helpless butt till he flooded my anal canal with copious amounts of his baby making juices.

As a wet sloshing sound came from my neither region Harry continued to grind and empty his huge testicles of their load of man fluids. We laid there, me holding his head still with my useless hands and Harry kissing greedily at my neck and grinding his softening immense cock into my butt hole.

When he was satisfied that he had emptied both his testicles Harry laid there on top of me so that I could not move. My feet up above our heads, my toes clenching from desire, passion and pain, My body trembling form anger of being used like this and from the lust of having Harry d**g me in order to take advantage of my tight little teenage ass.

The d**gs still had not worn off and inactivity caused me drift back into blissful u*********sness.
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