The huge buck riding my back had a dick that was like someones arm stuck up my butt. I was trying to get away from each lunge of that gigantic mammoth of a fuck tool. How had I got myself in such a predicament?

I had went to the last basketball game of the year, my high school team had the lead, fourth quarter twenty seconds left on the clock. The other team was at the foul line, the brute in front of me was yelling to the top of his voice. I had to challenge 'If my team loos I'll be a fuck boy in jail.'

Not only did the opposing team make all three shots but manage to get fouled again and have three more shots ,that they made, and tied the game. It came down to the final seconds, let this go into over time I prayed. The opposing team had the ball, they brought it into play the second player to touch the ball let it fly in a hail Mary like throw.

Every one in the arena held their breath as the ball sailed through the air, nothing but rim...three points and the game winner. In the confusion I tried to ease out, just as I reached the exit a huge hand grabbed my shoulder 'well fuck boy what you gonna do now...'

I turned to face the same huge black brute except there was three other dudes with him just as huge. I mumble 'can't you take a joke, Ha, Ha...' The three of them laughed like some strange horror flick. They shoved me through the exit and down the escalator to the first floor of the parking deck.

I knew better than try and run I feared that if I did they would catch me and beat the sh-- out of me. When we reached the bottom floor they herded me to a ford econo van, the side door was pushed open and I was tossed in side.

As we left the parking deck I told them 'you know you could get in serious trouble for k**napping'. They paid me no attention, I was stuck between two of those huge black monsters. The van twisted and turned down streets that I was unsure of till we reached a part of town I knew I did not want to be in.

The door was open and I was pulled from the cargo area of the van and pushed to a ground floor apartment. I was pulled through the door and thrown into a bedroom. There was a mattress on a box spring that was sitting on nothing but the floor. My three huge captors starred at me, the one that had been in front of me said 'So, you want to be a fuck boy in jail, do you?'

I trembled as I thought as to what they meant 'look guys, I was just having fun, that's all. I didn't mean to insult any body.' His answer scarred me to the bone 'we aren't insulted we are very happy that you want to relive part of our confinement with us.'

I looked quickly around and noticed that there were bars on the windows and that the windows had ply boards on the out side of the windows. My three captors were starting to undress and their penis's were all in the enormously ridiculous range.

The three of them were at least twelve inches long and four inches around and their cock heads were like the size of small peaches. As they stood in their nakedness I tried to reason with them...they cut me off and told me what was gonna happen.

'You lost a bet that you made, we gonna collect and make your dreams come true. First you gonna get down on your knees and suck all our dicks, than we gonna fuck the sh-- out of you till you really know what it's like to be a fuck boy in jail.'

I started to try and back away, the one closest to me took hold of my arm and some how or way knocked me to my knees. I was there on my knees facing the largest black cock I had ever seen. The bastard took hold of my head and pulled me to his semi hard cock and wiped his gigantic cock head across my lips.

His penis was trailing pre-cum as it brushed my lips. one of them gripped my head from behind and pinched my jaws causing my mouth to pop open. His hugely large cock head could barely fit into my gaping mouth. 'Don't you bite me bitch' he caution.

I did not try to close my mouth, he just fuck my mouth as I tried to hold it open. Some one pulled at my trousers and underwear until they were stripped from my body. A digit was pushed up into my dry anus and worked around like wild worm. Loosing my balance I could do nothing less but reach up and grab hold of my assailants huge thigh muscles.

'Shit this bitch is really getting into this,' I tried to push away but was pulled back to this mammoth cock that was filling my oral orifice. Striking the back of my mouth with his huge cock head I gagged more than once.

After a while they pulled my head from this huge saliva gleaming cock, the brute pulled me by my head to the bed and push me face down into the mattress. Pulling my butt cheeks apart, I could feel this huge fuck tool searching for my anal opening.

Once he had found that little puckering opening, the brute plunged viciously into my anus. I screamed out in agony as the huge head popped through my outer anal anal sphincter muscle ring. I gripped the mattress and dirty sheets in my fists howling to the top of my lungs.

To Be Continued????
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2 years ago
awesome beginning...keep writing this one...