The vicious side of Daryl

It was a late Thursday night as I laid in my bed thinking of the next day, when Daryl came through the door. I could sense that he was pissed off even though he had said nothing.

I slowly turned his way and started to sit up, Daryl snapped 'don't say a fucking word, get out of bed and strip your stupid ass naked.' I thought for a second what have I done, Daryl quickly jerked the covers off my bed and repeated 'get out of the damn bed and strip your stupid ass naked.

Slowly I stood and removed my underwear, that was all I slept in. Daryl ordered me to kneel on the bed and lower my butt as low as I could get it. Daryl was removing his clothes and tossing them aside, I felt his cock as it brushed against one of my thighs.

Daryl gripped my buttocks and parted them allowing his massive cock head to rest against my now unprotected anus. I started to ask Daryl to use some lubricant, but he spit just to the top of his dick and the crack of my ass. Using his dick Daryl spread his spit around my butt hole to act as lubricant.

With a powerful push Daryl's huge cock head popped into my anus canal. I cried out in pain as his gigantic cock head parted my outer anal sphincter muscle ring none to gently. Before I could catch my breath, Daryl had gripped my hips tighter and pulled me violently back to his pubic and was pounding my butt relentless.

His thighs were slapping against my buttocks, like two slabs of meat striking each other. I gripped the sheets and held on for dear life moaning and groaning as Daryl fucked me mean and viciously as he could. It seemed like hours that Daryl plunged into my opened ass before he [pulled me tighter to his pubic and begin to shoot his baby juices into my rectum.

When he was finished, he pulled from my butt and ordered me suck his dick until it was hard again. Startled by his actions I slowly did as he commanded, Daryl stood just where he was not giving me much room to slip between him and the bed.

I gently sucked on his massive fuck tool till it started to harden again, Daryl did not move his body nor acknowledge that he was enjoying what I was doing. With his come dripping from my ravaged anus I sucked his cock till it was rock hard.

I slowly rose and laid back on the bed lifting my legs up giving access to my dripping anal cavity. Daryl smiled down at me and stroked his now rigid cock across my puckering anus a couple of times before reinserting his baby making tool back into my well lubricated boi pussy.

Daryl rested his hands on my bent knees and fucked my butt hole, after a little bit Daryl pushed me farther on to the bed and lowered his body to mine a sexed my anus till he shot another load of fuck juice in to my anal canal.

This time Daryl cupped my head in his hands and kissed my lips gently whispering 'sorry, I just wanted to fuck somebody hard.' With that Daryl nestled his head in to my neck and we both drifted off to sl**p, I could feel the huge amounts of Daryl substance as it seeped from my anal cavity around his still stiff dick.
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