Sex Should always Be Fun...

I saw Jarvis across the library floor, he was there with three other young men, college age. I had not seen them on campus before and had no other information about them except that I could tell that they were gay.

I waited till most of them had drifted off, Jarvis was there and it was obvious that there was no studying going on. I rose from my perch and slowly maneuvered around till I was behind the young man and facing Jarvis. Jarvis glanced up and our eyes locked he smiled and motioned for me to come and join them.

As took a seat at the end of the table, with Jarvis on my right and his companion to my left, Jarvis introduced us. 'Melvin, this is David, he and had have a close relationship, similar to the one you and I have. David this is Melvin, he likes boi pussy that is willing'.

Shocked beyond words I looked at Jarvis with my mouth hanging open 'close your mouth David, Melvin is all ways looking for a willing ass to fuck and not embarrassed to meet one as good as yours'.

Still shocked I looked at Melvin, he leaned over and gripped my left thigh and smiled 'I only fuck guys that are willing, are you willing to do a threesome with us tonight'. Speechless, I glanced from Jarvis to Melvin trying to figure how to respond.

Jarvis broke the silence 'why don't we go to your place Melvin and get comfortable'. Melvin broke into a broad smile and stood 'good let's go', he said.
The trip to Melvin's place was short and quick, we went straight up and the two of them explained what was expected. Jarvis stated 'you have only on job, relax and let us have fun, we want hurt you, but the two of us are gonna fuck you'.
Melvin took over from here 'get out of those clothes, the bathrooms through that door fresh towels are on the hamper and a tube of lube if in the cabinet. Before you exit insert a generous amount into your butt and come out willing to accept our advances.'

I followed the instructions and returned to the room, Jarvis and Melvin were both sitting at the table watching a fuck film and stroking there huge pieces of man meat. I was enthralled by the sight of two virile young black males, not too harsh to look at nor to admire.

Melvin stood and directed me to the bed, Jarvis approached from the other side. They gently guided me to the mattress and begin to explore my body with their lips, tongues and fingers. I was quivering in anticipation as they would kiss/suck my nipples and chest and slowly stroke my cock and massage my testicles.

Melvin slowly moved between my legs lifting them slightly from the mattress, his enormously huge cock head brushing against my anus. Melvin had gripped my thighs and was pushing them to my abdomen, my knees were against my chest as Melvin gently applied steady pressure to my puckering anal opening.

I grind my butt hole against Melvin's relentless rigid cock head, Melvin was trying to be patience and resisted the urge to plunge his huge cock head pass my outer anal muscle ring.

I was gasping from passion and pain as Melvin's rubbery mammoth cock head probed my anal ring so sensitively. Even though I knew there would be pain as this huge fuck tool entered my tight little ass hole. I could barely constrain myself, Jarvis was very slowly, and agonizingly so, kiss/sucking my nipples driving me wild with passion.

As Melvin's man meat slipped through I audibly gasp in pain and pleasure. Melvin worked his enormous fuck tool back and forth in my tightly clinching anal orifice. Melvin was oh so pleased with the tightness that he was nothing but a BIG smile as he worked his man meat in side my anal cavity.

Pleading and begging I was, for them to let me have release from my sexual torture. Jarvis worked from my nipples to my gaping mouth kissing and sucking my lips till he captured my darting tongue. I arched my body to accept more of the tormenting cock in my anus as Melvin slowly worked his magnificent fuck tool in my butt hole.

Melvin stiffened and plunged deep into my rectum, I felt the strong stream of baby making fluid as it ejected from the tip of the gigantic cock head buried deep in my butt. Melvin grind his huge cock deeper into my butt as I milked the rest of his man juice from his still harden cock.

As soon as Melvin slipped his flaccid cock from my gaping anus Jarvis moved to replace him. Gently Jarvis turned me to my stomach and guided his rigidly huge penis into my now stretched anus.

As I laid there, on my stomach allowing Jarvis to pound furiously into my prostrate body, I thought of how wonderful it felt to have two strong virile young men having sex with me so sensuously. Melvin was laying beside us as Jarvis kissed and sucked on my neck and upper back all the while plowing my butt with his stiff cock.

I reached back over my head, as Jarvis sucked on my neck and ear lobe, I grasped the head of my lover and hunched my butt up to meet each of his thrust as Jarvis tried to pound me through the mattress. It wasn't long before Jarvis ceased pounding my butt and begin to screw his massive tool deeper into my rectum.

He had already passed my inner anal sphincter muscle ring and was seated as deep into my rectum as was possible. I tried to milk that fantastic piece of meat and make Jarvis moan, but it was all Jarvis as he made me moan and beg him to 'fuck me like the bitch I am'.

Soon Jarvis stiffen and shoved his penis as far as he could deep into my rectal orifice and I felt his discharge of enormous jets of baby making fluid into my anal cavity. I tried to loop my legs over his ankles and hold him inside as huge fuck tool shot copious amounts of man spunk deep into my butt.

The two of us laid there Jarvis slowly rotating his hips allowing me to milk his tool of it's juices. As Jarvis rolled from my butt Melvin mounted me for the second time, this was the procedure that the two of them followed all night, with little rest between.

Jarvis and I was fuck buddies the rest of my college years, with Jarvis occasionally inviting others to join in as we enjoyed each other.

(Leave a comment if you think I should tell more of my sexual escapades through life.)
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Love this stuff.