One Penis Too Many...

I was taking a short cut through an abandoned apartment complex, the city had recently ordered that every one move out, most of the buildings were unsecured. Being adventurous I decided to check some of the units out.

To my surprise, I found more than one unit with left over furniture. In one it seems that whoever had lived there just took their clothes and left most of their furniture behind. I was coming down from the second floor when I was startled by two young men that had stepped in to do some d**gs.

They looked up at me and we both sort of froze, I did not know what to do except to gingerly move down the stairs. As I reached the last landing, one of them said 'it's been awhile since I had some boi pussy.' The other looked up with a shocked expression 'yeah, fucking a fighting boy bitch would set things off right.'

Panic took hold of me and I tried to bolt for the door, the one closest to me tripped me. I fell to the grimy floor yelling to the top of my lungs. The one that was doing the d**gs harshly said 'stop that bitch from yelling, some one might hear him', the other replied 'we too far back for any one to hear this bitch'.

They must have been right, we were almost in the center of the complex and on three sides there was multiple lane roads with cars, trucks and buses passing all the time. And besides that no one on this side of town would probably give a damn about some guy yelling anyway.

Yet I decided to put up a valiant fight, only to have lost the battle. As soon as the other guy had secured his d**gs he came to his accomplish aide and the two of them were able to subdue.

Tired and bruised, I still struggled as they carried me back into the building and struggled with me to get me back up stairs and into the bed room. They tossed me on the they musty smelling bed and secured the door. I bounced off and took a defensive stand in the corner.

The first guy looked at his arms and smiled at me as the other guy started to remove his shoes. 'Look, little man, this is how it's gonna,' said the one removing his shoes. 'I'm, I mean, we are gonna fuck you so you can think you can fight or you can fight and still get fucked.'

The other guy just grinned and started to stroke the bulged that was growing in his pants. I looked around the room for something to fight with but except for the bed, which was nothing more than a mattress on a box spring on the floor, there was nothing in reach.

The one was now fully naked and his cock was standing out from his body, I looked at him and he saw me glancing at his erect cock 'yeah, you know what you want.' I moved back as far into the corner as I could get.

The other had dropped his pants and was removing them, as soon as he had them off he ask 'Larry man, you gonna have to hit that bitch pretty hard to get him to come along.' Larry answered 'don't worry about me, you just make sure that this bitch don't run past you.'

Larry hopped on the bed and started to move in my direction, the other came around the bed. I glanced from one then the other. Once they were ready the one on the bed made a quick movement, I turned in his direction and the other ran up behind me getting me in a bear hug.

The bastard was amazingly strong for a dope addict, I tried to kick my way free. Larry gripped one of my legs lifting it high in the air keeping me off balance. He managed to get my shoe off and let my feet drop back down, he captured my other feet and swiftly removed my shoe from that foot also.

The one that had me in a bear hug slipped his arms up and got my head in a choke hold. He was so rough with it that I almost passed out from the struggle, they had me bent at the waist, my face inches from my assailants smelly stiff cock.

Larry managed to get my pants loose and pulled them from my body along with my underwear. Larry said 'Johnny, get that bitch to lay down on the bed.' Johnny was the one that had me in a choke hold, he walked up on the bed on his knees pulling me with him, Larry took hold of my kicking legs causing me to become prone on the musty bed.

Larry was behind me as I tossed and turned, Johnny said to me 'no since in fighting anymore you're getting fucked today.' Larry spit all over my buttocks and begin to rub the nasty stuff into the crack of my ass. He would stick his finger into my anus and wiggle it around, than slip another one in with it.

Johnny took my head and pulled it back so violently and tight that I could hardly breath. I couldn't keep up the fight and stay conscious. Larry crawled up on my thighs, his rigid cock head probing between my butt cheeks.

I couldn't cry out when his cock head found my anus and pushed it's way into my rectum. Tears were freely flowing from my eyes as Larry fucked my butt so roughly. Johnny was still clutching my head and neck against his stinking body, he started to twist his body around I panic as his cock moved closer to my face.

I tried to reach around and push his cock away, but he had such a grip that I had to stop or else get my neck snapped. Johnny rubbed his smelly cock all over my face as Larry fucked me in my butt. Suddenly Johnny let my head and neck go, my head plopped down on to the mattress.

Larry quickly moved up my back sinking his rock hard cock farther into my anus and getting me in a full nelson head lock. Larry bucked and bounced in my butt like he was riding a bull, till he flooded my bottom with his sticky fuck juices.

Larry laid on top of me catching his breath still grinding his cock deeper in to my anus. Johnny was walking around stroking his cock as Larry pulled out of my butt hole. I tried to move off the bed, Johnny jerked my foot back and scolded me 'lay you young ass still or I'll stomp a mud hole in ya.'

Johnny crawled up between my legs pushing them apart. he lifted my waist from the bed and ordered me to stay on my knees. I was openly crying at this point and begging them to 'let me go and not to hurt me any more.'

Johnny adjusted my butt till I felt the tip of his mammoth cock nudge against my sensitively painful anal opening. I cringed as Johnny slowly worked his cock into my resisting anus. The huge amount of man spunk that Larry had deposited was helping him enter, the tighter I squeezed my butt hole shut the more of the spunk would seep out till Johnny's head popped through causing me to scream as loud as I could.

Johnny and I both fell to the mattress with him violently attaching my helpless butt. Johnny reached between us and spread apart my butt cheeks and pounded into my stretched open butt with no mercy. Lucky for me Johnny was extremely horny, it wasn't long before he filled my butt with his nasty spunk.

Johnny hunch into me a few times than rolled from my aching body, my butt making all types of sound as air rushed in and spunky fluid seeped out. The two of them ignored me as they went back to doing their d**gs, I slowly found my clothes and dressed as fast as I could, the two of them looked at me in their wasted stupor as I dashed past them and made my way out of the building and to the streets.
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3 years ago
Where's this complex and the apartment. I wouldn't want to stray into there by "accident",