A Weekend with Steve

I was still in high school and was spending the week end with my cousin, Steve, and his f****y. Steve's father worked the graveyard shift and as soon as he would leave for work his wife would dress and go out on the town. Steve and I was left alone in the house to watch television and make popcorn, and hopefully not get in to trouble.

As time would have it, Steve found his father's bottle of gin,he begin to act like his father and sing the little song 'dink a little gin do a little sin'. Laughing like lunatics we started to drink little sips, the first was harsh and bitter, the second caused us to get silly and the third made us frisky.

After a while we settled down and began to watch wrestling, I forgot who was in the match, but we were all into it. We were sitting and laying on the bed jumping with excitement as the match progressed.

Steve and I started to tussle and try wrestling moves, I got Steve in a scissor hold, that's here you wrap your legs around the trunk of your opponent and squeeze till they give up or break the hold. Steve twisted around and got to his knees lifting my body from the bed, I had to loosen my grip.

Steve quickly pinned me to the bed with one leg pushed up to my head and the other in it's normal position, sorta like a split. I admit I was more than a little tipsy and too trusting.

Steve had me just the way he intended and begin to kiss my neck, I tried to get loose but could not manage. The more Steve kissed my neck and grind his body against mine the hornier I got, till I finally stopped struggling and allowed him to kiss my neck and dry fuck me.

This wasn't enough for Steve, he soon had lifted my other leg and lowered my up stretched leg till both were resting around his waist. He continued to grind and suck gently on my neck, I could feel his male member harden and throb against my limp male member. Soon I was caressing Steve as he manipulated me into any position he wanted.

Steve had lifted his body and lowered his head to my nipples and was kiss/sucking them so sweetly that I begin to allow him to slip my pajama pants off. I don't know what I was thinking, as Steve spit on his fingers and spread the goo between my butt cheeks and on to my anus and his cock head.

Slowly and patiently Steve worked his way around my body getting me all excited and horny that I was willing to do what ever he wanted me to. I was now grinding back to his body as he sucked on my neck and kissed sucked my nipples.

I felt his enormously huge rubbery rigid cock head, nest against my anus and start to work it's way in to my virgin butt hole. The gin and lustful emotion kept me from protesting, as Steve's cock started to part my anal sphincter muscle and work it's way into my rectum.

I gasped audibly loud as Steve huge cock head slipped into my anal canal, Steve quickly covered my gaping mouth with his and captured my tongue and begin to suck gently on it. I was now moaning with lustful pleasure as Steve grind his massive fuck tool into my accepting virgin butt.

Steve released my tongue and whispered into my ear 'hump back to me,' I locked my ankles and lifted my butt up to Steve's crotch and felt more of his rubbery rigid fuck tool slip deeper into my willing rectal cavity. Steve, lost in passion, was so eager to have his cock buried in my tight butt that neither of us heard the bedroom door open.

My eyes were closed in lustful splendor when I felt the bed give as if some one else had joined us. Steve and I was so stoned and carried away in passionate licentiousness, we did not even react as another pair of lips joined our enthusiastic kiss.

When I did open my eyes it was too late, Steve b*****r Bobby had sneaked in and was now part of our embrace. Steve continued to grind his fuck tool deep into my butt as Bobby sucked passionately on my tongue. Steve stiffened and I could feel his cock as he erupted and emptied his baby making fluid into my anal cavity.

I was still laying on my back as Steve lifted my legs and gently pulled his softening cock from my now stretched butt hole. Bobby wasted no time, releasing my tongue and lips just long enough to get between my lifted legs. Bobby replaced Steve limp cock with his now steel hard cock.

Just as his cock head reached my well lubed anal opening Bibby lowered his face to mine and begin again to kiss my lips and search with his tongue for mine. Upon finding the ornery little member, Bobby once again sucked it into his mouth. Bobby's cock was some what larger than Steve and harder he pounded into my anus with eager and relentlessness ambition.

I dug my fingers into Bobby's shoulder and back as he rode my butt, my legs embraced in his arms, I was helpless to do little more than receive the fucking he was delivering. It wasn't long before Bobby too emptied his love juices into my butt, being filled with both their substance, my anus was making wet sloshing sounds as Bobby worked his still stiff cock into my rectal cavity.

Unable to do little more than moan with passion I laid their accepting their continuing love sessions. The two of them alternated screwing me till they were thoroughly satisfied and had filled my rectum with so much of their fluid, that the excess flowed from my anus like streams of water.

Every weekend I went to my cousin's Steve ended up the same with Steve and his b*****r having their way with me as they desired.
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nice hot piece