Sex with Daryl and his friend T-Bone...

It was a late Saturday night, I was in our dorm room, The one I shared with Daryl. It was nothing unusual for Daryl to return to our room on a Saturday night intoxicated, but this night he had a young friend with him.

I was alert as soon as the keys fumbled at the door, I watched to see how Daryl would enter. To my surprise Daryl stuck his head through the door and than motioned for some one behind him to enter.

Another young black guy entered and stopped just inside the door, Daryl pushed him further into the room and slowly closed the door. I could not make out every thing that was said but I did hear '....don't make a lot of noise...that's David's bunk by the take my bed...'

I fringed u*********sness as the two of them fumbled around in the dark, finally T-Bone made it to the bed and laid down. Daryl stood in the middle of the floor fumbling with his clothes, soon T-Bone started to snore gently. Daryl was standing removing his clothes.

I could make out what was going on from the small reflecting light from the computer mouse. Daryl's cock was sticking out from his body, he took hold of it and stroked it a few times. He turned in my direction and whispered 'David, David, you woke?' I Plaid like I was out of it, Daryl said 'shit just when I want to fuck, this bitch is knocked out.'

Daryl knelt down and lowered his body to the floor, two minutes later Daryl raised his head up and moved over to my bed. I stayed still and watched him as he slowly stood and slid in bed next to me. I felt his rigid cock brush against the side of my thigh and his arm move over my body. The next thing he did was to kiss my chest and drag his tongue across till he found my nipple.

Slowly Daryl sucked on my nipple in his alcohol stupor, his hand slid down my torso and stroked my stiffening cock. Moving his hand down further he slid a finger into my anus and squeezed my balls while working his digit deeper into my butt hole.

I groaned softly from his administrations and parted my legs slightly. Daryl moved over my body and continued to suck on my nipples first one then the other. With his body on mine I lifted my legs to his side giving him access to my waiting anal orifice.

Just as Daryl reached down and guided his rigid cock into my anal opening, T-Bone raised up and whispered 'Daryl, you fucking that bitch,' Daryl froze and whispered back 'take your dumb ass to bed, you be dreaming.' T-Bone stirred from Daryl's bed and moved across the room.

He must have touched Daryl 'what the fuck you doing man,' Daryl said. T-Bone answered 'you fucking that bitch, make him suck my dick.' Daryl answered 'he's knocked out, where you ought to be.' I still laid still and waited to see what would happen. I could feel T-Bone moving his hands over the bed and Daryl's body, Daryl said angrily 'damn it T-Bone you gonna wake David up.'

T-Bone said 'if that bitch ain't woke yet he ain't gonna wake up, I don't know no bitch or punk that can't feel a big dick in their ass, unless you got a little dick,' T-Bone let out a giggle. Daryl cursed again and said 'watch where you put that dick of yours, I'm gonna turn his head over and you stick it in his mouth.'

I thought of doing something but quickly changed my mind when I got the funky smell of T-bone's erect cock under my nose. Daryl gripped my jaws pinching my mouth open, T-Bone's penis glans was rather huge and my teeth moved across the head as it entered my mouth.

T-Bone took hold of my head and begin to fuck back and forth in my mouth, Daryl lifted up some to give him room. But I could not fool them any longer, Daryl said 'this bitch is woke.' Daryl pulled from my anus and flipped me over to my stomach, T-Bone cursed and said 'damn Daryl, what you doing.'

Daryl said get 'on the bed this bitch gonna do us both.' T-Bone quickly sat himself at the head of my bed his cock sticking up in the air. Daryl lifted my waist and guided my head down, T-Bone's cock poked me in the eye.

I struggled to capture it with my lips and begin to suck greedily at it, Daryl re-entered my anus and begin to fuck me with abandonment. T-Bone took hold of my head and worked my head around his rigid dick, T-Bone said to Daryl 'let me get some of that boi pussy.'

Daryl didn't say a word he pulled from my anus and T-Bone entered my anus. The two of them took turns sexing my butt till they had shot their man spunk in me twice. Then the both of them laid down on each side of me and placed their arm over my body and drifted off int their alcohol induced sex exhausted rest.

The next morning when they woke the party was on again, before I could get up and escape from them. They both took turns screwing me till they shot their load twice more into my anus. Then they sat on the bed and had me suck their cocks till they were hard again, then they did it all over again.

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