Learning how to deep throat...

I was working the drive through window at the burger late one Friday night, this somewhat diminutive husky voice placed an order. My cock instantly begin to twitch as I heard the voice. I took the order and instructed the customer to pull up to the first window. As the car approached I observed that the driver was a shemale in full dress with a split up her right thigh to the waist.

I was so absorbed by the sight of that yellow thigh and leg that I fumbled through the rest of the proceeding. The driver looked up at me and whispered 'you'd do better if you looked at my face instead of my leg.' As I adjusted my gaze I was mesmerized by two hazel eyes that stared directly into my eyes and a face so lovely that it belonged on an angel.

She said 'you are kinda cute, what time do you get off. If you see me in the parking lot would you let me take you home.' I sort of stammered 'I get off about twelve thirty, I would let you do that,' she smiled and went to the next window.

It was after on o'clock that I exited the burger joint, I had almost forgotten about her when the lights of a car suddenly came on and the car pulled out of the space and stopped in front of me. She let the window down and said remember me, I'm Chandra, are you still game or were you just lying.'

I opened the door and hoped in, Chandra pulled off giggling to her self. 'now tell me, where do you live.' I gave her my street address and glanced down at her beautiful exposed leg.

As we rode through the streets Chandra slipped her right hand from the steering wheel and opened her split wider, I could not help but look over at the movement of the hand. Chandra said very sweetly 'want to see what's higher?' I smiled at her and she said 'I'll show you if you promise to give it a kiss, I stammered 'I'll try, but you mat have to pull over.' With out a word she pulled into a large box store parking lot and went to the far end.

Chandra put the car in park and urgently whispered 'quickly, before the security guards can get here.' With that Chandra opened her legs and let a huge penis pop up in to view, startled I gasped as Chandra reached over and took the back of my head and pulled me to her crotch.

She smelled so fresh and sweet that as my head went to her cock I opened my mouth and took her deep in side. With two or three quick strokes up and down, Chandra lifted my head and asked breathlessly, let's go to my place and finish what you just started. As soon as we pulled towards the exit the security van pulled past headed for the area we were in.

As we headed to the out skirts of a very pricey neighborhood, Chandra confided 'it's been a very sorry night, I couldn't get you off my mind since I saw you earlier. You looked so serene and sweet that I just had to be with you.' We pulled up in to a gated complex. Chandra entered her code and we parked in an enclosed garage and took the elevator to the fifth floor.

We entered a very nice unit with great furniture, Chandra took hold of my hand and led me to the back bed room. Chandra was a petite four feet seven and about ninety pounds with a set of fun bags that were at least thirty four D's and a small waist, very shapely legs that seemed to make most of her size, her feet were in a pair of six inch hells that gave her a perfidious height.

That was where her female self ended, once in the bed room Chandra closed the door and poured two glasses of wine and slipped out of her dress. Standing there with nothing on but her bra and six inch heels and a cock that stood nine inches straight from her body, Chandra handed me a glass and said 'to a wonderful night.'

As she finished her glass she looked at me and said in her very husky diminutive voice 'now you have no excuse for not being able to kiss it properly.' I took a sip of the wine and dropped to my knees in front of this beautiful goddess. Placing a hand on each of her thighs I slowly kissed the head of her erect penis, as it throbbed and flinched I captured it with my lips and sucked it into my accepting mouth.

Chandra embraced my head in her hands and moaned passionately, twisting my head and rotating her hips, Chandra's cock slipped deep into my mouth causing me to gag as her penis glans reached my throat. Slowly pulling my mouth from her throbbing cock Chandra said 'you are very willing, but I'm going to have to show you how to suck my cock without gagging.'

Chandra lifted me from my knees and started to undo my belt, I assisted and let my pants fall to my feet. Chandra slipped her hands into my underwear and pushed them to my knees I stepped out of them and my pants. Chandra lifted my shirt and t-shirt over my head and tossed them into the chair by the bed.

Chandra knelt before me and begin her instructions 'don't be so quick to get my cock in your mouth, take your time and lick it like this.' Slowly she let her tongue encircle my rigid cock, letting her tongue freely circle my cock as it bobbed and throbbed. Than she said 'make a fist with your right hand, keeping your thumb inside the fist. Now slowly suck the cock into your mouth like this taking your time.'

With that Chandra sucked my cock into her mouth till her face was buried into my pubic hair, I may not be that endowed my cock is between seven and nine inches long. I could feel Chandra's throat muscles as she attempted to swallow my cock head, as I looked down she glanced up her eyes were beginning to fill with tears as she worked her head around in a small circle. Finally she pulled from my pubic and slowly let my stiff cock slip from her lips.

Looking up at me from her kneeling position she said 'you aren't to let me choke my self on your cock, but you get the idea.' She stood up, I knelt down, she reminded 'make a fist with your thumb inside and squeeze tight, you will be able to take my cock in you mouth and possible your throat.

I followed her example and was able to get the entire length of her cock into my mouth and she was right, her penis glans was at the entrance of my throat and I was not gagging on it at all.

(May be you want to here what happened after that??????)
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Yes it was a great start to the story. Can't wait for part 2.
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love ro read more
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you did more so write more thanks