An Encounter in the Park

It was while I was still in high school, after many months of torment by my three tormentors, Daniel Bruce, and Charlie. It never seemed to fail, that when ever they were together I was the subject of their sexual attention. I had tried so many ways to stop or accept what they were doing to me that I was going insane when I saw them.

I could not get dates, for they had spread rumors as to what they did to me, yes most of them were true but they always seemed to leave out the part where the made me accept their advances, my friends had abandoned me and I found myself alone mostly.

I was running through the park near dawn, I do this some times to clear my mind, and there was slight chance of being bothered. But this morning turned into a sexual nightmare, as I came jogging around a blind corner there in the field was Daniel and Bruce, they saw me before I could get a good look at them.

I quickly changed course and darted down a dirt path in the opposite direction, I thought that I had ditched them as I altered my path and weaved through the maze of paths till I found myself running along the small stream that funneled through the park.

I stopped trying to catch my breath only to be startled back to reality by the voice of Charlie. 'Well, well, well look what we have here. Boy pussy that's out of breath.' I turned in horror as Charlie charged at me, as I turned I plowed right into the arms and hands of Bruce and Daniel, all three of them were laughing like lunatics.

Charlie grabbed me from the rear and held my arms in a vise like grip, Bruce snatched down my jogging shorts and ripped them from my feet along with my underwear. Daniel told them 'bring that pussy over here,' as he went through the heavy under growth of bushes and vines.

They pulled me under a weeping willow tree that was in full bloom. (I don't know if you ever seen a weeping willow, its limbs are small and hang to the ground like vines. And when they are in full bloom you cannot discern what is under neath them). Trapped with no where to run, naked from my waist down I knew that they were going to enjoy my body sexually till they were satisfied.

I decided to yell, just as I started to Daniel and Charlie both punched me in the mid section causing me to double over in pain. I was laying in a fetal position on the ground withering in pain as the three of them pulled me to the tree trunk and tied my wrist around it.

I twisted as best that I could trying to defend my self but it was a losing battle. Bruce and Daniel each took hold of one of my kicking legs and turned me to my stomach. Charlie was already removing his pants his rock hard cock sticking out from his body.

I felt him kneel between my thighs and pull apart my butt cheeks, I heard him clear his throat and felt his spit as he deposited it right on to my clinching anal opening. I felt his huge rubbery hard penile head spreading the goo around my anus and the agonizing pain as his cock head invade my anal cavity.

With a vicious plunge, Charlie sunk his man hood deep into my butt hole, I screamed out in pain. This did not bother either of them, Bruce and Daniel still held my ankles and Charlie just plowed away at my helpless stretched open anus. Charlie said 'this bitch has the tightest boi pussy ever.'

Bruce told Charlie 'stop talking and fuck that bitch, I didn't do all that running to watch you fuck.' Daniel also chided 'shut up and bust your nut in that ass, I want it to be good and ready for me when y'all finish.' With that Charlie pounded my ass as hard as he could sinking more of his rock hard cock into my behind.

When Charlie finally shot his load of boy juice into my rectum he laid there grinding his cock into my butt. Bruce released my ankle and started to pull Charlie from my back. Charlie said 'you ain't even got your dick out yet, I'll get up when you are ready and not before. Charlie proceeded to hunch roughly into my butt till Bruce had removed his pants and started back our way stroking his hardening cut cock.

Charlie pulled from my butt with a squishing sound and took hold of my free leg. Bruce told them pull the bitch out of that shit I don't want to get any on me. As they pulled me around to the other side of the tree I got a good look at Bruce cock, it was cut and had a thick head that was some what elongated and tapered to a rounded point, his testicles were like two hairy golf balls hanging between his shapely legs.

Bruce knelt behind me and had no problem entering my anus, my outer anal sphincter muscle allowed him access as soon as his cock head pushed against it. My inner anal sphincter put up a fight and did not give easily. But Bruce was persistent and pushed steadily till his cock head popped into my anal cavity. With a couple of grunts Bruce plowed deeper into my butt hole till he was balls deep, his pubic hair nestled between my buttocks.

Bruce gripped my hips and rammed as hard as he could into my anal cavity till he unloaded his substance in my butt. Like Charlie after he had shot his load he grind into me I could feel each pump of his cock as it emptied his fluid into my rectum.

Daniel let go of my leg and removed his pants, his cock was far larger than Bruce or Charlie. His cock head seemed like it was the size of a baseball and his penile shaft was long and thick with two black balls that hung low between his thighs. As I looked up in fear I could see Daniel's cock twitch and bounce like a stiff limb on a tree. His cock was uncut yet he could pull the fore skin back over his cock he till it slipped past his cock ridge.

I was taken over with panic as Bruce pulled from my gaping anus, the air rushed in as Bruce cock left a void and as it rushed back out you could heard a wet bubbling sound from the male sperm that the two of them had left in my butt.

Daniel walked behind me kicking away my free leg, Bruce took hold of it, I could feel Daniel between my thighs and I tried to beg them to let me go. All I could do was gasp out 'plea..plea..please...' Daniel said see the bitch wants more dick.

I tried to shake my head but it was froze in fear, Daniel directed Bruce and Charlie 'spread open that ass hole I don't want his butt cheeks to stop me.' Charlie and Bruce each gripped one of my butt cheeks roughly and pulled them open exposing my aching anus to the elements. Daniel spit into the crack of my anus and it must have clinched shut Daniel said 'look at that pussy wink back at me, I'm going to enjoy getting in this ass.'

I recoiled in horror as Daniels massive cock head rubbed against my sore anal opening. Daniel said 'look at how those lips are reaching up to get hold of a real mans dick.' With a powerful plunged Daniel sunk half his man meat into my bowels, I screamed in agony as Daniel pushed against my inner anal sphincter muscle ring, with slow and painfully movement Daniel pushed till my butt allowed him to get all the way into my rectum.

When my inner anal muscle ring let him in I screamed again as that huge head popped into my anal void. Daniel gripped both my shoulders holding me, keeping me from scampering away from his onslaught. Daniel didn't hump or pound but he viciously grind his enormously huge cock deeper into helpless anus. Daniel wasn't in any hurry as he worked his man hood like a pro, slowly and deliberately working his man meat into my body.

When Daniel flooded my butt with his fluid, he plunged deep into my butt causing my cock to grind the dirt under our bodies. I felt like there was a huge hose squirting fluid into my anal cavity. Daniel grunted and groaned as he grind harder and deeper into my butt, tears were flowing from my eyes as the pain intensified with each pump his cock made as he ejected his man juice into me.

When Daniel finally pulled from my anus it made a wet slurping sound, Bruce got between my legs and enter my butt again quickly shooting his load after a few minute, Charlie replaced Bruce and rode me relentless till he unloaded a second time. Charlie kissed the back of my neck and between my shoulder blades when he rose.

The three of them wiped their cocks off with my underwear, dressed and left me laying there tied with my wrist tied around the weeping willow trunk. When I finally got the strength I managed to get loose and make my way home their man spunk flowing down my thighs like streams down a telephone pole, my butt hole aching with each step I took. I got home and sit in the tube half full of warm water and drifted off to u*********sness.
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Lucky fellow;)
2 years ago
D4david nthat was so hot i came inmy panties i would have been sore for a week but very happy thanks