How to Enjoy Anal Sex

I thought that I should post some thoughts on anal sex. Many has considered anal sex and not gone through with the act for one reason or another, mostly out of ignorance.
To enjoy the pleasures you must first be willing, either as the receiver or giver. First the anus is the tightest expandable orifice on the human body, it can stretch to accept any invader and return to perfect shape in matters of second or minutes. If you are giving up the tightest orifice on your body, you must relax and trust your partner.

You can either lay on your side,I prefer to lay on my left side, with the bottom leg extended and top leg lifted to your waist. Or you can lay prostate on your stomach, this requires complete trust in your partner or a foolish desire for no mercy from your partner.
You can offer your tightest orifice from a kneeling position, your head down at or below your knees, and your butt lifted high in the air. This way and the prostate way gives you the choice to reach back and spread you buttocks wide for easy access.

My favorite is to be on my back with my feet lifted in the air, so I can embrace my partner as he penetrates my willing bottom. This allows for my partner to kiss/suck my nipples, upper chest or neck and allows him to be able to stroke my penis if he so desires, all which gives me great pleasure.

Yes I prefer to have anal sex with males, either straight or transsexuals, I really enjoy feeling the male sex organ fill and empty as it floods my boy pussy with it's substance.

Some say that size turns them off, well maybe to some, me I get all excited about enormously huge cocks. Long, thick and or fat cocks are a plus to me. Stamina or staying power is always expected, sometimes it's not the size but the one that can weld the tool that dose the best job.

If ever you are in the ATL and want experiment in or enjoy anal sex drop me a line, I'm willing when ever you are.
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7 months ago
I agree, each position has different advantages. On my back is great for being able, for us both at the same time be able to kiss and play with each others bodies. For me, I lack the freedom to move. It's too passive for me, I like to use my ass and fuck back!

I like riding, him on his back, me on top and facing him. We can play with each others bodies and I can lean forward to kiss. When I need it deep(I love it deep)I can lean back on my hands and take him all the way to his balls! I get to grind this way really good! I can take him hard and fast or those smooth, slow full lengths!

Any size penis is great but, I love those average thick but long. As I said, I love it deep! Too thick and it starts to feel uncomfortable.

One thing I do love that you didn't mention is bareback. My Boyfriend and I are only seeing each other and we have started doing it bareback. OMG, I thought gay sex was the hottest sex possible, and then I got fucked bareback! The process of getting fucked, to me, feels about the same as with a condom, but the knowledge that it's his naked in me, his pre cum leaking out inside me and he is going to shoot his sperm deep inside me is the HOTTEST, MOST KINKY AND HORNY thing in the world!!!!

2 years ago
yes i've tried most of them andido enjoiy a good ass fucking thanks