Store room sex

It was late one Wednesday, I had stayed late to help close up the burger joint. I had to change my shirt before I left, I had a date waiting at the corner. I went down into the store room to make my change, in my haste I forgot to unbutton the shirt and now I had it stuck over my head with my arms trapped in side.

I cursed my dumb luck and started to work my arms back through my shirt, suddenly I felt two pairs of hand gripping my naked upper body and a pair of wet lips on my left nipple. I gasped i surprise and ecstasy as they continued to manipulate my nipples and keep my head and arms trapped inside my shirt.

Hands undid my pants and I felt then fall to the floor, my leg was lifted and was free of my pants leg. Lips and tongues assaulted my butt crack licking and sucking at my buttocks, strong hands pride apart my butt cheeks and wet lips and tongue kissed at my butt hole.

I guessed who it was but could not be sure since there was two sets of hands and lips working over me. Just about than another set of soft lips enveloped my penile glans and sucked gently. I was in such a blissful state that I didn't care what was happening to me.

The mouth and lips that was sucking on my cock swallowed my cock to it's balls, I could feel the throat swallowing at my cock head as hands gripped each of my butt cheeks spreading them apart. A rigid rubbery hard ball pressed against my anal opening and begin to slip into my anal opening.

I moaned as the head of this massive cock slipped pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring and pop into my rectum. The three of my attackers worked my body as they wanted, filling my anus with rigid cocks all the while lips kissed/sucked my penile glans.

Before I could fill the greedy mouth that held my cock captive the two rigid cocks that invade my anus filled my rectum with their substance. When The final one had shot the mouth working my cocking sucked me to completion. I could only groan and gasp as I shot my load into the inviting oral cavity.

When it was finish, it slipped from my penile glans giving a sucking sound. By the time i freed my arms and head from my shirt I was alone in the basement.
I hurriedly dressed and went up the stairs as I burst into the restaurant every body was busy at their assigned task and paid me no mind as I looked around to see if any one showed signs of what had just happen to me.

The shift manger looked at me and asked 'aren't you supposed to be out of here by now. I nodded and exited the restaurant wondering how I was going to explain to my date why my butt was full of come.
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some fast food
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hot ;)
3 years ago
good story. i hope we find out what he told his date.
3 years ago
awesome, more!
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