Being a shemale's toy can be fun

Joliet called and asked if I would be interested in having some fun...I thought about the last time and how pissed off she got. I hesitated long enough for Joliet to whimper in the phone 'I promise to make up for my last theatrics, no bondage and I will reward you very handsomely if you attend to my needs this week end.'

Sensing desperation, I gave my demands 'reward me up front in large bills in an envelop that I will address and drop into the post office before we do any thing, you will give me your car keys before we enter any building, and I have the last word as to what I will and want do!' To my surprise Joliet agreed to all my demands and the day before Joliet showed up at the burger joint and passed me the envelop and said 'I want disappoint you this time...'

After I left work I looked into the envelop, there were twenty very large bills that turned out to be authentic. I wasted no time in addressing the letter to myself at my grandma's house and calling her to look out for my letter and save it for me. I knew she would not open anything addressed to me if she knew I was expecting it.

Friday evening came and I was waiting at the burger joint. Joliet arrived with another lady boy in the passenger seat, she got into the back seat and stretched her long shapely legs across the seat. Joliet introduced us 'David meet Shelia, Shelia meet my very special boy toy David.

I looked back over the seat and caught a glimpse of Shelia's huge magnificent semi-erect cock and began to tremble from anticipation. I don't think that I had seen such a beautiful erect shemale cock before. My eyes meet Shelia's, her eyes were something like hazel and deep, skin was a sunburst yellow with hair down to her breast and well toned muscular upper body, she sighed 'such a handsome young boy for you to have.'

We arrived at a home out in the country side, Joliet exited the car and tossed the keys to me. Shelia looked some what perplexed as she exited the back seat, taking time to grip my cock through my jeans.

We entered the home which was decorated very nicely and with a flip of a switch, the walls came alive with ceiling to floor monitors. A twist of an knob and the screen went to quads showing not only network television but also close circuit feed.

Joliet stroked my neck very seductively explaining to Shelia that she owed me a special night out with the girls. Without another word Joliet dropped to her knees and fished out my cock and began to suck on it very sensuously. Before I could protest I was moaning and groaning as Joliet very experience administered her oral manipulations to my man hood.

Shelia stood and watched for awhile before she started to stroke her hugely thick cock. Shelia walked over and placed one of her hands on the back of my head and began to kiss me passionately about the lips and mouth. Joliet continued to administer her oral manipulations to my cock and to Shelia's also.

Shelia suggested 'let's get comfortable and shed all these clothes and retire to the bed room.' With no words spoken we all undressed and walked nakedly to the bed room. Joliet crawled up on the bed and raised her butt into the air, Shelia tossed me a tube of lubricant and said 'make sure that you apply enough.'

I spread the lube into Joliet's butt crack and to he quivering anal opening, poking a finger or two into the orifice causing Joliet to shriek in surprise. Shelia looked at me and said 'mount the bitch before she comes by her self.'

I quickly knelt between Joliet's feet and guided my stiff cock into her anal opening. Joliet moaned in ecstasy as my harden cock slipped past her outer anal sphincter muscle ring. I gripped her hips and pushed the rest of my cock balls deep into her inviting rectum.

After a few strokes Joliet collapsed to the mattress and clutched at the corners of the sheet. Shelia moved swiftly between my legs and in a movement that can only be defined as swift, squirted some lube into my butt crack and guided her stiff ten inch long and three inch thick cock into my unexpecting butt hole.

I squealed in pain as Shelia plunged deep inside my anus, pushing me deeper into Joliet's butt. I was sandwiched between the two lady-boys as they both bucked against each other. Joliet reached back and grasped my head in her hands as Shelia held onto my shoulders.

For the next twenty minutes Shelia grind her massive shemale cock into my butt as I grind my rigid cock into Joliet's anal opening. The three of us moaning and groaning as the passion grew high. Shelia reached her climax first flooding my butt hole with her man fluids, Joliet shot her load of man juice onto the sheet beneath us.

Before I could let go of my load Shelia with drew from my tender butt hole and pulled me from Joliets anus. She flipped me to my back and lifted my legs and began to suck vigorously on my penile glans. Joliet knelt over my head directing her limp cock into my mouth.

Shelia must to have knew I was close to flooding her mouth with my substance, she pulled from my cock causing a wet sucking sound to reverberate around the room. Shelia raised my heels higher and plunged her rigidly erect lady boy cock into my still gaping anal opening and plowed into my anal opening out mercy.

Around the cock head of Joliet's penis I begged for mercy only to her Shelia cry out 'I'm gonna fuck this ass like there is no tomorrow.' Shelia bounced in and out of my butt like a line backer till she shot her load, Joliet quickly took up her place and grind deep into my flooded butt and causing wet squishing sounds, fucked my bottom as Shelia held my feet over my head.

Joliet gripped my shoulders and buried her head into the hollow of my neck and fucked my butt till she bust her load of sunk into my bowels. Shelia released my legs as Joliet pulled from my butt. Adjusting my legs so that I was now on my knees with my butt stuck up into the air Shelia reentered my well lubed ass hole and fucked me with abandonment till she bust another load deep into my anal orifice.

Exhausted we crumbled down into a heap of withering flesh, Joliet maneuvered her self so that my head was in her crotch and feed her semi limp cock into Shelia's and my mouth and we both sucked greedily at her cock till she shot her load across our face.
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Thanks d4david maybe you can take me with younext time i won't carge anyting and you canfuck y asspussy all you want
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