Marathon Sex Sessions...

I rented an apartment in one of the small towns near the university, under an assumed name, and placed an ad in a local gay publication for uninhabited sex. I was taken aback by the large number of replies that it manufactured. You would think that in a small town not many guys would be looking for sex with another guy.

I went through all the request and chose those that were not near any of the other applicants nor close to the same age. Some white, Black, Mixed Race, and other. Some that was average, some that claimed to be huge or larger than average, some that were cut others that were not. Those that wanted raw contact and those that wanted to wear protection.

Out of the great number I narrowed it down to twelve, from eighteen to sixty-four of varying walks of life. I spoke to each on the phone and explained what I wanted. It was very simple...'all are to meet at my home no later than 1600hrs on Saturday and would not leave till Monday 1000hrs. During the time that they would be in my home I expected them to have sexual relations with me and me only.

They could have access to my body as long as they could stay rigid and as many times as they could. In order to accommodate all of them they would have to cooperate and allow others to have their chance at my openings. No d**gs, except poppers and only beer would be allowed. Each person would be responsible to bring at least one case of their favorite brand and be willing to share.' I did lay in a huge supply of differ5ent types of beverages just to keep things on par.

Saturday arrived and the fellows begin to arrive some early but none after three-thirty in the afternoon. At first it was a little strange and quiet till I explained how it would work again. One of the older guys stood and dropped his pants to reveal a very huge piece of man meat that stood out like at tree limb.

'I'm ready for action, so let's get started,' I disrobed and led him to the back bedroom. He was one that wanted to go bare back and was almost inside of me before I could get the lube in my butt crack. For twenty minutes he plowed my up turned butt till he flooded my anal cavity with his man spunk.

90% (6/1)
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