Boys will be Boys 2

I reached up and cuddled his head in my hands as he passionately sucked my tongue and worked my bottom. When was ready to bust his load he gripped my buttocks and pulled me closer as he flooded my bung hole with his fluids. We were so caught up with what we were doing we didn't hear his b*****r as he entered.

When Frank had finished his b*****r remarked, 'can't you ever go into your room and do that.' Startled I jumped and tried to push Frank from my body, his b*****r said 'too late for that, you enjoyed Frank too much to complain now.

Frank grinned and smiled at me saying 'damn Chris never likes to knock when he comes over.' I was still trying to push Frank from my body. Frank slowly pulled his limp cock from my butt and started to introduce his b*****r 'David meet Chris, I forgot he was coming over today. Chris this is David, he's one of my new class mates and has a tight ass hole also.'

I was trying to shield myself from Chris as he walked over and stretched out his hand, on impulse I reached up and Chris grabbed my wrist and pulled me from the sofa to the floor and out in the middle.

I looked up awe struck as to what had just happen, Frank was walking through the door and called back 'you two have fun I have to get cleaned up.' Chris was starting to undo his belt, I struggled to get to my feet as Chris pointed to me and said 'stay right there I like my dick sucked from a bitch on her knees.'

Embarrassing said 'I'm not a bitch,' Chris looked at me and said 'yeah, you ain't no real bitch, but today you are my bitch start sucking.' Chris had stripped his pants and underwear off and his cock was sticking out from his body all rigid and stiff. Unlike Frank's Chris dick was uncut and he pulled the foreskin back to reveal a dark purplish penile glans with a profound cock ridge.

Chris was some what darker than Drank and had similar build, though Chris was more defined muscular than Frank. Chris moved closer and took hold to the back of my head pulling me to his rigid cock. Instinctively I opened my mouth as Chris pulled to him and he slipped his cock into my waiting lips.

I sucked savagely on his cock head causing Chris to moan loudly with pleasure. I sucked his cock for about five minutes before he pushed me away and said 'get your head down and your ass in the air, I'm going to get some of that boy pussy before all Frank's juice leak out.

Chris moved around me and pushed my head to the carpet and rubbed his rigid cock up and down the crack of my butt. After he had gotten his cock head sufficiently wet with the fluid Frank had left, Chris poised his harden cock head at my anal opening and said 'take a deep breath.'

Chris plunged into my butt hole and gripped my hips working back and forth like he had just pulled from my anus. I cried out in painful pleasure as Chris sunk his rigid cock balls deep into my butt.

Frank came back into the room naked from the waist down and knelt down before my head, lifting my head from the carpet he pushed his cock into my mouth and said 'suck this dick like the bitch you are.'

The two of them bounced me back and forth till they both declared that they were going to shoot there loads. At the same time Chris and Frank flooded my butt and mouth with their man juices.

As we were laying there on the floor Chris and Frank said 'we need to breed this bitch till she's so full of our come, that they have a hard time figuring out which one of us is the babies daddy.' I started to get up only to have Chris push me back to the floor and get between my legs. Lifting them slightly from the floor he had no trouble slipping his dick back into my anus.

With my legs at his sides Chris fucked me viciously till he shot another load of man juice into my anal cavity. As soon as he pulled from my butt Frank mounted me and lifted my legs to his shoulders and fucked me with great passion. My butt hole was so full of their spunk that it was making sloshing sounds as Frank's cock slid effortless in and out of my anus.

The two of them sexed me four or five times each before they stopped and let me get dressed and go home. My back, legs and butt hole was aching and sore their co-mingled sperm leaking from my anus down my thighs to my ankles. When I finally got home and into my shower, their sperm had dried down my thighs and caked the crack of my buttocks.
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2 years ago
hot story...
3 years ago
id love to be raped like that
3 years ago
You loved being filled with that spunk!
3 years ago
That was fucking hot! Maybe a ittle longer next time.