I had sex with an abnormally formed organism,

Mr. Ronald came by the burger joint and asked 'David, I met a guy that you would not believe. (Mr. Ronald is an older guy in his fifties, I'm a teenage boy just turned s*******n. From time to time Mr. Ronald would come and pick me up to have sex with him or he would pimp me out to his old friends. Yes I accepted money from them, they wanted to pay and I wanted the money.) I told Mr. Ronald 'I get off at eight tonight, I'll be ready at eight thirty.' Mr. Ronald smiled and paid for his order and left.

Eight forty-five, and I started to walk towards home, car lights came up behind me and Mr. Ronald stopped besides me 'sorry I'm late, had to pick Hosea up at his apartment.' I thought that Mr. Ronald was about to pimp me out to a Mexican, but I was wrong. Hosea turned out to be a forty something year old man with a bald head and bad breath.

Mr. Ronald had Hosea sitting in his recliner with a blanket over his lap, even though I could see that Hosea had an erection already and was manipulating it under the blanket.

Mr. Ronald said 'Hosea this is the boy I was telling you about,' 'What did you tell him about me,' ask Hosea. 'I thought that I would let you show him, it's better than I can tell him.' Intrigued I watched with wonderment as Hosea slid forward in the chair and stood letting the blanket fall from his lap.

I gasped in shock as Hosea stood and his man hood dropped and hung like a fire hose. The head was down below his knees and his shaft was as large as my bicep, his balls looked like two blacken baseballs hanging in burlap bags.

My mouth must have gaped open Mr. Ronald reached over and pushed my chin up to close my mouth. 'What do you think you can do with that,' ask Mr. Ronald. I stuttered 'I, I, don't know what you mean,' Mr Ronald and Hosea both laughed. Mr Ronald said to Hosea 'I wish that I had the equipment sat up so I could catch the look on his face when he saw you dick,' they both laughed again.

Hosea sat back in the chair and reached down and picked up his enormously huge penis and very slowly stroked it sensuously, Mr Ronald went to the closet that held his recording equipment and started to sat up his camera. I was still standing in the middle of the floor looking at this monstrously gigantic fuck tool and was trying to think how anybody could live with such a member as that between their legs.

Mr. Ronald came to me and said softly 'don't stare get naked, I'm going first while you give Hosea a blow job. I looked at Mr. Ronald confused, my mind didn't connect as to what was about to happen. I don't even remember pulling off my clothes or kneeling between Hosea's knees nor holding that man snake in my hands. But I do know I was kissing and licking that softball size penile glans as it was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum.

Mr Ronald was kneeling behind me his rigidly hard cock slipping in and out of my butt hole. Mr. Ronald had applied enough lubricant to my anal opening that I was just barely aware of him entering my anus, really I was preoccupied with this freak of a penis attached to Hosea. I did feel Mr. Ronald grip me tightly and erupt in my butt his man juices and grind deep into my bottom causing me to moan as I tried to stretch my lips around Hosea's elephantine penis.

I still had not thought of what was about to be suggested. Mr. Ronald pulled from my butt and asked Hosea 'are you ready to try and fit that snake in a well oiled holed?' Hosea looked down at me and suddenly the reality of what I had consented to came clear. My eyes must have betrayed the horror that swept through my mind. Hosea gripped my wrist and stood me up as he stood and led me to the bed.

I tried to slow the journey but was dragged across the carpet on my heels, Mr. Ronald was placing pillows and folded blankets in a stack on the bed. I looked at Mr. Ronald in a panic and pleaded 'no, I can't, it wont fit, he'll tear me apart, don't let him do this, please Mr. Ronald, you know I do anything you want, but he's gonna rip me apart.'

Mr. Ronald smiled and said 'Hosea will be just as gentle as a lamb, all you have to do is lay their and suck my dick, it want hurt but for a little while.' Mr. Ronald had sat the bed up with some extra devices I had not noticed, Hosea and Mr. Ronald stretched me across the pile of bed clothes and Hosea was kneeling/laying over my back as Mr. Ronald came to the other side of the bed.

Hosea was licking me up my spine and sucking at my neck, Mr. Ronald was gently, almost stealthily tying my hands to restraints that were attached to the head and foot of the bed, with a pull on a main cord, my arms were stretched out in front of me, reaching for eleven and two.

Between my legs Hosea was applying large amount of lubricants into my butt hole, I could feel him squeeze the contents of the liquid into my anal opening. Mr. Ronald came back to my face lifted my head and wiped the tears of fear from my cheeks and said 'don't worry, we gonna make lots of money from this fuck film, we gonna call it the python and the asshole.' Both of them laughed hysterically.

Mr. Ronald had the camera sat up so he could control it remotely and positioned his cock at my lips and ordered me to suck on his cock. Hosea was behind me slipping his fingers into my rectum, first two then four than his entire had was inserted into my butt. Hosea worked his fist back and forth applying more of the lubricant onto his wrist and arm.

I could see the monitor that Mr. Ronald was watching through the mirror on the closet door. Hosea had his arm up almost to his elbow in my bottom. My outer sphincter muscle was gripping his arm as he worked it back and forth. Hosea's colossal penile head was laying on the bed by his right knee, he pulled his arm and hand from my butt hole slowly, my butt hole gaping open like an inviting orifice.

The best thing, I thought was that there was no way Hosea could get his dick hard enough to insert in my butt. I was shocked to see Hosea lift that gigantic snake of a dick and squeeze it about halfway and the half between his fist and cock head become solid with the veins standing out along the sides from below that huge head to his fist.

I spit Mr. Ronald's cock from my lips and before I could say anything Hosea was pushing his enormously giant cock head into my stretched anal open. I cried out in pain so load that Mr. Ronald tried to stifle my screams with his penis, when that didn't work he clamped his hand over my mouth.

I felt the gigantic softball size cock head plop into my butt hole and felt Hosea pull it back and push more of it up my butt hole. My feet was kicking and I strained at my wrist restraints, trying to free my hands all to no use. Hosea had sunk that enormously huge membrane into me and was working the shaft in to his fist.

From his fist to his trunk the cock shaft was limp like, from his fist ti his gigantic cock head was rigid. I was babbling and begging for them not to do it, but Hosea was already sawing back and forth with his ginormous fuck tool. The tears were flowing freely down my cheeks, my voice was hoarse from crying and begging for mercy.

Mr. Ronald had removed himself from the bed and was taking snap shots with a Polaroid camera and also using a hand held film camera. Hosea wasn't as gentle as Mr. Ronald had pro trade, yet he wasn't as ruthless as some of the men that Mr. Ronald had me entertain. I think that Hosea knew that he could do irreparable damage with his member and was trying to be careful not to injure me.

For some reason my mind thought back to the first time that I had sex with Horse Dick Harry and thinking that Hosea was more gentle than Harry. Up till now Harry was the largest cock that had ever penetrated my little young butt.
Hosea was grunting and stroking his cock deep and long in and out of my butt, taking the cock head as far as he could go into my butt and pulling back till just that enormously huge head was at the entrance way of my anus.

Hosea called to Mr. Ronald 'get here, I'm gonna fill this bitches ass with my bay making milk.' With that I felt what could only be described as a kick in my guts and a f***e of fluid from this enormous fuck tool that washed the insides of my rectum like a garden hose. I had never felt that sensation before in my bowels, but the distinct sounds of the excess fluid being f***ed out around the enormous fuck tool was unmistakeable.

I could feel the juice squirting from around Hosea's ginormous fuck tool, I felt the sticky fluid drain down my thighs and down the crack of my butt to pool in the small of my back, than flood over and run across my spine and down the sides of my neck. Hosea was still shooting his spunk ten minutes later with his monstrously large cock lodge deep in my butt.

Mr. Ronald came around to my panting lips and stuck his rigid cock back into my mouth and fucked my mouth as he looked at Hosea's juices flow from around his cock and my butt ring.

When Mr. Ronald shot his load in my mouth he pulled from my lips, Hosea was slowly extracting his fuck tool from my anus, it felt like it took hours for his dick to exit my anus. When Hosea pulled that enormously abnormally formed organism, from my butt hole I collapse in exhaustion on the cushion of bed clothes.

I must to have passed out, when I woke Mr. Ronald was on top of me with my legs up pounding into my butt hole. Hosea was no where to be seen and Mr. Ronald was sweating pro-furiously as he worked into my still stretched anus. My butt was so tender that as soon as I gained conscious I locked my legs and arms around Mr. Ronald's body to try and protect my butt from the pain.

When Mr. Ronald finally shot his load in my butt he rolled off of me and kissed my cheek. 'David, Hosea was very happy. He said that he hadn't been inside a pussy or ass in his life. He really likes you and left you an envelope, it's all yours I don't want none of it. I'm gonna sell these pictures and film and make us more money. Get cleaned up I'll take you home.

I looked at Mr. Ronald and said feebly 'let me stay here tonight.' Mr. Ronald smiled and pulled me into his arms and stroked my head saying 'if you want to it's alright with me.
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