Boys will be Boys

I was in my last class for the day, when a new student came in. Not unusual for the first quarter of a high school semester, except that this guy was extremely handsome and had a good build. The girls were going crazy looking at him but being well restrained in their admiration.

The teacher said 'I need to assign you to someone that will help bring you up to speed on what we have discussed so far this quarter. Let me see, I think that David R. You will take Mr. Frank J. and get with him after class and bring him up to date.' I answered 'yes Mr. Jones as you wish.' The girls were disappointed but ready to over their assistance if needed.

As we left the school I asked Frank if he wanted to go to the library or some where else. Frank looked at me and smiled 'I think that I would like to go home, if it will be alright with you.'

We rode the bus to Franks home and found that no one was there, Frank opened the door and I followed him to the back room of the house. Frank turned on the television and another box next to it. The screen came alive with two people in the throes of passionate sexual enjoyment.

I must have let out an audible gasp when I noticed that the couple were both male. Frank looked at me smiling and said 'you aren't one of those are you,' 'One of what,' I asked. Frank walked over to me and before I could stop him he reached out and grabbed hold of my harden penis and said 'no you aren't one of those prudish teenagers.'

I was stunned and reacted slowly, Frank was stroking my cock through my jeans and smiling delightfully. I pushed his hand away and asked 'are you crazy or something.' Frank dropped to his knees and quickly undid my fly and pulled my cock out. With one swift move Frank had swallowed half my rigid cock and was sucking it with gusto.

I cupped his head in my hands and held him as he sucked generously on my rigid man meat. Frank was extremely talented, sooner than I thought I was on the verged of busting my load down his greedy throat. I tried to push him away, but Frank was intent on completing his task. I flooded his mouth and throat with my substance, Frank suck gently on my cock till it was flaccid.

Frank stood and took hold of my wrist, pulling me to the sofa, I struggled to remove my jeans from around my ankles. Frank lowered me to the sofa and helped remove my tennis, jeans and underwear. I didn't know exactly what Frank was going to do, but I wasn't putting up much of a protest as he undressed.

Franks penis was larger than mine and was nicely cut to reveal a bl**d bright penile head at the end of a very light, almost white, penile shaft. His pubic hair was a dark sandy brown and long and curly, like that on his head. His testicles were the size of two medium peaches and hung low, I thought for sure that he wanted me to return the favor, so I reached out and stroked his man hood and lowered my head.

Frank stopped me and pushed me back onto the sofa and knelt between my knees and begin to suck on my cock again. Having just been emptied of my substance, I was some what tender and moaned passionately as Frank sucked gently on my limp penis.

Frank took his time and sucked on my cock till it started to harden again. As my cock came to life Frank licked and sucked my testicles. Frank took hold of my legs and lifted them slightly, exposing my anus to his inviting tongue. I thought that I was going mad, as Frank kissed and sucked gently at my anal opening. Sticking his taught tongue into my anus caused me to tremble, Frank new what he was doing, he used his saliva to lube my butt hole.

In one fast movement Frank lifted my legs higher and crawled swiftly between them and inserted his solid cock into my anal opening before I could stop him. I let out a yelp as his huge cock head slipped neatly into my butt hole, past my outer anal ring and forcing it's way past my inner anal anal muscle ring.

Frank was really strong and masterful as he plowed deep into my anal cavity, my mouth hung open and I grasped relentlessly at his sides as he fucked deeper and deeper into my helpless butt. I cried out in passion as Frank continued to plow into me, Frank lowered his face and kissed my open mouth finding my tongue and sucking it into his mouth.

I reached up and cuddled his head in my hands as he passionately sucked my tongue and worked my bottom. When was ready to bust his load he gripped my buttocks and pulled me closer as he flooded my bung hole with his fluids. We were so caught up with what we were doing we didn't hear his b*****r as he entered.

When Frank had finished his b*****r remarked,can't you ever go into your room and do that.' Startled I jumped and tried to push Frank from my body, his b*****r said 'too late for that, you enjoyed Frank too much to complain now.

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3 years ago
HOT HOT HOT story! Thank you for posting all the sexiness.
3 years ago
Love it ;)
3 years ago
Got me hard! thx
3 years ago
Nice and hot !