The Girls and Me...

After Vanessa and I went back to campus, we parted company at the gate, she went to the all girl school and I went to the all male school. We saw each other often, sometimes sneaking away into the new construction part and freaking out.

I got a call, from Vanessa, there were some girls that had gotten stranded and wanted to know if I would come and ferry them back to campus. The town that they were in was about an hour and half away, I thought about not going, but hearing Vanessa beg I gave in.

I reached the town and found the motel, standing outside under the sign was Vanessa and one of her girl friends. They asked if I would come up and help them with their luggage. 'Luggage,' I exclaimed, 'that wasn't in the deal, how many bags do you two girls have.' The two of them giggled like they were back in high school.

Vanessa said over her shoulder 'it's not just the two of us, it's the five of us.' I stopped and asked again 'how many bags are their?' Vanessa turned and looked at me with a hurt feeling and said 'at least f******n small bags, I'm sure that you can handle them.' I shook my head in disgust and followed Vanessa and the other girl into the room.

Once in side, the door was closed behind us. I looked around and saw five of the most beautiful girls on campus in varying degree of undress. Vanessa turned abruptly and wrapped her arms around me and planted a kiss on my lips that weakened my knees. As we embraced and kissed I became aware of the musty smell of female sex juice on her face and my cock jumped erect.

Vanessa pushed back and said here he is girls, let's have some fun. Before I could react those vixens pounced on me like sex starved harlots. I was pushed to the bed and stripped of my clothing, two of the girls were already tongue fighting over my penile head. Another one was straddling my face and rubbing her dripping cunt up and down, across my lips and nose. Some one was sucking one of my nipples and another one was licking at my balls and anus.

I decided that the b**st defense was to go along with their advances. Once that the girls saw I wasn't trying to fight back they settled down and told me what was going on. 'We have been trying to get next to you for the whole year,' said Vanessa, 'and you have been ignoring us.'

'We thought that you were gay, there has been rumors, but Vanessa told us about your weekend getaway, and we planned to find out if you are as good as she say you are.' My penis was standing erect like a light post, on of the girls was slowly stroking it from base to tip as the conversation went on.

With out a word she lifted her naked but up and slipped my cock into her cunt, one of the girls cried out 'aren't you gonna wait for a condom, whore.'
She paid her no attention and begin to ride my stiff cock like I was a rocking chair. She picked up her pace and suddenly started to come on my cock. Everybody looked on in amazement as she reached her orgasm and flooded her vaginal cavity. Her sex juices flowed down between my testicles as she collapse on my to my chest.

One of the girls pushed her from my body and immediately begin to lick the sticky substance from my pubic hair and testicles. Soon all the girls were taken turns sucking the sex juices from her cunt or licking them from my cock.
Vanessa was crouched over my head, her cunt directly over my lips, allowing me to lick and suck at her love slit.

One of the girls said 'I'm going to try it and y'all better not laughed.' I wondered what she was talking about, Vanessa sit up straddling my head, her cunt grinding into my lips. I felt the bed sink as a number of girls mounted the bed at once. Some one straddled my waist and another steadied my rigid cock, I soon caught on as to what was happening.

One of the girls was trying to take my cock up her butt and the others were helping her. I felt the tight anal opening as it squirmed over my penile head, trying to f***e itself down on to my inflexible penile shaft. One of the girls said 'wait a minute,' I got the sensation of her licking lasciviously about my cock head and the girl moan, I imagine that she had her anus licked by the exuberantly wet tongue.

She tried once again and this time my cock head popped into her anal cavity. She screamed slightly with surprise as my penile head slid deep into her bung hole. 'Hold me, hold me,' she cried, 'don't let it go to far in.' I don't think that they wanted to keep her up, she sunk down till her buttocks were resting on my waist. She cried 'damn you bitches, he's all the way in my ass,' some one grabbed her butt and wiggled it around on my impaled cock.

She squirmed and groaned as she was maneuvered around my rigidly hard cock. She begin to work her butt back and forth on my cock and groan passionately, I caught a glimpse of her and Vanessa kissing. She ridding my cock imbedded deep into her ass and Vanessa squirming over my face.

The two of the came at the same time, their weight settling down onto my prostate body. Vanessa lifted from my face and another girl straddled my face at once, another girl grabbed hold of my firmly standing cock. Her butt was easy to enter and she had control as to what she wanted. As soon as the head entered her butthole, she started to rotate her butt, slowly at first than more rapidly. Soon she was bouncing up and down on my cock viciously.

She cried out loud and I could feel her cunt juices flood down across my body. It was all I could do not to blast my load into her butt, as they help lift her from my cock some one started to suck on my standing member and deep throat it. I could feel their inner sphincter throat muscle milk at my penile glans.

One of the girls suggested that they all get on their knees and let me penetrate their butthole one at a time. They let me up, my cock standing out like a sturdy limb, each girl either licked or kissed/sucked my penile head. I knelt behind each girl and inserted my stiffly rigid cock into their anal opening one at a time. Slowly screwing deep into them as to make the try to out moan the previous one.

We kept this up for some to time, I was in a blissful state pf mind as i sodomize the five of them. Before the weekend was over I had shot my load in each of their cunts and both their mouths and bunghole. When Sunday night came we all had a wild orgy, not worrying who or what hole I invaded and flooded or whose cunt I sucked till the came.
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