A dream come true

I was leaving college, to head for the little town and get my freak on, when a female student from one of the neighboring college flagged me down. I stopped and rolled down the window 'Hi David, could you give me a ride.' I started to refuse, but had no chance, she was opening the door and getting in. 'Wait where are you going,' I stuttered.

'Just drive, David, I'll tell you as we go,' I looked at her as she slipped out of her coat. 'You never seem to notice me or any of the other girls that try to get your attention,' she said. 'Some of my friends say that you must be gay, I'm here to find out. My name is Vanessa.'

'You seem mighty sure of your self,' I said. 'I sure am, either you are gay or we gonna have a good fucking time. Either way I'm going to enjoy myself. Where are we headed to.' I answered her 'I was going to get a motel room and chill for the week end, to much distraction on campus, with everybody coming and going wanting you to go with them,' I said just rambling along.

As we reached the out skirts of time I pulled into the first motel I saw and rented a room. As soon as we got into the room, Vanessa started to disrobe. She had a body that was worth seeing, high yellow and cute as hell, tits that had to be thirty-four d's, a small waist about twenty-four inches, and thighs and legs that made my mouth water.

I decided to see just how freaky she was and how far she would let me go. 'You said that I did not pay any attention to you in class, well I did pay attention, just didn't know how to approach you.' She giggled and smiled as she hopped on the bed, I said 'I all ways wondered what you would do if I asked you to let me tie you to the bed and lick your cunt till I was satisfied.'

Vanessa looked at me and said 'I don't mind having my pussy ate, but tied up is something different. I'm not sure that I can trust you, if I do you can't put your dick in my pussy without protection, if you do I promise I'll scream **** and have you arrested.'

I assured her that I would not do such a thing and asked ''do you mind if I set up my camera and video our session.' She looked at me and I could see that she was thinking very hard, I also noticed that her tits were getting rock hard. She smiled and said 'let us get some safe words so you will no when to stop, set your camera up so it'll be on tape.'

This time I laughed 'I don't do tape this is digital.' 'OOOHHH,' she said with a smile. I sat up the equipment and we discussed on camera what words she would use to get me to stop. The words were 'red river'

I tied her to the bed, arms stretching up and at an angle, if she were hands on a clock, her left hand would be at two and her right hand would be at eleven. Her left foot were at five and and her right foot was at seven. She was spread wide open, I started to kiss and lick her nipples one at a time till they both were as hard as I could get them, her body was trembling lightly as i licked down her torso.

Vanessa was mewing like a cat as I licked her navel and sucked gently on it, as I parted her pubic hairs with my tongue Vanessa trembled violently. I asked 'are you alright,' she moaned 'UH-HUUHHH.' I continued to lick gently at her aroused clit, the more I licked the more she trembled. Vanessa tried to raise her mid section up off the bed, I just rose up keeping her at the same distance.

Vanessa's cunt juices were flowing like a river as she started to come from my tongue. I licked my tongue through her cunt slit and thought that she was going to buck me off the bed from her orgasm. I slowed down my kissing and allowed her to regain her composure.

I looked up and could see her eye lids fluttering and her wrist straining at the restraints. The girls mid section was tight and very taught, I believe that she worked out often or was on the gymnastic squad. I started back licking her feet and toes working my way up one leg than down the other leg.

Vanessa was trembling and straining at the restraints but not saying the safe words. I decided that now was the time for me to really attack that pussy and suck it till she used the safe words.

I laid between her legs and place my hands on each of her thighs right up near her crotch, using my thumbs I parted her cunt lips and begin to lick and suck on her clit. Vanessa immediately flooded my face with a torrent of come, like a faucet, she came hard. I heard her panting and moaning as she spent her load, bucking and twisting she allowed me to continue sucking her cunt.

For the next hour, I passionately licked and sucked her pussy, Vanessa was crying and begging me not to stop 'suck my pussy David, suck my pussy,' she moaned. After about forty minute I thought I should give the girl a break, actually my neck and tongue was getting tired.

I slowly started to lick her thighs and ankles, just the way I started I like to finish. When I was prostrate on her body, I kissed her lips, she surprised me by parting her lips and licking her cunt juices from my face. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on my tongue wit great passion.

I loosed her hands and she immediately cupped my head and kissed me passionately for nearly twenty minutes. When I finally pushed her away she clung to my torso and begged me 'don't let go, don't let go, I'll do what you want, please don't let go.' I calmed her down and released her ankles, to my surprise Vanessa mounted me like she was riding a cycle and guided my cock into her sopping cunt. I cautioned her 'wait, let put the rubber on,' she said 'I want fuck, damn a rubber now.'

The girl rode me for dear life, when she started to come she grind my cock deep into her pussy and moaned like she was loosing her mind. She collapsed down on me and went straight to sl**p with my rigid cock still lodged in her throbbing cunt.
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