Attacked in the Library...

I was restocking the shelves, in the research section of our college library, marveling at the amount of dust some of the books had on them. I dropped a copy of Eigenstates, and as I bent to retrieve the copy some one was behind me. I started to stand when I literally saw stars, I remember stumbling forward and trying to grab on to the book caddy, then it all went black.

I came around to the sense of a painful insertion in my anal orifice, I tried to yell, my mouth was stuffed with my underwear. I tried to move my hands, they were tied to the sides of the fallen book caddy. My feet were anchored to the book shelves that stretched forever down each side of my helpless prostrate body.

The pain in my butt was getting sharper, I tried to look back over my shoulder to see who was there. All I could see was a shape of a figure behind a large opaque cloth shelve cover. Who ever it was had made sure that I could not identify them, one thing for sure they had a enormously huge dick and was trying to ram it in my tight little butt hole.

I heard and felt the misshapen figure spit into the crack of my butt and make perfect contact with my puckering anus. Again the bulbous head struck against my anus and to my shock it was parting me resisting anal muscle ring. The pain was far more than any I could remember, even big dick Harry did not cause me so much pain. Well my butt was well lubed from his nephews, Charlie, baby making fluid and the tube of lubricant.

The giant head popped through and quickly brought my mind back to what was happening to me than and now. I could not defend myself from the assault and my horny assailant was hell bent on getting his prodigious phallus into my anal sphincter muscle.

The two of us were grunting and groaning like wild b**st, me from pain and comfort, him from pleasure and desirable lust. My mind was wondering why no one was coming to my aide, when I remembered that the library was almost deserted on Saturday nights. Only two student assistants, the scheduled librarian and maybe one or two students, besides no one hardly ever come into this section during regular hours.

My anal invader was too busy to care at this point, his attack was relentless as he pursued his own a****listic satisfaction. I was being pummeled into the floor with each thrust of his body, his elephantine cock was stretching my anal sphincter muscle to it's maximum extent. I was trying to beg and plead through the gag in my mouth when I felt my attacker lunge deep in my bowels and unloose a torrent flood of his man juice.

The viciousness of the assault on my butt was bad enough, but to have him wash my insides in his vile substance was to much. As I tried to buck him off, it only seemed to encourage him to continue his onslaught. For what seemed like hours I was sat upon in this fashion till my marauder was satisfied at last.

Slowly the b**st in my anus began to extricate his bulbous penis till his corona glandis, was stretching my anus again to it's maximum opening. I gasped as he pulled violently from my aching anus and heard and felt the air whoosh into the void that was left standing open.

The bastard reached around and snatched my underwear from my mouth and tossed the onto my back. I heard him as he took his time moving away from me and the door to the stair well open and close almost silently. I struggled to pull the over turned book cart to me and using my aching mouth was able to grip the cords that bonded me to it loose and free my self.

Looking down between my thighs as I sat on the floor, I could see the man spunk, that was deposited in my rectum, pool under me as it drain from my gaping anal opening. As I staggered to my feet I managed to find my pants and wedging my underwear between my buttocks, I was able to abate the flow of his vile fluids from streaming down my thighs till I reached the toilet.

I thought that if he had asked or not have been so brutal, I might would have enjoyed the assault.
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