My first Raise

I had been working for the burger joint fo r about six months, my probationary period was coming to an end. Each day my co-workers would tease me that I was coming down to my job review, I was doing things that they had been a signed and didn't want to do.

Finally Alex called me to the back and asked if I could stay after work and than do my job review, I agreed to do so but I had to call to get a ride home. Alex quickly volunteered to get me home is I stayed after the review and helped him prep for the next day.

My job review went well with Alex telling me how great I was doing and giving me a ten cent an hour raise. We started to clean up the restaurant and begin the prep for the next day. When we had chopped all the lettuce and sliced the tomatoes, Alex asked if I could help him remove some stuff from the store room.

The store room was in the basement of the restaurant, it was cramped and not much room for two people. As I reached up and took hold of a box, Alex grabbed me from behind. The box was some what heavy and I could not get it back on to the shelf where I had removed it.

Alex was twisting my nipples through my shirt and grinding his hardening cock into my butt. I asked Alex 'what the fuck you doing,' Alex said as he twisted my nipples 'I want this ass, you want your job.' I held the box over my head as Alex continued to grind his body into my butt.

Alex licked my ears alternately all the while twisting my nipples harder and harder. I asked Alex 'let me put this box down, please,' Alex said keep your hands up and don't let go of the box.'

Alex stopped twisting my nipples and started to undo my belt, he unfasten my pants, and f***ed them to the floor along with my underwear. 'Step out of your pants,' Alex said. I lifted one foot than another, Alex knelt down kissing each of my buttocks, and tossed my pants over by the door.

When Alex stood he had already removed his pants and was naked from the waist down. I felt his rigid cock slide up between my thighs and him adjust his cock so that it rested between my butt cheeks.

Alex grind his cock up and down my butt crack, while stroking my flaccid cock. I said to Alex 'my arms are getting tired, I need to put the box down,' Alex said go ahead and place the box on the floor in front of you.'

As I lowered the box, Alex pulled me to him as he backed up, his arms around my waist, I had to bend at the waist and lower the box to the floor. I soon found out why Alex had me do it this way. As I bent forward Alex said 'keep your hands on top of the box and don't stand up.'

Alex parted my butt cheeks and poured some liquid between them, the next thing I felt was the head of his harden cock rubbing through the slick fluid. As soon as Alex's penile head slid across my anus, he brought it back up to it and said 'remember , I want this ass you want your job, refuse me and I get this ass and you loose your job.'

I grunted and groaned as Alex willfully pushed his rigid cock into my anal cavity. As his cock head parted my anal ring I moaned loudly, this seemed to give great pleasure to Alex, he said 'yeah, bitch, that's how I want you to act. Let me know you like my dick in your ass.'

With each movement of his cock I groaned and moaned, Alex picked up speed and was plowing deeper and deeper into my bent over behind. I asked Alex 'please, go easy, I can't take much of this.' Alex grunted 'you gonna take this dick and like it when ever I want this ass or you want have a job.'

I thought to my self that I should at least try and maintain some dignity. I braced my self and spread my feet wider and said 'I want to work every night you work, and give you this ass every night after we finish.' Alex stopped, his cock twitching in my butt, 'if that's what you want, throw this pussy back to me.'

I started to slam my butt back to Alex with each stroke he made. Alex held my hips and rammed into me with such f***e, that all I could do was ram back to keep my balance. For nearly an hour Alex ravaged my butt with me bent over holding on to the box.

When Alex shot his load of spunk up my butt, he stroked my thighs and said 'bitch, you mine to do with as I please from now on.' I thought to myself, you just don't know. The next weeks schedule was posted the next day, and I saw that I was schedule to work each day that Alex was shift manager.
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3 years ago
Very nice so far.
3 years ago
Seems like maybe he should have at least given you a blowjob or his story