A good weekend fuck session conclusion

When I came too, Eric had turned me to my side and had one leg up over his shoulder and the other stretched down between his legs. His massively huge penis was lunging into my anal cavity very rapidly, causing sloshing sounds from the flood of baby making fluid that he had filled my rectum with.

Eric was in my butt for nearly three hours before he finally shoot his last load of spunk into my bowels. We laid in each others arms and slept for a couple of hours. When Eric woke he said to me 'now it's time to go to my room and take up where we left off.

Eric left first, making sure that the hall was empty. He looked back and whispered 'I'll leave the door unlocked, just bring me that ass.' We laughed as he went through the door.

I quickly dressed in sweats and a hooded sweat shirt, I gathered up some lubricant and went out the door. At the end of the hall was two class mates standing there talking. I went to my left and down the stairs, hoping that they would be gone by the time I came back up.

I reached the second floor and went down that hall to the next set of stairs. Just as I pushed the door Bill W. came through almost knocking me down. As I stumbled I dropped a tube of lube to the floor between us. Bill looked down and back up at me and said 'now what would a guy like you need with lube this time of night.' I fumbled for a reason then reached out to grab the tube. Bill instead grab my wrist and said 'since you don't have a good reason for having this I'm gonna take it.'

'You can't take what don't belong to you..' Bill cut me off 'I'm gonna take it and show you what it's used for.' Bill pulled me across the hall to his room and threw me to the bed. I bounced off just as he was closing the door and saw him double lack it. Bill turned to me and unzipped his pants, his huge cock popped out like a serpent and swung from side to side.

'Remove your clothes or I'll have to do it for you.' I looked into Bills eyes and decide not to put up a fight. I did challenge him by saying 'if i yell loud enough people will come to see what's going on.' 'NO they want,' countered Bill, 'my fellow dorm mates know that I like to fuck rough and would just stand out side the door waiting to see who came out.'

Bill than said 'I know you bare going some where to fuck, so let's be quick, I want to fuck and you've got the pussy so drop your pants and get on your knees.' I slowly got out of my sweats and laid them on the bed, I knelt down with my butt towards Bill. He undressed and moved between my legs kicking my feet farther apart. Bill than spit in to my butt crack rather than use the lube.

'I like it better when I use natural lubricant for a ass like yours.' I felt him slide his cock head over my anus and than he lunged f***efully into my butt hole. I cried out and quickly cut it off, remembering what he had said. Bill plowed into my inviting butt like a mad man. With a powerful lunge he buried the entire length of his man hood deep into my bowels.

'I like a bitch that takes a hard fucking and not complain,' Bill said. With a another f***eful plunge, Bill, begin to grind his huge cock deep in my butt. Gripping my hips, Bill hunched three powerful times and flooded my rectum with his man spunk. It was a humongous amount that immediately begin to flow from around his imbedded cock and down my thighs.

With a few more quick lunges Bill pull from my aching anal cavity and said 'I'm through for now, go on where you were going and tell the man that's gonna fuck you to do a good job.' I took one of his t-shirts and wiped between my buttocks and dressed and left his dorm room. As I looked back Bill was laying on the floor stroking his flaccid cock he said 'we'll do this again sometimes.'

As I made my way back up the stairs, I passed the two classmates going down the other way. I emerged onto our floor and found it deserted and quickly went into Eric's room. Eric was laying on top of the covers stroking his huge cock 'I thought that you changed your mind.'

My butt hole was hurting from the viciousness of the quick fuck I just had with Bill. Butt I wanted to be with Eric and didn't want him to turn me away. I said to him 'my butt is still filled with your last load, I need to empty it for you.' Eric smiled and said 'then we don't need any lubricant do we.'

Sighing deeply I stripped off my clothes and eased onto the bed, Eric moved over on top of me, parting my legs with his body. Eric's rigidly huge cock was nestling against my testicles as he lifted the calves of my legs. His huge cock head found my very tender anal orifice and made quick entrance.

I grimaced in pain as his huge cock head popped into my anal proper 'damn, you were right your ass is still filled with my baby making fluid. After to night you just might be pregnant.' His joke wasn't funny, he just fucked deep into my butt and rode me for the next two hours.

The most I could do was to try and hold him as close to me as possible to ease the pain from all the fucking I had gone through tonight.
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