Three teenage boys having sex

I was sitting in the bleachers, watching the football squad practice, two class mates came and sit on each side of me and started to talk to me. 'David, we know that you are a fuck boy and have been told that you can suck a good dick.' I looked at the young boy that was talking and recognized him from passing in the hall on my way to class.

The other boy said 'I heard that David has good boy pussy, and will fuck like a fish.' I looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention to us sitting in the bleachers. I said, as I stared out at the team, 'some times people will lie, so you shouldn't believe any thing you hear and only half of what you see.'

The young boy to my left said 'I'm Franklyn P. and that good looking fellow next to you is Paul D.' 'We don't spread rumors,' said Paul D. 'We do know what we are talking about and can prove what we say.'

Franklyn said 'you should come with us with out making a scene, we know a place where no one will see us or bother us.' I was getting irritated by their boldness and quip back 'it seems that you saw something, or think you saw something. So how can you swear no one will know.'

Paul D. stood and face away from the field and parted his coat, his penis was rock hard and sticking out from his pants, I looked at it and raised my face to look into Paul's. Paul said see no one is paying us any attention so we can go now or wait till some one notice us.

Franklyn stood and walked towards the far end of the bleachers and dropped down, I followed and Paul D. followed me. We left the school grounds and walked for twenty minutes to the deserted apartment complex near the field. The three of us slipped into one of the buildings and made our way up the stair case.

As we reached the top floor Paul D. moved a large plank over the stair way and blocked it with some two by fours that was braced against the wall. We went through the first apartment, in one of the rooms in the closet, there was a hole that went to the next building.

Once in the next building I looked out into the stairway, to my shock there was no stair way, just a vertical hole that stretched from the basement to the top floor. Paul D. said 'there was a fire that destroyed the stairs in this building. No one can come up and find us.'

In the next room was a box spring and mattress on cinder blocks and on the mattress was clean sheets and four pillows in pillow cases. On the floor around the bed was used and new condoms along with numerous tubes of lubricant.

Franklyn said 'welcome to our fuck nest David, make your self comfortable.' Paul was already removing his clothes, Franklyn was smoothing the sheets, getting out the wrinkles.

I turned to see Paul standing stark naked his male member sticking straight out. Franklyn took hold of my shirt and lifted it over my head and off my body. Paul knelt down and unzipped my pants and removed my penis and started to stroke it very gently and slowly. Franklyn reached around and undid my belt buckle Paul pulled my pants from my body and removed my shoes.

The three of us were standing there naked, Paul and Franklyn cocks were rigid standing straight out. My cock was flaccid and limp, hanging like a flap of skin, Paul said to Franklyn 'we gonna do this together or one at a time.' Franklyn said 'David can handle us both, can't you David.' I looked from Franklyn to Paul.

Paul took my hand and led me to the bed and stepped up on it, I knelt and crawled up on the mattress and came face to dick with Paul's cock. It was thick and short, maybe six to eight inches long and very huge around. The cock head sort of blunted and wide, I licked at it with out using my hands and as my tongue swiped it, Paul trembled.

Franklyn was kneeling on the floor kissing my buttocks and stroking my thighs, I felt Franklin tongue slipped up between my buttocks and lick my anus, I quivered from head to toe. Paul cupped the back of my head with one hand and held his fat cock in the other.

Pulling my head to his cock and sticking his cock out to my head, my lips met his cock head and slowly parted to allow him entrance. I sucked gently on Paul's cock head as he stroked it back and forth in my mouth.

Franklyn said 'lay down Paul, I want to fuck this ass, while he sucks you cock.' Paul pulled from my lips and laid on the mattress, spreading his legs I wiggled up between them and picked up where I left off.

Franklyn squirted some lubricant into the crack of my butt and mounted me quickly. Franklyn's cock had a very long penile head that was tapered from the tip and flared out as it reached the penile shaft. His shaft was not as thick as Paul's but was long and solid. Franklyn was nearly twice the length of Paul's cock and as it slipped past my anal muscle ring I could not help but grimaced as Franklyn pushed deeper into my prostrate body.

Finally I had to abandon the cock in my mouth and ask Franklyn 'hold up, man, let me adjust to you slowly.' Paul quickly grabbed my head and pushed my face back to his crotch 'don't talk while sucking my dick.' Franklyn lunged deeper into me I gasped in shock and Paul reinserted his cock into my mouth.

Franklyn would push me forward on to Paul's fat cock and Paul would try to f***e me to deep throat his fat cock.As I sucked on Paul's cock I was surprised to feel his cock expand and lengthen. Soon I was gagging around his fat cock head.

Paul pulled from my lips and stood on the mattress, Frankly pulled from my anus and the two of them swapped places. I was some what offended that Franklyn pushed his cock into my face with out wiping it off. Paul placed his huge cock head against my anal opening and begin to press against my butt hole.

I gasped back at Paul 'use more lube, please.' Franklyn said 'didn't you hear no talking with dick in your mouth.' I protested 'you ain't in....' Franklyn pushed his cock into my mouth.

With a vicious push Paul's cock head invaded my anus and I almost swallowed Franklyn's cock to his balls, as I tried to scream and Franklyn f***ed my head down to his pubic hair.

Franklyn pulled from my lips and told Paul 'let him get on his knees, we gonna fuck him like he's a dog.' Paul reluctantly pulled from my accepting anus and lifted my butt in to the air. Franklyn lunged hie elongated penis into my bowels with ease till he was lodged to his pubic hair. Frankly started to grind deeply in my butt, I gripped frantically at the sheets as Franklyn worked my butt hole over.

Franklyn pulled from my anus and Paul tried to push his cock into my butt, I was straining to accept him and he was straining to enter me. Finally Franklyn squirted some more lube into my butt crack and on Paul's cock, with a good push Paul plunged into my anus with an audible plop as I grunted and groan loudly in pain.

The two of them took their time and used my butt with out coming once in four hours. It seemed to get worse as time went on, the both of them seem to be trying to out last the other and would not come in my butt. The two of them did punish my anal opening so that I was so tender that as their penile gland would encounter my raw opening I would let out a loud gran as they tried and did enter my rectum.
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nie very nice interesting story