My anus used like a receptacle...

I was still in high school, some where on the third floor, Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had cornered me and took me into one of the class rooms.

I had tried to fight my way free, but Bruce and Charlie were too much for me, they beat me down. Daniel threw a few short pieces of rope to them and they trusted me up like a thanksgiving turkey. My wrist was tied to my ankles, a broom handled was tied to my hands in a matter that spread my feet and hands far apart.

The worst part was the part of rope that was placed around my throat and attached to each end of the broom handle. If I lowered my legs I would strangle myself. I had to hold my legs back to my chest in order to keep enough slack in the rope.

Charlie was between my buttocks first, he spit into the crack of my opened butt and rubbed his rigid cock up and down spread his spit around my anal opening. I begged them not to hurt me, it did no good, Charlie lunged with great diligent and pushed his penile head into my rectum. That huge gland popped through my outer anal sphincter muscle causing me to scream out in pain.

Charlie held my feet back and rode my up turned butt like he was possessed, pushing his cock in and out of my butt. The more I screamed the harder he plowed into me.

Daniel came over and squatted over my head and dropped his testicles in to my mouth and demanded that I suck his balls. He looked at Charlie and said 'that should keep the bitches mouth occupied for a while.'

Charlie bust his sacks of baby juice deep into my anus, he pulled his dripping cock from my stretched ass and was replaced bu Bruce. Bruce was some what larger than Charlie and had little resistance entering my well lube anal opening. I made the mistake of clamping down on Daniel's testicles, he promptly pounded his clenched fist into my exposed stomach.

Bruce said 'damn Daniel, when you hit this bitch in this stomach, his ass muscles clamp down on my dick something awful, do it again. To my horror, Daniel pounded into my stomach again with his fist. Bruce went wild, gripping my hips and slamming into my butt with all his might.

I was gasping for breath and grimacing in pain from being hit and the huge cock in my rectum. Bruce was ramming so hard that he finally broke through my inner anal sphincter muscle and into my colon. I screamed out in pain as he bust pass my inner anal muscle ring.

Bruce flooded my butt with his man juice and slipped out of my aching anus, Daniel didn't give me time to miss having a cock in my butt. Daniel's enormously huge cock head had little difficult entering my butt hole. I started to yell when Charlie stuck his smelly cock into my gaping mouth and half way down my throat.

I was gagging and retching around Charlies semi rigid cock, Charlie said to Daniel 'this bitches throat is as tight as a real pussy, he's milking my dick real good.' Charlie flooded my mouth and throat with his substance. I gagged and retched on his thick man juice causing some of his fluid and my vomit to spray from my nostrils.

Daniel worked his gigantic cock in and out of my forever stretched butt hole with great deliberate f***e. I felt Daniel as he rammed into me as deep as he could and grind his hips against my buttocks as he flooded my anal opening with his baby making fluid. My butt was so full that I felt the excess running down the crack of my butt and pooling underneath my butt.
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3 years ago
similar experiences, i was also caught wearing panties and bra, which really set them off, you write it well thanks