My last session with Big Dick Harry

When it comes to enormously huge black dicks, Charlies uncle Harry is the king, The first time I had sex with Harry was not something I really wanted to, but after that first session I made it my business to get by Harry's house when ever I could.

I ran into Harry at the corner store, at first he didn't recognize me and walked right pass. As I was leaving the store Harry was waiting out side 'I thought that was you, where have you been, why haven't you came by to see me.'

I smiled and said 'I've been rather busy, you know working and school has me stretched.' Harry smiled and said 'yeah, that can keep you stretched.' Then he leaned into me and whispered 'you've got something else that I want to stretch today.'

I looked at him and he said 'come on, let's get going, I can't wait to get into you.' We walked the short distance to his house and went straight to the play room in the basement. The mattress was still there, on the box springs, up on some concrete blocks. The wall behind the bed still had the floor to ceiling mirrors and the wall to the other side had the same.

Harry quickly undressed, his massively huge penis was something to behold. Harry was at least eighteen inches long and four to six inches around with a very huge blackish penile head. I shuddered thinking of how Harry's cock could rip open an ass hole.

I was having second thoughts, it had been almost a year since I had went around to Harry's house to be fucked, it wasn't something that I wanted to do today and was trying to figure why I went with him in the first place.

I slipped out of my clothes Harry kneaded my nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers. I moaned slightly from the pressure that Harry used on them, pulling me by my nipples, Harry led me to the mattress and guided me down on my back.

Harry like to sex me on my back so I could wrap my legs around him. Harry took his tube of lubricant and applied some inside my anus causing me to grunt as he f***ed two or more fingers into my tight bung hole.

I laid there and watched as Harry lube up the entire length if his enormous fuck tool, his huge cock head was glistening from the lube smeared on it. Harry gently rubbed his huge penile head up and down my stretched ope butt crack, I trembled with fear as that huge organ slip pass my anal opening.

Harry saw the fear in my eyes and the tears that were beginning to to form, he said to me 'you've had my dick before so it ain't no stranger to your butt. 'I trembled more as Harry pressed against my small anal opening, with a grunt and plunge Harry's huge cock head popped into my anus, I shrieked in pain as his cock head plunged past my anal sphincter muscle.

Tears started to flow down my cheeks and I begin to sob, Harry said to me 'stop the whimpering, you act like a little bitch. Take the dick like a man.' I was in too much pain not to whimper as Harry fucked my butt.

The more Harry hunched into me the loader my whimpering got, finally Harry said 'bitch cry all you want i want to fuck this pussy and I'm gonna do just that.' I tried to lower my legs but Harry had them in his clutches and wasn't letting them go.

I pleaded 'Harry, don't go to fast, let me try and take you slow. 'Harry replied 'you're my bitch today so call me baby, honey, sweetie, sugar and all the nice names you can think of, but I'm still gonna fuck this boy pussy.'

There was no way I could escape Harry's punishing fuck, his huge dick was working farther and farther up into my anal opening. Soon his cock was pushing against my inner anal sphincter muscle, which quickly gave way and let his huge cock pass.

I screamed out again as Harry's huge cock bust pass my inner anal muscle ring. Harry was grunting and panting as he continued to push his large fuck tool deeper and deeper into my butt. Harry leaned down pressing my thighs to my chest and nestled his face into my neck. Slipping his hands under my shoulders Harry pulled me down onto his gigantic penis.

I tried to hold on to Harry so that there wasn't much room for him to pull back and ram into me. Harry grind deep into me and I felt that humongous cock head twitch deep in my butt and I knew Harry was about to flood my rectum with a massive load of cum.

Harry begin to shot his fluid into my anal cavity, I could feel it as it rushed up, the tube of, Harry's massive cock and when it hit the back of my rectum, it felt like some one thumped me in the guts. Each squirt was the same and I could feel the excess squishing from around Harry's huge penile shaft lodged in my butt hole.

Harry Laid on top of me, with my legs pressed to my chest, and kissed my neck and face gently, licking my tears from my cheeks. Harry whispered 'this is just like the first time I fucked this tight boy pussy, you cried than also. Wrap your legs around me and lock you heels together.'

I did as he said and Harry lifted me from the bed and walked over to the large chair and sat down. His huge cock still lodged in my butt. As he sat down his massive cock slid further up into my bowels I could feel it through the exterior of my stomach and harry just smiled and said 'I want to watch the game.' Harry turned on the tube and found a basketball game to watch while I straddled his thighs impaled on his massive cock.
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1 year ago
great story
3 years ago
Another great story David, wish it was me getting stretched by BBC.