Good roomate fuck pt2

In college my room mate was a dud by the name of Daryl. Daryl was not a huge man in size only about five feet six, nice cut body, enjoyed physical fitness routines that woke me up early in the morning. I would lay there watching Daryl as he would do one hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups, I would get excited hearing him grunt and moan as he went through his motions.

Some mornings I would wait till he had left the room and jack off thinking what it would be like having Daryl exhaust himself with his penis firmly in my anus. It wasn't long after spring break that I got my wish and Daryl and I became fuck buddies. Well I was his come receptacle, Daryl would sometimes allow me to suck his cock.

Daryl had a strangely shaped penile head, It sort of mushroomed and flattened out, rather than tapering off in to a cone shape. His penis was nearly twelve inches long and about three to four inches around. I could not close my fore finger and thumb around it when it was solid.

I enjoyed our session together, Daryl would put me on my back and push my knees back to my arm pits and plow my upturned butt till I got horny and tried to fuck back. I don't know what it was, whether it was the fact that I could not move or that Daryl had me in a semi bond situation.

I had just left the shower, Eric was in there and had giving me a fucking that made me weak, I barely made it back to our dorm room. I was laying on the bed half sl**p when Daryl came in, I watched Daryl as he collected his shower kit and undressed.

Daryl's cock was hard and sticking out from his body like a sturdy tree limb. I watched as Daryl slipped out of his underwear and turn towards me, his deformed penile head was already dripping pre-cum. Daryl moved to my bed and lifted my robe, I turned on to my side and looked up at Daryl and asked 'what do you think you are doing.'

My anus was tender and felt like it had been savagely attacked, well it had been, but I did not want Daryl to know this. Daryl said nothing, he just opened my legs and lifted my heels to his waist. I raised my hands to push him away, Daryl glared down at me and whispered in his beer smelling breath 'I'm going to fuck my favorite bitch before I go to the showers.'

I tried to protest but Daryl was not hearing anything I had to say. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to get fucked a second time and I had no choice in the matter. Daryl griped his rigid cock and smeared his pre-cum across my anal opening and nudge his huge deformed cock head in to my outer anal sphincter muscle.

Not wanting to let on that my butt was sore I grimaced and tried to relax as Daryl pushed pass my anal ring and begin to plunge back forth into my very sore rectum. Daryl placed his hands into the hallow of my knees, I quickly placed my hands against Daryl's stomach to try and cushion Daryl's onslaught.

Daryl rammed hard into my butt three times and on the fourth time he grind deep into my very tender well fucked rectum. By now I was muttering furiously for Daryl to get his nut and get up. But Daryl had already made up his mind that this session was going to be a deep and long one.

Daryl knew that if he continued to grind deep into me with my legs stretch up and out that lust would soon replace caution and I would be begging him to savagely fuck me. Daryl slipped his arms under my shoulder blades and cradled me in his arms. Helpless with my legs trapped inside Daryl's powerful arms I had to move my hands from between us.

Now my legs were out side my arms and pushed back into the mattress near my head and just above my shoulders. I griped Daryl's sides as hard as I could, trying to make it uncomfortable for him. But in his intoxicated state I don't even think Daryl felt me digging my fingers in to his sides.

Daryl had me just where he wanted me, I started to babble 'Daryl,' I gasp, 'please baby don't be so rough take your time please.' Daryl smiled down at me and buried his face into my neck and started to suck gently on my neck and nibble at my ear lobe. Daryl knows I can't control myself if I get horny and he was doing everything he could to cause the lust to build up.

My flaccid cock trapped between our bodies started to react to the fiction of our two bodies rubbing together, the combined sweat of our two withering bodies was only making it a slick place for my trapped penis, lust won out and I surrendered myself to Daryl's onslaught.

I cried softly into Daryl's ear 'damn you baby, give me that dick like you want to.' Daryl humped furiously into my ravage anal cavity, I was gripping Daryl by the small of his back as he plummeted my bowels. 'Fuck me baby, fuck me good,' I cried as Daryl continued to plow into my up turned butt.

Daryl raised up on his knees, pushing my butt higher into the air, turning me into a very small package. Daryl grabbed the sides of my head to stop me from tossing my head from side to side. Now I was babbling incoherently as Daryl worked his ridged cock into my butt hole.

For the next hour and half, Daryl fucked me silly. When he was near coming he would slow down and suck and nibble on my neck and ears. Than Daryl whispered something into my ear that explained it all. 'David, how you like being fucked by a dick on Viagra, I smoked a joint over at Tory's house and he gave me one of his little blue pills.'

'I was so horny that I was going over to my girls and give her this hard dick. But when I came in I saw your ass laying on the bed all clean and resting, I just didn't want to wait.'

I got mad, but I did have a very hard cock wedged in my butt and I was now horny as hell. There was no way Daryl was going to get off me till I got my relief. I gripped Daryl by the back and bit gently into his chest as he plowed my but with his rigidly hard cock.

Daryl fucked me continuous for nearly three and a half hours before he finally let himself go and flood my butt with his baby making fluid. We laid there together in the dark wrapped in each others arms, my legs aching from being held up in the air.

My butt hole aching from the double fucking I had received from Eric and Daryl, I was thankful that neither one knew I was having sex with the other, at least not at that time. Daryl would slowly grind his still semi hard cock into my butt, my cock was rigid between us both our bodies were covered with sweat and my come was a sticky mess between us.

Daryl whispered into my ear 'I'm not finished yet, I want you to turn on your stomach and pile the blankets under you so your ass is in the air.' I wanted to protest but I didn't even try, we got the bed ready and Daryl mounted me in this doggy position and rammed into me like he wanted to bust my butt wide open.

Now I was gasping from pain and lust, and trying not to yell loud enough to be heard in the hall. Daryl busted his substance in to my bowels twice more before he laid down on my back and went softly to sl**p, his semi erect cock still lodged in my butt. What a fucking good day it turned out to be, I drifted off to sl**p listen to Daryl gently snoring in my ear.
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dDamn Nice!
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damn that was fucking hot. i wish i was daryl;)