Team revenge for losing the meet

It was to be the biggest meet in the season, our track team against our cross town rivals. I was the third leg of the relay team, ready and set to go as my team mate came towards me, we were leading by twenty seconds, the baton was being handed to me as I started to grip the baton I stumbled and went down in a heap. Our team lost by my bungling a temp to get a head start.

In the locker room my team mates were furious, they demanded that I be thrown off the squad. Coach tried to qualm them and tell them that loses were to be expected and we had to work through this lose and prepare for the next meet.

My team mates simmered down some what till the coaches left the locker room. The team captain spoke first 'David fucked up, we have to do something to be sure that he understands how mad we get when we loose.

Two of my team mates seized my arms and pulled me to the shower area, some one turned on all the showers and two mates went to watch the hall for the coaches. I dread what was about to happen, I knew I wasn't going to enjoy what my team mates had in mind.

The captain said 'for causing us to loose our meet, David will get sexed by all of us for the next three meets or till we win the next three meets.' I started to argue that I had already fucked the team once and had been sucking them off after each practice and meet.

It fell on deaf ears, some one was already behind me rubbing his slick cock head up and down my butt crack. The captain warned 'either work with us or we take what we want any way.' I slowly begin to bend at the waist, by the time I was a quarter way over the cock in between my buttocks found my anal opening and plunge into it with one push.

I tried to reach out to steady my self but the guys holding my arms wouldn't let go. I fell to the shower floor, the cock in my anus pushed in to the hilt and the owner of that cock quickly went to work plowing in and out of my defenseless butt hole.

I cried out in pain as I was savagely attacked, no one payed any attention to my cries for mercy. When the first team mate shot his load into my anal cavity another team mate replaced him and showed little mercy for my predicament.
All twenty of my team mates ravaged my butt till they had all filled my butt hole with their baby making juices.

I was still laying there on the floor, my anus leaking my teams man spunk. I heard a gasp and looked over my shoulder to see the building custodian standing there. I tried to crawl away when he grabbed my ankle and pulled me to the locker room area.

I was to weak from the sexing that I had just had to put up a decent fight. He lifted me up and placed me across one of the massage tables. Pushing my limps legs apart, I felt the huge rubbery hard tip of his man cock nudging against my outer anal sphincter muscle. With a grunt and a push his huge cock slipped easily into my well oiled anus, all the spunk from my team mates were acting as a great lubricant.

The bastard rode my tender butt hole till he flooded my rectum with his fluid. Pulling from my ruptured anus, he came around to my head and roughly lifted my face and f***ed his smelly cock in to my mouth. Commanding me to 'suck my dick clean, bitch, I want to fuck you again.'

I could barely get my lips around his huge penile head, the bastard plunge recklessly in and out of my oral cavity, reaching all the way into my throat causing me to gagged violently. When his cock was rigid again he quickly mounted my stretched open butt again and slammed into me like he wanted to tear me apart.

The old bastard gripped my buttocks and rammed back and forth so hard so often that I could not bare the pain. Just when I was about to pass out he lunged as deep into me as possible, causing me to scream out in pain. I could feel him flooding my rectum with another load of his man spunk.

This time he grind deep into my opened anus till he had milked all his spunk out of his cock and into my bowels. Pulling his huge flaccid cock from my anal opening he wiped it across my buttocks and warned 'if you are still here when I come back I'll fuck you again and let my co-workers have a turn.'

I watched him walk through the locker room door, than I heard some keys jingle and a distinct click of the lock. I could barely stand as I stumbled to the shower and fell to the floor. I don't know how long I was out, I was still laying there in the floor when I came around.

I heard the sound of foot steps in the hall and tried to get off the floor, no matter what I did I could not seem to get my limbs to work. Some one twisted the door knob, founding it still lock, I heard the sounds of foot steps running away from the door.

A short while latter I heard the sound of keys jingle and the muted voices of grown men at the door.

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