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I was in one of the little towns not far from my college, I had just checked into the hotel room and was heading to the burger joint to get some food. As I sat there enjoying my meal, I noticed a young man watching me intently from across the dining room.

As I finished my meal, I went to the trash and disposed of my trash, exiting the building I was startled to find the young man standing at the trunk of my car. 'Can I help you,' I asked, he smiled at me and asked 'would you like some company.' I looked around and saw that no one else was there in the parking lot but us.

I said to him 'sure if you are up to entertain me the way I want you to?' He smiled and introduced himself 'I'm Nelson, my friends call me "Nellie." I opened the door and we h got into the car and drove off, as I headed towards the motel Nelson looked at me and said 'I don't have any money, I thought that we could get together and freak each other.'

I countered 'well I don't have any money either, but my dick is hard and needs to be taking care of.' Nelson reached over and grab my cock in his hand and squeezed it 'well you do have a hard on, I guess that we can have some fun,' he said.

When we reached the motel we went into my room, Nelson went straight to the toilet and checked to see if anyone else was there. Turning back towards me Nelson begin to remove his shirt, I got the message and begin to undress also.

I turned to fold my pants and when I turned back around, Nelson was standing there stroking an enormously huge piece of man meat. It was nearly twelve inches long and about three inches around with a pair of testicles the size of tennis balls. Nelson walked over to me and took my cock in his hand and stroked it gently.

As my cock responded by getting hard Nelson knelt down and begin to suck eagerly on my cock head. Standing there having Nelson suck me was getting me horny, I tried to lift him, but he just ignored me and continued to suck my cock till I flooded his throat with my substance.

Nelson stood and licked his lips and led me to the bed, in one swift move Nelson threw the covers from the bed and gently pushed me to the sheets. Nelson crawled on top o my prostate body and begin to suck/kiss my nipples and body down to my now flaccid cock.

Licking my balls, Nelson slowly lifted my legs and licked my butt crack till he found my anal opening. Placing his lips solidly around my anus, Nelson begin to suck on my butt hole sticking his tongue as deep into it as he could. Nelson had me moaning and groaning from pleasure and lust.

Nelson moved up from my anus and sucked my testicles one at a time, licking on my limp cock and sucking my cock head. Nelson raised my legs to his shoulders and stroked his now rigidly hard cock across my anal opening.

I glanced down between my up lifted legs and was shocked to see this huge gigantic limb extending from Nelson's body. I looked up into Nelson eyes begging him with my eyes, before I could say a word Nelson plunged that enormously huge cock head into my rectum.

I screamed from the pain as Nelson lowered his face to mine and placed his mouth over mine stifling my scream. Nelson slowly worked his huge cock into my bowels expertly, moving slowly as to not cause too much pain. I was gasping and struggling to breath around the pain as Nelson continued to plow into my bottom.

Nelson raised his upper torso from my body and begin to suck on my toes and lick my calves. Nelson licked between my toes and across the sole of my feet. Nelson plowed my butt with passion as I gasp from each plunge of his huge rock hard cock.

It wasn't long before I was begging Nelson to bust his balls in my butt, Nelson savagely plowed into my butt till he had sunk the entire length of his huge twelve inch long cock into my butt. My knees pushed back to my arm pits, my fingers clawing at Nelson's biceps made no difference to Nelson, he continued to punish my butt like I had done him wrong.

I was babbling like a d***k as Nelson plowed my butt like a pro, I begged for him to have mercy, Nelson relied 'if I had let you sex me you would have savagely tried to wreck my body, I'm just repaying you for all dicks I've had.'

I was crying and babbling uncontrollably as Nelson plowed my butt till he did one final plunge. He pulled his cock back till his penile head was just outside my anus and then he plunged the whole length down into my butt four or five times before he finally flooded my rectum with enormous amounts of baby making juice.

Nelson pulled from my wrecked butt hole and crawled up on my chest and f***ed his softening cock into my mouth saying 'bitch suck this dick or you want get no more.' Tears streaming down my face I slowly opened my mouth and gently sucked his massive cock head into my lips.

Nelson f***ed me to suck his cock till it was hard again, than he pulled from my lips and made me turn to my stomach. I begged and pleaded for him not to mount me this way, but Nelson paid me no mind. Nelson crawled up my legs and spread my butt crack with his enormously huge cock head, my anal opening well lubricated from the deposit of baby making fluid Nelson had already placed in my anal cavity.

With little effort Nelson's huge cock invaded my gaping butt hole once again, this time, with me on my stomach, I was defenseless as to the ravage attack I received from Nelson and his huge deformed man meat. I was so glad when Nelson had finally got his full, of me and dressed and left. I was trembling and tired as I managed to get up and secure the room door and make my way to the shower and get cleaned up.
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But you did enjoy it and searched him for more cock?