Don't show up the football squad

I was watching the football squad go through their practice, the coach had asked me to come down to the field and observe the practice and if I wanted I could be his walk on tight end. I was already on the track team and was pretty fast, no, not the fastest, but pretty fast.

After a few skirmishes, coach came over and asked me to take the position of tight end. I lined up the ball was snapped and the quarter back slammed the ball into my mid section as I ran by. Having the breath almost knocked out of me slowed me a little.

I quickly gathered my wits and charged forward, slipping past the defensive line wasn't hard. I had watched and noticed that they followed each other all the time, so I broke left and back right in quick fashion, causing two of the star defensive players to look really silly as I went pass them.

I trotted to the end zone and celebrated like it was areal game, this made the defensive squad mad as hell. Coach had to make them run four laps for trying to rough me up.

I was in the locker room when the squad entered, no one spoke to me as I dried off. Coach entered and told the squad how bad they looked and should be glad that I was not on another team. Coach also told them that I had not yet joined the squad and that they should make me feel welcome, coach bid us good night and told the squad captain to lock up the gym when we finished.

As coach disappeared around the corner, one of the guys went to watch him, he returned and exclaimed 'coach has left the building,' some of the guys gave a nervous laugh.

Two large blockers came over to me and stood one on each side, I looked at them and asked 'what's up fellows, 'Dale the largest of the two slapped me across the face so hard that I flew in to Darwin's arms, just like I was thrown there.

Darwin wasted no time in placing me in a full nelson, his huge arms locked behind my head my arms flailing in the air. Darwin lifted my feet from the floor I was standing on my tip toes when I realized that Darwin's huge cock was between my legs.

You could say that his cock was sort of holding me up in the air. I cried 'let me go you bastard,' Dale moved to me and grabbed my cock and pulled me off Darwin,s cock. Darwin's cock slid up between my buttocks and poised it self at my anal opening. Panicking I cried 'no don't fuck me in the ass.'

The entire room fell silent, every one looked our way. Darwin was standing there holding me in a full nelson, Dale holding my cock in his hand. Dale pulled my cock causing my mid section to follow. Than Dale slowly pushed me back to Darwin's rigidly huge cock, Darwin was slowly rotating his hips forcing his cock head into my anus.

I cried 'please don't do this, it's not right, come on Dale, Darwin stop, please stop.' Darwin was already grunting trying to stick his huge cock head into my anus. Dale was gripping my cock in his vise like grip and pulling me forward and forcing me back onto Darwin's enormously rigid cock.

Darwin's cock was leaking pre-cum like g=crazy and soon my butt hole was painted with this natural lubricant. Dale pulled me forward and pushed me back to Darwin. Darwin plunged forward as Dale f***ed me back, Darwin's rubbery hard cock head slid pass my outer anal ring stretching my butt hole so wide that I cried out in pain, 'NOOOOO.'

Darwin's cock was inside my anus and he was making sure that it wasn't coming out. On my toes with Darwin's huge cock in my butt and Dale jacking my cock back and forth I started to get horny. Dale laughed and said 'look at this bitches dick, it's getting hard.'

With his free hands Dale reached up and pinched my nipple between his fore finger and thumb. I was trapped and my ass was being fucked by another jock in a room full of horny teenagers. Darwin pumped my butt for a few more minutes before stiffening and howling like a banshee.

I could feel his baby making fluid flood my rectum as he shoot his spunk into my anal cavity. Darwin let go of my arms and for a moment I was suspended on to his spurting cock. I fell forward and Dale caught me and pulled me across one of the dressing benches.

My legs splayed open and my butt hole dripping man juice, some one scampered between my legs and slammed his cock into my butt hole before I could close my legs. I cried out in pain and surprise as another jock entered my opened anus, and started to fuck my butt like it was the end of the world.

As soon as he unloaded his buckets of man spunk another hard prick filled the void between my legs. All sixteen of the jocks in the locker room plowed into my butt, some two or three times.

When Dale had finally shot his load into my wrecked rectum, he slid his cock from my flooded behind and told me 'we don't want no bitches on our team, we just want to fuck them.'

I slowly crawled from the bench and staggered to the shower, I got under a shower head and was cleaning my self up. Darwin came in and grabbed me by the neck and f***ed me to my knees and made me suck his funky cock till he flooded my tonsils with his man juice.
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3 years ago
Fuck you're good!
3 years ago
And me, u sure know how to write
3 years ago
Your stories always have me ROCK hard.