My new friend Rhonda

I was at the motel in the town about twenty miles from my college, I liked to go out of town when I want to walk on the freaky side of sexual fulfillment. I was in the restaurant down the street from the motel and saw a very sexy young thing walking towards the discount store on the corner.

I watched from the window of the restaurant to see if she would come back up the street, I had just finished my meal when I saw her come around the corner. I hurriedly paid for my meal and went to intercept the young goddess. I crossed the street at an angle in order to cut her off and engage in conversation.

As I drew near I caught her eye and from the smile that crossed her lips I knew that I was half way through the conversing part. 'Hello, I'm David and I saw you as I checked into the motel, perhaps you can tell me what there is for two people like you and to do in town tonight?'

She giggled a little and said 'my name is Rhonda, where are you from with that accent?' I answered 'I'm in the college in the next town, thought that I would come out and see the surrounding cites and find out what there is to do?'

Rhonda smiled and seemed to be at ease with me, she continued to tell me about the little club that some go, and the places to get a good home cooked meal. Than she looked over my shoulder and said 'sometimes I just get me a room at the motel and chill with some soda and chips.'

I asked 'all you do is drink sodas and munch on chips?' She answered 'I used to take my boyfriend, but we broke up last month. The rest of the guys here are to c***dish to bother with. At nineteen you can not buy anything but sodas here!'

I answered her and said 'sorry about you and your boyfriend, and I'm twenty-three and buy anything I want to drink. So would you like to chill with me for a little while? Rhonda looked up at me and sorta whispered 'I'll meet you back her in an hour, get us some wine and strawberries and I'll show you how to have some real fun!'

I watched as Rhonda walked off and wondered if she was just pulling my leg. Any way I went to the super market and got the strawberries and had to drive across town to the package store for the wine. As I was turning into the motel parking lot I saw Rhonda walking towards the spot I met her, she had changed clothes from her tight jeans to a swishing skirt and bright tight fitting sweater.

I parked and walked to the end of the lot Rhonda was just passing when I stepped out. She looked up and smiled took my hand and said let's walk to the d**g store and back.' As we walked Rhonda made small talk while holding my hand, when we entered the d**g store she led me to the f****y planing aisle. She handed me a pack of ribbed Trojans and said 'we are gonna need these, I like the way the feel.'

She turned and walked to the door and stopped, I went to the register and paid for my purchase. We went back to the motel, I retrieved the bottle of wine from the car and we went into the room. Rhonda said 'while I get ready go get some ice and be quick.'

As I returned with the ice Rhonda was under the covers of the bed, her clothes neatly hung on the rack, her bra and panties were laid out on the dresser. I closed the door and place the wine in the sink with the ice as I turned I was startled to see Rhonda kneeling by the bed.

Rhonda said 'don't just stand there come closer I'm not going to crawl across the floor, at least not yet.' I walked over to Rhonda, she reached up and unzipped my pants. She fished out my cock and started to suck gently on my cock head. My cock sprang to life at once and was throbbing in her wet mouth, Rhonda was skilled with her tongue, slipping her tongue underneath my cock head and working it along my penile shaft.

She pulled from my cock smacking her lips and smiled up at me saying get out of those clothes and let's get busy. I stripped quickly and moved to the bed Rhonda stopped me and reached for the pack of rubbers, she deftly slipped on on my cock and slid her lips around my cock head again. Moaning she sucked gently on my rigid cock wetting the rubber with her saliva.

When she had gotten it sufficiently she laid back and spread her legs lifting them by her thighs. I moved between her legs and slid my cock up and down he pussy slit. She moaned and wiggled her tight little ass, waiting for me to slid my cock into it. As my cock head began to enter her cunt I could feel the tightness of her cunt, it was like a well lubed vise.

I looked up at Rhonda's face and saw that there was tears running down her cheeks. I asked 'are you alright Rhonda,' she replied 'yeees, just fuck me.' The more I pumped her cunt the more tears flowed down her face. She wasn't bawling just tears and a whole lot of moaning.

Rhonda wrapped her legs around my waist and begin to hunch back furiously. Digging her fingers into my back she fucked back like a woman possessed. I could barely keep up with her thrusting, finally I slipped my arms under her shoulders and took hold of them lowering my body to hers I began to grind deep into her cunt that was flooding with her sex juices.

Rhonda bit gently into my shoulders and moved her legs further up my body till I felt her feet behind my head. I slammed into her body as hard as I could, Rhonda gasped and shuddered tossing her head from side to side and moaning intently. Suddenly she tighten her gripped and stiffened her body, Rhonda started to let out slow yell and started to tremble all over, just like she was having a seizure. I could feel her cunt muscles tightening and releasing as she experienced a gigantic orgasm.

Rhonda let out a gasp and passed out under me, her entire body went limp as I grind deep into her soaking cunt. I pulled from her limp body, checked to see if she was still breathing. I licked her tits, especially her nipples, than trailed down to her navel with my tongue. Gripping her thighs, licking her gushing cunt, sucking lightly on her clit. Rhonda begin to moan and move her hips in a tight circle, she pushed awkwardly at my head till she could get a grip on to my hair.

Rhonda pulled my head into her cunt and humped my face violently babbling incoherently as she reached another huge orgasm. Flooding my face with her cunt juices moaning and babbling, crying out 'OH SHIT THAT'S GOOD.' Rhonda Let go of my head and splayed her legs as wide as she could, gripping the bed sheets she continued to squirt as I sucked on her cunt.

I lifted my face from her cunt and licked her puckering butt hole, Rhonda squealed and grasped her ankles. Pulling her legs up into the air, I licked he butt hole a few more time than stuck my tongue into her anal opening, Rhonda squealed again. I moved up between her up lifted legs and position my cock head against her quivering butt hole and pushed gently against that tight little opening.

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3 years ago
Oh you are bad...leaving us hang there like that! LOL!