Playing Hookie from school

I was slipping away from my high school after second period, I thought it was a good thing to do. Looking back it was a foolish thing to do.
I was going through the athletic fields, our school has a three tier section, the top section was for staff parking and out side assembly, the second section was used for the ROTC assembly and their parades, also in the north west corner was a baseball diamond, the lower section was a quarter mile track with that surrounded a football field.

The western edge of the field was nothing but a buffer of woods with numerous paths down through them. I was going through and nearly out the other side when I heard some one running. Looking back I saw three of the schools thug heading my way. As they caught up to me they said 'run the coach is headed through the bush,' I ran.

As we reached the street one of them shouted 'damn there's councilor Smith on the corner,' another answered 'go for the cut through and head for Bruce and Daniel's house.' Not knowing what to do I followed them through the cut without looking to verify what was being said.

We went through a few back yards and side streets, till we finally emerged on to a quiet street and well groomed lawns. Daniel said 'our parents want be home till late tonight, I'll get all the calls from school and erase them from the answering machine.'

We slipped into the back yard of a well kept house and entered the basement. There in the basement was two bedrooms and a larger sitting area with a music center and book shelves and a color television set.

Charlie went upstairs to make sure that no one was home Daniel turned on the music center to a local urban radio station. Charlie came back down and reassured us that we were alone, Bruce was seated in an arm chair looking through some magazines.

Daniel and Charlie whispered between their selves and went about finding some beer for us to consume. At first I tried to refuse but relented when they insisted. Charlie began to laugh at Bruce calling him Mr. Peabody, cause he was looking through National Geographic Mags.

Charlie said 'I've got some playboy books up her,' and he reached up over the door by where I was seated. As he moved stuff around things begin to fall and I picked them up off the floor. As I went back to sit down Charlie cried ';David, help me, catch that vase.'

I looked up to see a glass vase tittering back and forth. I reached up over my head and grabbed hold of the vase, out of the corner of my eye I saw Daniel moving swiftly towards us and thought nothing of it till he slammed his fist into my stomach. Doubling over in pain, I was gasping for air, trying to figure out way he punched me in the stomach.

Bruce was quickly at my side grabbing my waist, I couldn't figure out what was going on. Some one was trying to unfasten my belt and some one was trying to removing my shoes. I was struggling trying to get a breath and fight off the assault on my clothes.

I was loosing the battle with my shoes, one was already off and my belt was being pulled through the loops of my pants. I managed to gasp out 'what are you doing? Daniel said 'we gonna have us a party like we did in juvenile hall. I could not figure out what he meant, I thought that they were going to take my belt and whip me across the butt with it.

Bruce and Daniel managed to get hold of my arms and was pulling me across the floor. Charlie was holding on to my pants as they were being pulled from my waist, my underwear and pants came down and off the foot with out that shoe. I was trying to kick at Charlie to keep him from removing my pants while still struggling with Daniel and Bruce.

With my butt exposed Bruce moved from behind me and helped Daniel and Charlie pull me across the floor. Their was a ottoman in front of the arm chair, they pulled me across the ottoman and Bruce quickly retrieved a tube of something from his bedroom.

Daniel and Charlie twisted my arms up behind my back in a position that only needed one to hold them. Daniel squatted over head and f***ed it to bend towards the floor. I felt some one poking something slick between my buttocks, a finger or two slipped deep into my anus I yelled in shock and pain.

I had no ideal what was about to happen and could not have imagined that it could happen. Bruce and Daniel was pulling my legs apart, like a chickens wish bone. Bruce moved between them and I felt something hard and rubbery rubbing up and down my butt crack.

By the time I figured out what was going on, Bruce f***ed his penile head into my anal opening. My outer anal ring was trying to hold him out, but with a strong push Bruce cock was entering my virgin butt hole. I screamed out in pain, I saw Daniel turn up the radio and remove his pants. His cock was enormous and had a huge head.

Bruce said 'you were right Dan, this ass is tight.' Charlie said 'fuck that ass like it's a bitches pussy.' I couldn't believe what was happen to me, Bruce was trying to push all his cock into my struggling butt, Charlie was squatting over my head and shoulders shouting encouragements to him and Daniel was stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen.

Charlie told Bruce 'you ain't fucking that ass right, come hold this bitches arms and let me show you how it's done.' I felt Bruce pull his cock from my wrecked anus and move to my head, Bruce was naked from the waist down and took control of my arms from Charlie. Bruce knelt his naked butt on to my neck and shoulders his wet cock slapping between my shoulder blades.

I could see Charlie removing his pants and tried to struggle away from Bruce, he only solidified his grip and pushed his butt down harder on to my head and neck. Charlie squeezed out some more of that lubricant between my buttocks and used his huge cock head to smear it up and down the crack of my butt.

Charlies huge cock head found my anal opening and begin to f***e it's way through my outer anal sphincter muscle. I tried to clench my butt close, but the lube and the cock that had already entered made it hard to close. With a pop Charlie was inside my rectum and was pumping away at my butt hole.

I was yelling and crying for them to let me go, Daniel came over and told Bruce to let go of my arms. As soon as Bruce let go of my arms Daniel grabbed one and Bruce seized the other. Daniel told Charlie 'get his head and pull it back.' Charlie did as told and pulled my head back till I was staring at Bruce's rigid cock.

Daniel told Bruce 'stick your dick in that bitches mouth, my head was pulled back so far that my lips were partially parted. Bruce had little resistance in getting his cock into my mouth. Daniel said 'if you bite his dick you want have teeth to bite any body else.

Charlie plunged deep into my butt causing me to yell in pain, Bruce plunged more of his smelly cock into my mouth and ram the back of my throat. I started to gag on his cock when Charlie exclaimed 'damn, I'm gonna fill this bitches ass with come.' I felt his cock twitch and flood my butt hole with his baby making fluid.

Charlie let go of my head, Bruce released my arm and grabbed my head, Daniel twisted the arm he still had back behind my back and got between my legs. I felt his enormously huge cock head parting my butt cheeks and sliding up and down my butt crack. I could tell that the spunk from Charlie was leaking from my stretched open anus and helping to provide an extra lubricant for Daniel's gigantic cock head.

Daniel located my open anus and plunged his humongous cock into my bowels, I yelled around the cock in my mouth to Bruce's delight. Bruce plunged his cock into my throat past my throat muscles and begin to fuck my throat. Gagging and choking on his cock and the vile from my stomach I could not hardly breath.

Daniel was pushing me to Bruce and Bruce was pushing me back to Daniel. The two of them kept up a steady pace till Bruce cried out 'I'm coming,' and flooded my throat and mouth with his spunk. Pulling from my mouth I was retching at the thought of what had just happen and was still going on in my butt.

Daniel let go of my arm and grabbed my shoulders and rammed into my butt so hard that the ottoman and I was scooted across the floor. I was trying to steady my self with one hand and reach back to push Daniel away with the other. Daniel plowed my butt with a vengeance till he shot his load of man spunk deep up into my rectum. I could feel each spurt of his juice as it struck the walls of my rectum.

When Daniel pulled from my ravaged butt hole I scampered to my feet and gathered my clothes, dressing as fast as I could I left the house running, with each stride I felt the mix fluids of Charlie and Daniel leak from my stretched open anal cavity and stream down my thighs.
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