Playing with toys

Mr. Ronald came by the burger joint I worked at and asked me if I wanted to work my part time job that evening. I was glad that he put it that way so my coworkers would not know what I was doing after I left work.

When my shift ended Mr. Ronald was waiting in the parking lot. I went to his car and slid into the passenger seat, Mr. Ronald told me 'there's no party tonight, I want you and me to have some fun. I've got some new toys and I think you will like them.'

I asked him 'if it's just you and me, what do IO get out the deal besides a sore butt hole.' Grinning Mr. Ronald said 'don't worry, you want make as much but you will get some money and have plenty fun and games.'

Mr. Ronald pulled the car from the parking lot and drove to his home. Once inside we went to his play room where he had everything set up. Mr. Ronald asked me to get undressed and put on a skirt and white female blouse and knee high white bobby socks.

I did as requested and Mr. Ronald explain what was going to happen 'I bought some new toys and I want to try them out on you.' He produced an enormously huge butt plug, a very thick twelve inch long dildo, and an assortment of rubbers, some that he called 'french ticklers.'

They resembled normal rubbers but with a little something extra. Each one had little hard rubber studs, some in one straight line and some with the hard rubber studs encircling the entire tube. Mr. Ronald also had some wine and a bunch of different types of sexual lubrication.

Mr. Ronald got naked and sat in his huge recliner, stroking his hardening cock. He directed me to 'come over here and bend your ass over.' I walked over and bent at the waist taking hold of my ankles. Mr. Ronald lifted my skirt and smeared an amount of slippery substance into my butt cavity.

Occasionally he would slip a finger or two into my anus and wiggle them around pulling them back forth. I knew better than to protest, cause he would not pay as much if he had to argue.

After he had lubed my butt up well, he picked up the enormous butt plug and begin to f***e it into my anal cavity. The tapered device was slender at the tip and widen out to about six inches wide and closing done to two inches with a flat bottom.

As Mr. Ronald begin to push the item into my rectum I could feel my butt hole stretching wide to receive it. With a sudden slap to the bottom of the device Mr. Ronald had rammed the butt plug into my anus, I screamed in pain as my anus opened and snapped shut around this wicked device.

Mr. Ronald told me to kneel between his legs and suck and lick his cock, I knelt and begin to follow his instructions. I licked his cock from his balls to the tip of his dick and sucked gently on his bulbous cock head.

After thirty minutes of my sucking and licking his cock Mr. Ronald told me to 'take the bed covers from the bed, make a pallet on the floor. Than kneel down with your butt up in the air and your head on the pallet. I did as told, Mr. Ronald moved behind me and pulled the plug from my butt in one swift motion.

The suddenness of the butt plug leaving my behind caused me to cry out in pain and surprise. I looked back between my knees and saw Mr. Robert slip one of the 'french ticklers' on his erect cock and another on that wickedly huge dildo.

Mr. Ronald slowly inserted the huge dildo into my anus and worked it back and forth. The hard rubber studs was uncomfortable as hell and caused me great pain, I whined and groaned as he worked my butt with that device.

After a few minutes Mr. Ronald stopped and pulled the dildo from my anal opening. Thinking that that was all I started to rise. Mr. Robert slapped my head back down f***efully and gripped both my butt cheeks and spread them wide.

Mr. Ronald raised up and positioned his rock solid cock at my anal opening and begin to f***e his cock into my rectum. The 'french tickler and his cock was too much for me to stand and I begin t whimper and beg for him to stop. Mr. Ronald started to pump back and forth into my butt positioning like a car cylinder into my opened butt.

I was being savagely fucked by a rigid dick covered in a 'french tickler.' I was yelling and crying and slobbering form the brutal attack. Mr. Ronald said 'that's the way I like it, I like to hear you beg and cry when I fuck you.'

It seemed like an eternity before Mr. Ronald bust his nutt in my butt, when he pulled from my ravaged anus he ripped off the 'french tickler' and immediately plunged his now naked cock back into my ravaged rectum.

As I cried in pain Mr. Ronald plowed deeper and deeper into my bowels. As he worked his cock into me I could not stay up and went down on my stomach. Mr. Ronald followed me to the pallet and started to grind deep into my prostrate body.

Mr. Ronald continued to fuck me till he reached his climax and flooded my butt with his man juice. He laid on top of me and grind out the last of his baby making fluid into my savagely fuck butt.

After about six hours of Mr. Ronald attacking me sexually he finally said 'I really like you David, you let me have my way with you and and see to my happiness. You want make what you did last time, but I promise to have you some more clients in the near future.'

'They will want to take the same journey I took tonight and you will get much more than this,' with that he handed me a roll of twenties and fifty's. I showered and Mr. Ronald took me back to my neighborhood, for about a month my butt was tender to the touch. I didn't dare try having sex with it feeling that way for a long time.
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well when your a pro you do and get paid fore it
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Liked it