Giving a Blow Job

It was in our track meet to see which team advanced to the next level, we had blown all other teams away and was now meeting the quad "A" championship defenders.

Needless to say they were from the north side of the county and we were from the south side. our team was black and their team was white, they were fast and well trained, no matter what we did seemed to faze them.

After the morning meets we went to the showers to clean up and prepare for the afternoon meets. We, being the visiting team was allowed to use the female locker room and shower. In the locker room there was a connecting doorway, that was suppose to be locked.

My team mates had showered and left the area I was still finishing up having done my duty sucking my teams cocks. As I was drying off the door flew open and one of the opposing team member came falling through, startled I grabbed my towel and covered up.

To my shock the intruder was stark naked and had a very erect male member, he looked at me and gathered himself and challenged 'what, you never seen a real cock before,' I looked at him and laughed as he moved towards me. When he was with in arms length he took my hand and pulled me to him and said 'I saw you sucking your team mates cock now suck mine.'

I recoil only to trip and fall back to the dressing bench, sitting their, I was at the right height for his cock to be right in my face. He gripped the back of my head and pulled my face to his huge purplish penile head. I parted my lips and wrapped them around his rigid cock. mesmerized by the contrast of my chocolate lips and his ivory shaft.

I sucked greedily on his cock as he moaned and groaned and mumbled how good I was sucking his cock. He worked his throbbing cock in my mouth like he was used to having his cock sucked. When he was ready to shot his load he grasped my head in both his hands and held me tightly to keep me from pulling back. I gagged as he flooded my oral cavity with his huge amount of sex fluids.

Just as he was shooting his last we heard a door slam, he quickly pulled from my lips and disappeared back through the door, closing it just as coach rounded the lockers and growled at me to hurry up. I had stood up and was wiping the remnants of my assailants fluids from my face.
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