Fucked by A Stranger

I was on my way home one evening from the burger joint, where I was working after school. It was almost ten-thirty, as I stopped at the corner I heard a car horn, thinking that it was Joliet, Tiffany or Bambi, I turned and automatically reached for the passenger door handle. I was already setting ion the passenger seat and buckling the seat belt, when I noticed that I did not know the guy behind the wheel.

I quickly said 'I'm so sorry, I thought that you =were some one I knew,' his reply was 'don't worry you are going to know me really well before we are through,' panic set in as he drove off at a high rate of speed.

'Wait, you don't understand, I don't know who you are. Let me out, please.' I begged.My driver said nothing, but continued to drive meeting each light as it turned green. By the time that we had reached the out skirts of town, I had resigned myself to what was going to happen to me.

The stranger exited the driver side and walked around to my side of the car. We were parked in a very secluded area, so far from civilization that there were no street lights, only stars and trees. The door opened and the stranger said sternly 'step out of the car.'

Slowly I exited the car, the door was shut, I was pulled to the rear of the car, the stranger embraced me and violently tried to kiss me. I reared back and put up my hands, to this the stranger snatched them away and captured them in a vise like grip. Threateningly he said 'don't let me hurt you, either way I'm gonna fuck you.'

I stammered 'please Mister don't hurt me I'll do what you want, just don't hurt me.' 'That's more like it,' said the stranger. 'Get out of all your clothes and be quick about it,' he ordered. I quickly removed all my clothes placing them away from the car, so I could find them if I ran, I slipped my tennis back on.

The stranger ordered me to my knees and said 'suck my dick and make me believe that you want it.' I reached up and found his cock, it was huge and heavy, I slowly moved my head toward the musty smell of his crotch. My lips brushed across his cock head, he grabbed my head f***efully and pushed his cock against my lips.

Being afraid of what might happen if I didn't, I parted my lips and begin to suck greedily on the huge cock head in my mouth. The stranger moaned and stroked the hair on my head as I sucked on his cock. His cock started to twitch and he pulled from my lips, lifting me by the arm, he turned me to the car and pushed me over the fender.

I heard him spit and felt his very wet cock head part my buttocks, sliding his rigid cock up my butt crack, he found my anal opening. Pushing f***efully against my clinching anus, his cock head popped through my outer sphincter ring and caused me to give a small yelp.

Once his huge cock head was in my butt, the stranger begin to work my butt hole skillfully. He took slow and deliberate movements as he f***ed all his cock into my rectum. He reached over my shoulders and took hold of one of my hands, slowly and tenderly he pulled my hand back behind me.

The stranger raised my hand to his lips and as he fucked my butt he sucked my fingers, one at a time and all together. All the while during this he was moaning deeply. He kept my fingers in his mouth as he gripped both my buttocks and worked my anus like he knew what he was doing.

Tears streaming down my face as the stranger fucked into my rectum was no comfort. When he was near ready to fill my butt with his substance, he picked up speed and let my hand fall from his lips. I was standing on my tip toes as he plowed into my butt. His hands pushing down on my butt cheeks to keep me from raising to high.

With a very loud a****l type grunt, I felt him flood my anal cavity with his massive load of man spunk. Slowly he grind deep into my butt, as he continued to unload all his fluid. When he had shot all his load into my butt, he pulled out and rammed his huge cock into me three more times.

When he released me he said 'I'll drop you off near where I got you, but you need to hurry and get dressed. Mu butt full of his seed I found my clothes and was still pulling up my underwear, when he opened the drivers side door. I hurriedly grabbed my pants and shirt and hopped into the passenger seat. The stranger chuckled as he roared off towards town.

I was nearly dressed when he stopped at a buss stop and said 'get out,' with that he tossed a hand full of coins and a few dollars at me, as I scrambled to retrieve the currency, he drove off.
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