Tied and Fucked

I should have know that Daryl had some thing up his sleeve, for the past two years we have been dorm room mates. And not once had Daryl asked me to go any where with him, Daryl had found out that I liked getting fucked and he enjoyed having boy pussy there in the room. But he never ever invited me to go any where with him.

This Thursday was some what different, college was closed for some special function. Every one was having a three day week end. Daryl ask me 'hey David I'm going to the north end of town tonight, there's a new club, after I may stay at the motel next to there.' I figured that Daryl wanted to take me alone so he would not have to come back to the dorm and fuck if he didn't get lucky so I said, 'only if you are going to foot the expense,' to my surprise Daryl agreed and we were on our way.

Daryl had rented a car and the two of us left for the club about eleven Thursday night. When we reached the club I noticed that there were only males going inside. Daryl and I smoked a joint in the car, something that I wasn't really fun of, than we went inside.

Yeah it was a gay club and there were some hunks and some punks there. Daryl got us both some drinks and we found a table off in the corner. It was a little after that that I became some what sl**py and groggy. I said to Daryl 'if I didn't know better I would swear that you d**gged me.' Daryl laughed and reminded me that I don't get along with smoking and drinking.

Daryl mingled about as I tried to keep myself together, it was some time after two, that a huge hunk of a guy was standing over me. He had his huge dick in his hand and commanded me 'suck this dick like you love it.' With out thinking I reached out an took hold of his hard dick and kissed/sucked his rubbery penile head.

I heard a commotion and looked to my right in time to see another guy take a swing at me. When I knew anything else I was tied over a bannister above a stair case. My clothes gone, my legs spread far apart and tied to two of the up rights in the railing, my hands were similar tied.

Some one smeared a very slick jell between my buttocks, and slipped their fingers into my anus. I tried to say something but could only mumble, nothing was in my mouth, but I could not formulate any words that made sense.

The next thing I felt was a huge rubbery something pressing against my anus, it was no mistaking what was about to happen. Some bastard was trying to stick his cock into my anal opening. After a few strong pushes, the huge head popped past my outer anal sphincter ring, I tried to scream but only mumbled. Two strong hands gripped my hips as this monster rammed into my unprotected anus.

I felt the warmth of tears flowing from my eyes as the brute pounded my butt. For about twenty minutes the assault took place with out ant one coming to my aide. When he finally released his load of spunk into my rectum, I could feel some run down my naked thighs.

A few minutes latter another strangers cock was presented to my helpless ass. With little resistance he entered my neither region and quickly went to work in my butt. All I could do was to hang there, like a slab of meat, getting fucked.

I don't know how many cocks invaded my butt, nor where Daryl had disappeared to. All I knew was that, as the night wore on, the strange cocks came quicker, soon as one would shoot and pull out another would replace it and do the same. Soon there was a puddle of spunk, gathering on the floor, between my feet.

After what seemed like an eternity I heard Daryl say 'all right, this is my bitch and we are leaving.' Daryl cut me loose, found my clothes and helped me down the steps. I was so sore that I could barely stand less lone walk, Daryl attempted to dress me, but quickly gave up on that. He helped me to stand and we went through the door, me as naked as a new born baby clinging on Daryl's shoulder.

Daryl placed me in the car and we drove the short distance to the hotel, Daryl had already got a room and luckily it was on the ground floor. Daryl helped me in and dropped me on the bed, he went to the bath room and got a towel to clean me up., I drifted off to sl**p.

When I woke up I found Daryl, between my up lifted legs, fucking away at my butt like there was no tomorrow. My butt was so tender, that as soon as I came to my self, I grabbed hold of Daryl like a love starve whore. Daryl enjoyed this and shortly flooded my ravaged anus with a huge amount of his man spunk.
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2 years ago
dreams and realality some time end upo being the same
2 years ago
Oh yeah, nice story.
2 years ago
3 years ago
id love to be used like that .love to wake up wth cock in me.what a dream