My Friend, Taylor and I

After the **** by Taylor, I stayed away from him only passing him in the hall at school. It was one evening at, one of our mentoring session, the YMCA. I found myself teamed up with Taylor in a session where trust came up. Our instructor teamed us two at a time. When it came to Taylor and I, I tried to excuse myself, our instructor told me that it was necessary that I participate in this demonstration.

It was very simple, I was blind folded and Taylor was to stand behind me as I fell back and catch me. As I went back Taylor caught me, in helping me to my feet Taylor squeezed my butt cheek and whispered 'we fuck tonight.' I was disturbed and guess that it showed, the instructor asked if I was alright 'yeah, I'm fine,' I replied. The instructor suggested that Taylor and I continued to partner the rest of the session.

When the time came for us to leave I tried to ditch Taylor, but every way I went Taylor was there. Finally I just headed fro the door, Taylor was right behind me.

'David,' Taylor called, 'wait up man, we headed the same way.' I did not slow down, Taylor caught up anyway and as we walked he said 'you're my bitch now so don't make a scene. We going over to my place and you gonna give up that sweet ass or regret not doing it.' I protested 'Taylor, you've got a sick mind and I ain't gonna be your bitch or anybody else bitch.' Taylor laughed and leaned closer and said 'I know about Charlie, Daniel, Bruce and Harry, so what's it gonna be.'

The two of us walked in silence towards home, about a block from my where I turn, you have to go the other direction to get to Taylor's home. When we reached that point I had decided that it was no use in refusing and turned with Taylor to reach his house.

Taylor slapped me on the butt and said 'good choice, we gonna have some fun,' he really stretched fun out. When we arrived at his home we went straight to his room, in there on the floor by his bed was some girlie mags that he kicked under the bed.

Taylor wasted no time in removing his clothes and plopping down on the bed. 'Now I want you to get out of those clothes and look in that black bag.' I looked at the bag behind the chair and wondered what was in it. I moved slowly to the bag and dumped the contents onto the chair.

Their was a black waist slip, some lace panties and a black lace bra, I looked back at the bed in shock. Taylor was stroking his erect cock and said 'I want you to wear those when we fuck.' I was in shock as i thought of how it would look to anybody that happen on the scene.

I slowly undressed and put on the costume that was supplied, Taylor leaped upon me like a bee to honey. He was kissing my neck and sucking my ear lobes as I tried to f***e him away. 'Don't be shy, baby,' Taylor reassured as I continued to struggle. 'Ain't no body here but us for the night, Mom and Pops are out of town till morning.'

I tried not to push the issue as Taylor continued to lick and suck on my upper body. Finally Taylor led me to the bed and continue his menstruation's, and his consistence begin to take effect. I could not help but begin to get excited as Taylor licked and sucked my shoulders, neck and ears while rubbing my cock.

When Taylor was sure that I was not as resisting as before he became more direct. Taylor would kiss/suck my lips while slipping a finger or two into my anus. Taylor managed to get three fingers knuckle deep into my butt, causing me to groan from discomfort. Kissing my lips, Taylor gripped my anal muscle and pulled hard getting me to gasp. As my lips parted Taylor sunk his tongue into my mouth.

With that Taylor moved between my legs, parting them with his. His cock now rigid was poking against my inner thighs as he grind against me. Whispering in my ear he said 'We gonna leave the panties on, I'm gonna grease your butt so relax.' Taylor lifted up and retrieved a jar from the night stand, smearing some slick substance into my butt crack, he slipped two fingers in my anus.

Taylor pulled the panties to one side and positioned his cock head against my anal opening. Slowly and deliberately, Taylor grind his rigid cock head into my anus. Slipping past my outer anal sphincter muscle, his rubbery cock head was easing into my butt.

I moaned from pain and pleasure as his large head popped past my anal muscle ring. I gasped as he seated his cock deep into my rectum, my legs were raised just over his as he grind deep into me. Taylor whispered 'put your arms around my neck, slid your hands over my shoulders kiss, me back.' I tentatively did as Taylor requested and was rewarded by him strongly grinding more of his rock rigid cock into me.

Taylor was surely enjoying himself as he fucked deep into my rectum. He reached down and grasped my thighs, pulling them up to his sides, slipping his hands under my butt cheeks and squeezing them tightly. Pulling me up into his crotch Taylor passionately grind into me.

Taylor picked up the pace as his passion grew, he begin to slam harder and harder into my butt. Finally Taylor raised up and took hold of my ankles, forcing my thighs back to my chest. My butt was turned up in the air, I tried to cushion Taylor's blows by moving my hands to his waist and trying to hold him off.

Taylor begin to grunt like a rutting pig, as he slammed furiously into my butt. His rock hard cock pounding my rectum walls with out mercy, finally all I could do was to hold own as Taylor unloaded, what felt like, buckets of baby making fluid deep in my rectum and escaping from around his penile shaft that was invading my anus.

We laid there for a while as Taylor continued to pump his spunk into me, he whispered in my ear, as he nibbled on them, 'that's just how I want it all night.'
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2 years ago
you aqre so erotic with your stories
3 years ago
Damn, I like your style.
3 years ago
Great storie!!! :)