Hosiptal Sex

I had went to the hospital to visit my gramps, he had minor surgery and was kept over night. I was leaving when I stopped in the toilet, one of the hospital staff was there combing his hair as I finished and washed up we both turned for the door at the same time.

Laughing at the comedy of errors we introduce our selves 'I am David,' I said 'I am Brad,' said the young man. He looked to be in his early twenties I think, he asked if I had seen the new wing yet I answered no and he asked if I would like to have a personal tour.

As we climb the stairs and went through a d**** door of plastic, Brad grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to a room at the far end. He closed the door hurriedly and put his arms around me quickly, before I could protest he was trying to kiss my lips.

Brad sucked on my lower lip than my neck and ear lobes, I was getting turned on by his attention and had stopped trying to push him away. Brad lifted my shirt and sucked gently on my nipples causing me to moan with excitement. Before I knew it Brad had undid my belt and slid my trousers down to my ankles and was sucking on my flaccid cock.

Brad slowly removed my shoes and my trousers, I was holding on to his head as he expertly sucked my cock. Brad stood and pushed me down by my shoulders, his cock was out his pants and solid as a rock. I wrapped my lips around his cock head and sucked gently, he moaned so sweetly as I sucked on his cock.

Brad pushed my head away and said 'get on your knees, put your ass in the air.' I did as Brad asked and he spit in the crack of my butt and slid his rigid cock up and down my butt crack. Each time his cock crossed my anus I tried to push back to him. Brad gripped my hips and slowly worked his solid cock head into my quivering butt hole.

Forcing his cock head pass my outer anal sphincter muscle, Brad continued to sink his rigid cock into my butt. I moaned as his cock head pop pass my anal muscle and he begin to stroke back and forth in my rectum. I could not believe that I was in a hospital being fucked by an orderly.

As Brad fucked my butt slowly I begged him to 'fuck me faster baby, we don't want to get caught.' Brad kept stroking me slow and deep with his hard cock till I was moaning uncontrollably. Brad knew what he was during and enjoyed toying with me.

Brad pulled from my upturned butt and pushed me down to my stomach, he turned me to my back and lifted my legs. Positioning his cock head at my stretched anus he reentered my butt. Pushing my legs back to my shoulders he slipped his hands under my shoulders and plunge deep into my anal cavity.

Brad screwed me like that for nearly an hour before he shot his load of baby making juice into deep my rectum. letting my legs go Brad cuddle my head in his hands as I wrapped my legs around his body. Brad kissed my parted lips and sucked gently on my tongue as he grind slowly into my butt.

I could not believe what happen next, I grabbed hold of my feet and stretched my legs wide as Brad grind deep into my body. I surrendered myself to him as he slowly screwed deep into me. I begged Brad 'please fuck me Brad, I want you to fuck me.' Brad's cock started to harden again as he grind deep in my butt.

When Brad's cock had harden sufficiently, he slammed down into my butt like I was the best pussy he ever had. Bread sucked on my neck and ears as I moaned and groaned for his loving. I was whimpering and begging for his dick to plow into my opened butt. Brad finally stiffened and shot another load of man spunk up my butt, he slowly screwed my butt letting me milk his cock of all his fluid.

When he was finished I held him in me wrapping my legs around his waist and embracing his shoulders. Hunching back I begged Brad to fuck me more, Brad kissed me deeply and whispered into my ear 'come back tomorrow and I'll take you home with me.' We dressed, Brad went back to work, I went home with a butt full of come leaking down my thighs.
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4 months ago
I'd have definitely been there next day.xxx
2 years ago
well i got my trusty8 1/2"dildo out and fucked myself with it and i cam all over myself
2 years ago
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Gets me HARD wanting to BREED your Hot butt...
3 years ago
my ass feels so fucking good thank you for that one
3 years ago
great story :)
3 years ago
Cool story....love that he went right for your butthole....how about more?