Taking one for the team

After transferring to my new high school and making the track team, I found that they had an unusual initiation that I had to go through. When I walked into the shower and found one guy sucking another guys cock and the team flowing in behind me, and no one upset about the scene that they saw, I should have know what was to come.

I endured the team fuck for the first part but having to suck all the teams cock after each meet and practice till some one new joined, was a little much. After each event I had to get to the shower first and suck as many cocks as I could before they started to shower, than finish the rest before the last guy finished showering.

For the sixth time I was on my knees in the shower sucking team mates cocks. As I finished with the last one, the coach entered the shower 'David why is it you are always the first in the shower and the last to leave,' shouted the coach, 'I don't know coach,' I stuttered.

Coach scolded me as to my lack of team play after the meets and assigned me to go back to the field and gather up all the equipment by my self. When I reached the field I was shocked to see all the equipment strung from one end of the field to the other. Lucky for me that this meet was on our home field and I found out latter that coach had strewn the equipment from one end to the other to punish me.

As I brought the last of the equipment up coach told me 'be sure to lock the gym securely when you leave. I'm going home and no body is in the school so lock up tight.' I assured him I would and went into the shower to clean my self up again.

When I had finished showering and was in the dressing area, I heard footsteps in the gym, they echoed like thunder as they approached the shower room. I froze and watched the door as it slowly opened, standing there silhouetted in the door way was the varsity football team captain.

He looked at me and bark 'track team punks are supposed to be out of hear by now.' I looked at him as he walked towards me, when he was about five feet away I could see from his eyes that he was d***k. When he came closer I confirmed he had been drinking caused he smelled like a still.

'What's your fucking name punk,' I barked back at him 'I ain't no punk,' a huge smile came across his lips. He reached out and grabbed hold of my t-shirt and jerked me to his face and said 'well we gonna see about that.' Quickly I kneed him in the groin and almost broke my knee, laughing he said 'never head of a cup before.'

He released me and I fell to the floor holding my knee, a metal cup fell to the floor by my head. I looked up and saw this huge black cock hanging above me and tried to scurry away. The giant of a guy caught my leg and pulled me back out from between the lockers and into the shower area.

That's when I saw his jacket fall to the floor and his nick name 'Bubba' on the back of it. Bubba said 'I want to fuck, but if you suck my dick I might be satisfied with you swallowing my come.' I said to him 'I ain't doing neither one,' wrong words. suddenly Bubba stomped me in the stomach so hard that I thought he had killed me.

I was doubled into with pain when Bubba lift me to my knees and rammed his huge cock into my butt hole. I couldn't scream on yell, and was trapped by this huge horny teenager. His cock was stuck so far into my butt that I felt his pubic hair rubbing my buttocks as he ground his thighs in to my hips.

Whimpering and crying I endued the brutal ****, till he shot a copious amount of baby making juice into my butt. Slowly he pulled from my anal opening and flipped me around smearing his huge flaccid cock across my lips and face he said that was a good fuck, now suck my dick and get it hard again so I can fuck you more.'

Tried to pull away but his grip was like a vise as he pulled me to his huge cock. Seeing I had no choice I sucked on his cock head till his cock harden again. This time Bubba lifted me to my feet and moved me to the far end of the shower. There was a small ledge that Bubba f***ed me over and slammed his cock back into my anus again, this time I scream like I was being murdered.

'Bitch, shut the fuck up and take that dick, ain't nobody here to hear you.' Bubba was right. No one was in the whole school but him and I, Bubba took his time and fucked my ass so thoroughly that I was getting horny. Bubba had been in my butt for at least two hours this second time. My legs were sore my butt hole was sore, Bubba was slowly fucking my bent over ass like he wanted to.

When he had fucked me for most of the night he finally shot his huge load into my rectum, I could feel each squirt of fluid as it left his balls and traveled down his cock tube and flash against the walls of my butt. Bubba finished by grinding deep into my anal opening as my anal sphincter muscles milked his huge tube of fuck muscle.

When Bubba finally pulled from my behind he staggered over to a shower head and begin to shower, I slipped down to my knees whimpering and moaning as he watched me from the shower. When he had showered he walked over and lifted my head and demanded 'suck my dick, show me how much you liked it or else.' I parted my lips and sucked hungrily on his huge cock head and would slip my tongue underneath to lick his huge testicles. When Bubba came this time he flooded my face with his spunk before walking back under the shower and leaving.
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4 months ago
OMG!Fuck wish it was me in the locker room when Bubba walked in.xxx
3 years ago
Super hot story! Good work
3 years ago
great story