Two b*****rs Sex

I decide to cut my last two classes and head home, as I sneaked off the campus another class mate name Benny W. called out to me. 'David, where you headed man.'
I looked back to see him scurrying after me, as he caught up to me I said 'I'm going home early,' he looked at me and smiling said 'let's go over to my house, I have the new PAC-man game,' Since this was the rage I quickly agreed.

We hurried through streets and made it to Benny's home, we entered and Benny assured me his folks would not get home till late. We went to his room and there was this huge color television set and gaming device sat up to it. As Benny turned on the set and connected the device the game came on.

We played the game with great passion, yelling and howling as we made moves and escaped being eaten by the yellow ball. After a while Benny said 'let's take a break and get something to drink. We went to the kitchen and Benny opened the refrigerator, to my surprise there was nothing in there but cans of beer.

Benny said 'get your self one and I'll pop some pop corn,' I looked at him and said 'I never had beer before, is it like whiskey.' Benny looked at me and laughed and said 'no clown, beer is nothing like whiskey, unless you let it get hot, than it's nothing but whiskey. So don't get but one at a time and drink it before it gets warm.'

Like a fool I got one and found the can opener and opened the can. I turned the can up and drained it, Benny was popping the pop corn but looked at me and laughed, 'get another if you want, my folks want mind.' So I took another and did the same, Benny just shook his head. It took Benny about six minutes to do the pop corn and for me to have d***k four beers, I had a big buzz going on.

We went back to his bed room and started to play the game again, this time Benny added a dare 'each time one of us loose, we must take off a piece of clothing, starting with our shirts and down to our underwear.' Laughing I agreed and we begin to play the game.

Benny lost first and removed his shirt, I lost and removed my shirt, this went on till we were both in our underwear. Benny had made a couple of more trips to the frig and I was pretty much d***k. I lost the next two and was sitting on the bed with nothing on but my socks.

Benny was laughing as we played and I lost again 'well you won,' I said. Benny looked at me and said 'the game isn't over yet,' 'but I don't have anymore clothes to loose,' I laughed. Benny didn't say any thing but reach over and push me back on the bed. He slowly but deliberately climb on to my body and begin to suck gently on my nipples.

I don't know why I didn't try and stop him, but I didn't. Benny stroked my flaccid cock with one hand and disrobed with the other. Before I knew what was happening, Benny was between my legs grinding our cocks together, his was rigid and stiff, mine was soft and limp.

Benny slowly raised one of my legs before I could protest and was trying to stick his rigidly hard cock into my dry anal opening. I tried to push him off, but was too d***k to make a decent fight of it. Benny spit into his hand and stroked his cock with it, using that as lubricant he was succeeding in getting his rubbery hard cock head into my anus.

One of my legs was pushed up in the air, Benny's body was pinning down my other leg, his cock head was working up into my d***ken butt hole. No matter which way I moved Benny held me, grinding his penis deeper and deeper into my rectum.

Suddenly, Benny's cock head popped through my outer anal muscle ring, I cried out in pain and was instantly aware that I was being fucked. Try as I might I could not coordinate my limbs enough to fight Benny off my body. Benny continued to ride me split like a pair of scissors.

I was crying from the pain and embarrassment as Benny continued to fuck me in the ass. Benny was so intent on getting his nut that neither one of us heard the door to his bed room open and close. As Benny pumped into my anus, his b*****r had sneaked in and removed all his clothes. When Benny busted his nut into my butt he laid down on me forcing my leg against my chest.

Slowly Benny grind into my rectum, his b*****r made his presence known 'damn little b*****r, when I said fuck a bitch I mean a real bitch. Benny pulled from my anus making a wet slurping pop sound. Benny's b*****r pushed him away saying 'don't make no difference to me, if you can fuck it than so can I.'

Benny's b*****r was five years older the he and twice as large in the dick area. He was on me before I could close my leg, the baby making juice form Benny acted as lubricant and Benny's b*****r invaded my open butt hole. I screamed out in pain as this humongous cock head busted through my anal sphincter muscles and without mercy Benny's b*****r savagely plowed into my butt.

I was defenseless as he fucked me with great enthusiasm, ramming deep as possible and pulling back till he was almost out of my aching anal opening. I beat on the shoulders of Benny's b*****r trying to dislodge him to no avail. Benny's b*****r did not even take into consideration my comfort as he plowed away at my neither region.

He managed to turn me to my stomach and slam into me like he never fucked before. I was pleading and begging as he worked over my teenage butt. I heard him saying 'damn Benny, you really know how to pick some tight as boy pussy. Shit I really like this, it's good and tight and not getting wide as I fuck.'

I don't know how long Benny';s b*****r stayed in my butt, when he did shoot his load of man spunk into my rectum. He grind a little than pulled from my anal opening and said to Benny 'Mom and Pop went to grand ma's so I'm baby sitting you, fuck that pussy as much as you want, if it's still here when I get back I'll fuck it again.'

Benny climb on my back and sunk his cock into my flooded butt and begin to fuck me again. I could feel the difference with the two b*****rs cocks, Benny was small and young, his b*****r was huge, wide and stiff. Benny was fucking me slamming into my sloppy butt till he shot another load of baby making fluid. He laid on top of me grinding slowly into me as I passed out in a d***ken stupor.
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17 days ago
Like to of gotten in on some of that hot ass pussy of yours myself...
2 years ago
wow were you still there when thebrother got back
3 years ago
Such a hot story ;)