Vengeful fuck 2 Con clusion

James was watching from the recliner and stroking his enormous penis called out 'Blake, make that bitch howl.' Blake slammed into me like I was nothing, I screamed as loud as I could and reached up behind my head and grabbed Blake's head in both my hands. Blake lowered his head and bit gently at my neck as he continued to punish my defenseless ass.

For the next hour Blake grind and humped into my butt, James stroked his cock continuously from the recliner. I was going crazy from lustful pain, I was reaching back caressing Blake's head as he fucked my tenderly sore ass. I was begging for him to both fuck me and shoot his load, Blake gave me just what I needed, a good sensitive fuck after, the rough session from James and Josh.

Just before five in the morning, Tiffany came home, she was looking some what tired and exhausted. Tiffany looked over at the bed and said 'make that bitch cry for me.' Blake rammed deep into my butt, but I was ready and held my cry, he pulled back till only the tip of his cock head was in my ass, then he slammed down hard with all his might.

I bit my lip and grabbed hold of the sheets, Tiffany came over and knelt before me and said 'you've been fucked enough, now it's time for you to please me.' Tiffany stood and slid off her pants and bend her body at the waist she said 'Blake lift the bitches head up and hol;d on to it.'

Blake rammed into my butt and pulled my head back causing my back to arch away from his body. Tiffany back he ass and testicles up to my face smearing her anal opening across my face. 'Kiss this ass bitch before I have them fuck you silly.'

Blake grabbed Tiffany by her ass cheeks and pulled he back to my face. Tiffany slid her but up and down smearing me with the residue from whoever had sexed her ass last night. When Blake let go of Tiffany hips she stood and demanded that Josh, Blake and James fuck me.

The three of them rammed my butt in consecutive session, In was whimpering and whining from the punish I was receiving from their massively huge penis muscles. My legs were trembling form the onslaught and Tiffany was standing over us stroking her hardening cock.

Finally Tiffany said 'move out the way,' and she mounted my sloppy stretch open anus. Placing me in a chin lock Tiffany pulled my head back till it was between my shoulder blades. Bending her head to my lips lips Tiffany bit and sucked on my upper and lower lips.

I could not help but cry as Tiffany screwed deep into my butt hole. Tiffany sucked and licked my tears from my cheeks as she savagely tore into my defenseless anal opening.

Josh came to my face and f***ed his huge cock into my mouth and held my head while he fucked my mouth till he shot an enormously huge load into my mouth and across my face. Tiffany pulled my head back and licked the spunk from my face and demanded that some one else fuck my face. James and Blake both assaulted my face and left their substance on my lips and face.

I begged Tiffany to let me rest and I would not let anyone else but her fuck me. Tiffany said 'bitch you will fuck who ever I tell you to when I say so. Tiffany rode my butt hard and rough till she shot her massive load of man juice into my anus.

Tiffany pulled from my butt and laid on my back, she called out to James to come and fuck her while she made love to her bitch. James, Josh, and Blake took turns fucking Tiffany in her ass as she sucked and kissed my neck and ear lobes.
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