Hotel Fuck

I decided to change cities, for my gay day, and went to a town that was two hours drive away. The city where my college is at is surrounded with small cities. This city was far enough away,two miles to be exact, and has a small college of it's own.

I checked into a motel/hotel on the four lane and went out to investigate the town. I visited many bars and clubs, could not find one where I felt comfortable, bought at least one drink at each establishment.

I was feeling kinda of buzzed when I decided to go back and take a nap and come out latter. I parked in the lot and went in through the side door of the motel/hotel(difference is a motel all doors open to the outside could be one floor or two, at a hotel doors open to a hall and has at least two floors).

I was walking down the second floor hall to my room, suddenly a door flew open and a hunk of a guy came barreling out. We collided and fell to the floor, my legs were wrapped around his as we fell to the floor 'sorry about that, I should look where I was going,' he said. I asked 'you alright?'

His reply 'I should be asking you that,' We looked at each other than begin to move. As we untangled I touched his cock by mistake and quickly removed my hand, he looked at me and said 'like what you are holding,' I said 'It was a mistake, I didn't mean nothing.'

We stood up looking at each other he said 'the fuck you didn't, you can't go around grabbing a guys cock and squeezing it like that for no reason.' I stammered 'It was a mistake, I didn't grab your dick, or I mean penis, no your know what I mean.'

He laughed at my confusion and took hold of my wrist, pulling me through the door he just emerged from. I found myself in his room with him between me and the door. I said quickly 'what are you doing,' a voice from around the wall said 'waiting to fuck some body.'

I looked back and saw some one moving on one of the beds, The guy laying there moved to the foot and holding the covers around him said 'hi, come on round let me see what Chris brought me.' I started to explain 'I think you are mistaken I was on my way to my room when he...' 'I'm Chris,' said the guy that had pulled me into the room. 'That's Ernest on the bed.'

'Look guys,' I started, 'I was just going to my room, I'm tired and want to lay down.' Ernest said 'good you can lay here with us,' Chris added 'sure take the load off your feet you can sl**p in the other bed,' I looked at them and turned for the door.

Ernest moved quickly from the bed and pulled me back, Chris grabbed me and all of us fell back to the bed. I admit I was a little more d***k than I thought, I could barely fight them away, they were moving so fast. My shoes socks and trousers were removed quickly as were my underwear. Sucking lips captured my limp penis and begin to suck savagely on it.

My arms were caught up in my shirt as Ernest tried to remove it. Trying to escape soon faded away as the mouth on my cock, sucking ferociously on my cock head, got the best of me, soon I was moaning and submitting to the oral assault.

My legs were raised and the sucking lips gave way to a licking tongue that quickly found my puckering anal opening. Lips that seemed to be like soft velvet sucked gently at my anal orifice..

I struggled to remove my shirt just about the same time that Chris was climbing up on my body, with my legs spread wide, Chris guided his rigid cock to my anus and with one powerful thrust his cock sunk deep into my accepting rectum. I screamed as his cock head plunged past my outer anal muscle ring, Chris had hold of my ankles and did not stop from my scream.

He pounded in to my butt with three quick strokes, bending my legs back to my chest, Chris laid down on me and whispered 'that's a mighty good ass hole you got bitch.' He raised up a little and started to grind deep into my bowels. I tried to push my legs back, but Ernest was holding my feet and had started to suck on my toes.

Chris rode my up turned butt like a pro, as soon as he shot a load of baby making spunk into my butt, he lowered his head to my chest and sucked slowly on my nipples, torturing me, one at a time. When Chris pulled his cock from my ass hole Ernest quickly squirreled around and that's when I got the surprise of the night.

Where as Chris was about eight or nine inches long and of normal girth, Ernest was twice as large and much more wider. His huge cock almost tore my anus apart entering it, I cried out as Ernest plowed deep into my butt.

The two of them switched in and out of my butt for about two hours, before telling me to get dressed and get out. I dressed and left with their baby making fluid leaking from my anal opening and flowing down my thighs.
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2 years ago
must be fine to have so much loving going on