Vengeful Fuck2 pt4

Blake and James untied my hands and ankles, I was so sore and stiff that I could hardly stand. Bake and James lifted me by my thighs and arm pits and carried me to the toilet and shower. As f***ed the cum out, that was clinging to my anal walls, Blake washed the caked dried cum from my face and lips.

James and Blake helped me to the shower and adjusted the water so that I would not get scald. James stayed in the shower with me washing my body ever so gently, when I was thoroughly clean, James turned me to face him 'now that you are clean, get on your knees, show me how much you want to stay free.'

James had one hand on my shoulder and slowly pushed me to my knees, holding his magnificent huge piece of chocolate man hood, he pulled me to him. My aching lips parted and I sucked his rubbery cock head into my mouth. For the next few minutes I sucked on his massive cock like I was sucking a lollipop.

James said to me 'you know how to suck a dick, let me feel that tongue around my dick.' I tried to circle his huge cock head as much as I could with my tongue, paying special attention to the underside of his enormously huge penis. Slowly James worked my head in a circular fashion, forcing a little more of his huge cock into my mouth.

James stiffened and begin to shoot huge globs of baby making juice into my mouth. I tried to keep most of his baby making fluid in my lips, I could not help but gag as to the massive amount of fluid there was. James pulled his cock from my sucking lips causing a wet slurping sound. James stepped from the shower, Blake was standing there smiling as James moved passed him. Blake stepped into the shower, I was still on my knees with my mouth full of spunk.

Blake said 'spit it out or swallow, but get rid of it.' I spit it out on the shower floor. The water washed it from around my knees. I looked up at Blake he had his huge white cock in his hand, the cock head was a fiery red compared to his white penile shaft. His testicles were huge hair covered tennis balls, his pubic hair was dark brown. Blake had a very taught stomach that was a total six pack.

Blake took hold of my head and shoved his cock into my lips, I parted my sore lips and encased his giant cock head. Blake slowly pumped back and forth in my sucking mouth, not forcing more than I could take but enjoying every inch of my oral cavity. As I sucked Blake's penis he said 'I don't want to tie you up again but you do have to behave. We are going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do except take it.'

I moaned from the thought of having to receive those massive cock heads up my butt again, I nodded my head up and down as I sucked on his huge white cock. Blake let me suck his cock for about ten more minutes before pulling from my lips. 'Dry your ass off and get back out there on the bed and enjoy the rest of the night,' with that Blake left the shower.

I dried off and carefully made my way back to the bed, laying down gently on my side. Blake moved behind me and rubbed some lubricant into my aching butt hole, I flinched as he poked his huge finger into my anus. I knew that the next thing to invade my aching anus would be his huge cock head. Blake steadied his self by placing his hand on my hip and forcing his large cock head into my anus.

As I struggled to accommodate his re-entry, Blake whispered softly 'relax and let me slid my dick up your butt, that way it won't hurt as bad.' James came from through the bedroom door and moved to the bed. Pulling my head to his semi erect cock he said sternly 'suck this dick, pussy boy.' He and Blake both snickered as I sucked on his massively huge purplish cock head.

When Jame shot his load of man spunk into my mouth, Blake pushed me to my stomach and started to pound his huge cock into my anus. My feet was splayed out as were my toes, my hands clutched at the covers of the bed as Blake rammed back and forth into my aching rectal cavity. I was babbling and pleading for him to slow down, this only encouraged him it seemed.

James was watching from the recliner and stroking his enormous penis called out 'Blake, make that bitch howl.' Blake slammed into me like I was nothing, I screamed as loud as I could and reached up behind my head and grabbed Blake's head in both my hands. Blake lowered his head and bit gently at my neck as he continued to punish my defenseless ass.

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you have got tobe sore you get fucked so many times