Fucked for a Pizza

I was in my motel room, readying for a shower, when the pizza guy arrived. I opened the door and as I turned to place the box on the table, the guy walked in and closed the door. I looked at him and said 'pardon me,' he looks at me and takes out his dick and start stroking it.

I look him in the eye and said 'what do you think you are doing,' his reply was simple 'I want to fuck that tight ass of yours,' I must to have looked like a fish out of water. This stranger that I have only seen once a month for the past six months, was standing in my hotel room stroking his cock(and it was getting bigger with each stroke).

Before I could muster a reply he pushed me back to the bed and f***ed me to my back. Crawling up my body on his knees, he placed his erect cock against my lips and demanded 'suck my dick, bitch.' Stunned, I slowly parted my lips and licked the head of his dick. He reached down cupping my head in his hand and f***ed his dick into my mouth.

I sucked his stiff cock fro a few minutes before he got up and started to remove his clothes, all I had on was my robe and shorts. 'Get down on your knees,' he ordered. I looked at him and slowly went to my knees, he poked my lips with his cock and I started to suck on his cock some more.

After a few more minutes he pulled from my lips and said 'get naked, do it fast,' I stripped off my underwear and started to get back on the bed. 'Whooaaa,' he said, I ain't told you to get on no bed,' I looked at him as he said 'I want you on the floor on all fours,' he reached over to the night stand and removed the tube of lubricant I had there.

'I saw this a couple of times I was at the door and knew that you used it for something than pussy.' I went to my knees and begin to lower my upper body, when he lifted my robe and squirted some of the tubes content in to the crack of my ass. He knelt behind me and slid his cock head up and down my butt crack, he took hold of both my butt cheeks and pushed his rigid cock into my anus.

For the next thirty minutes this pizza delivery boy, fucked my ass relentlessly. He slammed into my butt like he was trying to bust my ass open.
I whimpered and whined as he brutally fucked my butt, I didn't know how much longer I could take him ramming me in the butt with no mercy.

After about forty minutes he shot his load of baby making spunk into my rectum and grind it in for another fifteen minutes. When he was finished he pulled his cock from my ass and said 'turn around here and suck my dick clean, I got to get back to work.'

I turned and sucked his cock till he was erect again, looking up at him as I sucked come in your mouth and swallow all of it.' I sucked on his hard cock till he shot his next load in my mouth and tried to swallow all of it. He pulled his limp cock from my lips and pulled up his pants.

'The pizza is on the house today see you next month.' With that he was out the door.
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2 years ago
Wow free pizza
3 years ago
Good story, i felt it lacked a few details, but other than that it was a hot story. And as long as its hot, it dont matter if anythings wrong with it