Vengeful Fuck 2 pt3

Josh pounded into me so hard that I was whimpering ferociously. He laid upon my back and slipped his huge hands under my chest and grasped my shoulders. Pulling me back to him, Josh grind deep into my rectum the pain was so intense that I could not bare it, babbling incoherently I lost consciousness.

I was out for a long time, I came too with Josh shooting deep in my rectum. My legs were trembling like jello as Josh flooded my butt with huge globs of his baby making juice. Josh whispered in my ear 'we gonna rest some now but I ain't getting up.' He laid on my back every now and then he would grind into my spread open butt, I guess to stay awake.

When his cock started to harden again, I dreaded what would happen. Having come at least three times I knew he would not be shooting again anytime soon. Josh cock seemed to be bigger and harder as he stroked into my anus, my butt was so sore that with every move I was moaning and groaning from pain and pleasure. I don't know how many hours we laid there, my butt hole stretched around his massively huge cock.

Blake started to stir on the couch and Josh called out to him 'Blake, get your sorry ass up, I done got this ass ready for you so come fuck it.' Blake looked around like he was puzzled than lifted to his elbows and looked over at the bed. Josh was slamming into my butt with fierceness, his thighs striking my hips was like slabs of meat hitting together.

Josh shoot a load of spunk into my aching anus and slowly pulled from my body. Blake went to the toilet and I could hear him as he pissed. From the sound of the stream hitting the water in the bowl, was like a garden hose.

Blake came back into the room stroking his blonde brown hair as he approached the bed. My eyes must to have shown my fear, he said 'I ain't going to hurt you little fellow, I'm just here to fuck your little ass.' Blake crawled between my legs and slapped my up turned ass cheeks.

Blake stroked his enormously huge cock head against my puckering anal opening causing me to tremble violently from the pain of mt sore ass hole. Blake didn't take time, he f***ed the entire length of his huge enormous white cock deep in to my anus.

I cried out in pain as Blake seated his enormous cock head deep into my anal cavity. Blake laid on my back and did as Josh had done, he slipped his hands under my chest twisting my nipples as he went and seized my shoulders pulling me back to him, my back arched inward lifting my butt up in the air.

Blake grind done into my rectum so far that I went cum crazy and tried to fuck back. Blake liked that and started to grind faster , throwing his hips into me as hard as he could.

My butt was so full of Josh's baby fluid that Blake could slid in and out with little effort. I tried not to enjoy what was happening, but my body would not cooperate. Blake rode me til he slammed forward and pull me back into his body, I felt every squirt of his spunk as it shot into my bowels.

Moaning and whimpering like some demonic cat, I received Blake's full load of spunk Juice. He slowed down his pace as he unloaded into me and whispered directions into my ear 'squeeze my dick with your ass, shake that ass from side to side, not to fast. Throw it back to me, do it quicker, yeeaah that's it.'

Blake cock soften and harden almost simultaneously, He raised up and took hold of my butt cheeks and begin to slam his huge cock into my ass. I cried out as he pounded my already aching rectum, whimpering and gasping from the pain and trying to take short breaths I passed out.

When I came to Blake was still ramming my butt just not as fierce, I was crying and slobbering as Blake took his time and fucked my butt hole like he wanted to. I thought to my self will I be able to walk when they finish with me or will my anal muscles be any good after this night, I just didn't know what was waiting for me next.

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2 years ago
I would be almost dead but very satisfied