Vengeful Fuck 2 pt2

I cried out in pain as they tortured me in such a fashion. Josh pushed his huge cock head into my stretched open anal cavity and josh slipped his fingers out. I cried out in pain as Josh f***ed his giant cock head into my butt hole.
Jame f***ed his large cock head into my screaming mouth and stroked back and forth.

Blake slid hi buttocks up and down my shoulders as Josh fucked into my rectum. Josh plunged in to me for about twenty minutes and pulled from my aching butt. He said 'we need to get a time table going, first we all are going to fuck this ass for no longer than twenty minutes and than two of us are going to rest and the other will continue for three hours, that will be our shifts

I wondered how I was going to survive the night, these three bruisers were going to ripped me apart. I pleaded with James to 'untie me James, I'll fuck all of you, but not like this. I need to be able to adjust to the size of y'all,s so we both can enjoy this.'

James walked over to the bed and stroked my head, I nestled my head into his huge hand sucking on to his thumb and fingers and licking his palm. James took hold of my head and looked me in the eyes and said 'Tiffany said you would do a lot of talking. Give me that ring Blake.'

James f***ed a huge "O" ring into my mouth 'too bad we could not find one large enough so we could fuck that mouth while it's open,' said Blake. 'I don't know,' said James. 'Josh plug that ass again.' Josh mounted the bed and rammed his giant cock into my sore anal opening.

I could not scream with my mouth stretched open, but James had another ideal, he rubbed his cock around my stretched open lips and begin to jack off in my open mouth. 'Lick my dick bitch and maybe I'll let you go,' said James. Foolishly I licked at his huge cock head sliding my tongue into the piss slit of his cock.

Josh slowly stroked his massive cock into my butt, pulling back till his penile cock ring was just at my anal sphincter muscle than pushing forward just enough to get me to moan. It wasn't long before James shot a large load of man spunk directly into my mouth, striking the back of my throat, he squirted three massive loads of spunk into my mouth.

James laughed and let my head drop, Josh slammed into my butt with such f***e, I jerked my head up violently. James's spunk and my slob slung from my stretched open mouth like strings of jism. Blake came over and said 'I might as well give him some more since he wasted that. Blake begin to jack off in my face and ordered me 'lick this cock head bitch, just like you love it. Josh persuade him a little.' Josh slammed into my butt again.

I licked greedily at Blake fiery red cock head till he filled my gaping mouth with his sperm. He went back to the couch and stretch out, James went back to the recliner and Josh stroked his massive piece of man meat into my unprotected anal cavity.

Sobering and whining, I endued agonizing minutes from Josh, as he alternately grind and hunched and slammed into my bowels. Josh picked up his speed and begin to slam harder and harder into me. He grabbed hold of my buttocks and held me firm as he slammed his entire length of his fuck tool deep into my rectum. The pain was so great that I screamed as laud a I could, I either passed out form the pain or from the lack of oxygen, when I came too, Josh was at the small bar making him drink, He wondered over by James and sat on the divan.

I heard him say 'I ain't had boy pussy that tight since we were in Saint Louis,' James laughed and said 'that wasn't boy pussy, that was girl ass, she had two holes, he got one hole,' they both laughed. James looked over and saw that I was looking at them he said to James 'let me take that ring from the bitches mouth, I think he's learned his lesson by now.'

James looked at me and said to Josh 'you just want to get you dick sucked, that's all. But go ahead, and tell that bitch, if I here anything other than moaning and groaning from him it goes right back in.' Josh came over and lifted my head 'you heard the man, if I remove this ring you better be appreciative of what I do or you will be sorry. If you understand lick my hand.'

Straining I licked the palm of Josh hand, he released the ring form my mouth and stuck his flaccid cock in to replace it. Even though my mouth ached I sucked on his huge cock head as best as I could. Josh's cock begin to harden and become rigid. Josh pulled from my lips causing a wet slurping sound. He want to my butt and entered my anus again showing now mercy.

Josh pounded into me so hard that I was whimpering ferociously. He laid upon my back and slipped his huge hands under my chest and grasped my shoulders. Pulling me back to him, Josh grind deep into my rectum the pain was so intense that I could not bare it, babbling incoherently I lost consciousness.

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