Vengeful Fuck 2

Tiffany had came by the burger joint and picked me up as we rode in her car she chastised me 'you were to be my fuck toy not that dick stealing Joliet.' I was beginning to second guess why I got into Tiffani's ride.

Tiffany took me to her house and we went to her bedroom, as soon as we were in she begin to lick my neck and nibble my ears, I was becoming extremely horny and could not wait to get Tiffany to fuck me with her sweet feeling cock. Tiffany was the first transsexual person I had ever had sex with, she had nice tits and a great body and the hardest cock that I had ever had in my butt.

Tiffany had one freaky side that made me nervous at times, she liked to tie me to her bed and have her way with me. The first time she invited Joliet and Bambi over to savory my young body. After which Joliet wanted me to her self and always got to me before Tiffany could. Tiffany did have the biggest cock of the three and was the most vicious when she wanted to fuck.

As we kissed and caressed each other, Tiffany quickly undid my pants and pushed them to the floor. She worked her way down to my cock and sucked on it rather violently. Tiffany led me to the bed and immediately begin to restrain me on her king size bed.

Tiffany sucked on my cock stopping just before I would shoot my load. 'I think that I have played with you enough,' Tiffany said, 'you about ready to get that tight ass of yours fucked?' I could only grunt my approval as Tiffany stroked my rigid cock.

Tiffany turned me to my stomach and secured my ankles to the foot poles of her bed, my arms were tied to the ring at the head board. Tiffany knelt on the bed and lifted my waist and pushed a large roll of foam under my mid section. My butt was stuck up in the air with my feet stretched apart, Tiffany poured some lubricant into the crack of my buttocks and slid her huge cock head up and down the recess of my butt.

Tiffany located my anal opening and slowly worked her cock in to my anus, when the cock head had slipped in just past the penile head ring Tiffany paused. 'David,' said Tiffany very softly, 'I don't like the way you did me, Joliet and Bambi are friends of mine and you went and fucked them behind my back. That's just wrong.'

Tiffany had took hold of her cock shaft and was slowly rotating her huge cock head around in my butt hole. 'I believe that you should be punished, yet I don't want to hurt you.' Tiffany slowly pushed her large cock deeper into my rectum, as I moaned in pain and pleasure, Tiffany suddenly pulled her cock from my anus and stood by the bed.

I can't hurt you so I asked Joliet's cousin to come and bring a few of his friends with him.' I looked at the door to the room and James stepped through his enormously huge cock head bobbing between his thighs, behind him came two more hulking big dick guys, one white and the other black.

I looked at Tiffany as she begin to dress 'damn David,' Tiffany said, 'I wish I could stay and watch but I'm sure that James and his friend will want to do a show for me in the morning when I get off of work. Jame's you boys have fun, and remember don't break my toy, just fuck him till I get back.'

Tiffany left quickly and James introduced me to two of his team mate from their semi pro squad. 'David you do remember me don't you,' said James in his low gravelly voice. 'Well I want you to meet Blake, line backer for our team, and Josh, our teams center.

Josh and Blake was stroking two huge cocks about the same size as James, I started to plead with James 'please untie my hands, or at least my feet. Don't do me like this.' James came an climb onto the bed lifting my head he said 'now you know how well I enjoyed fucking you at Joliet's. I just could not pass up hitting that willing ass again, so when Tiffany called and told me what she wanted, I asked my team mates to come and help me out. You see Tiffany want us to fuck you all night and not let you come. I could do it, but if you came I don't think that I could get you horny again before Tiffany gets home.'

James continued, as he stroked his huge cock with one hand and held my head with the other, we are going to take turns and fucked that ass until Tiffany is satisfied.'

James pulled my head to his cock and smeared his pre-cum across my lips, Josh crawled between my legs Blake straddled my shoulders and stretched open my buttocks, sticking four of his fingers into my anus and stretching it open.

I cried out in pain as they tortured me in such a fashion. Josh pushed his huge cock head into my stretched open anal cavity and josh slipped his fingers out. I cried out in pain as Josh f***ed his giant cock head into my butt hole.
Jame f***ed his large cock head into my screaming mouth and stroked back and forth.

Blake slid hi buttocks up and down my shoulders as Josh fucked into my rectum. Josh plunged in to me for about twenty minutes and pulled from my aching butt. He said 'we need to get a time table going, first we all are going to fuck this ass for no longer than twenty minutes and than two of us are going to rest and the other will continue for three hours, that will be our shifts

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2 years ago
O M G that was so erotic i cam too
2 years ago
a dream comes true