They Made Me the Team Slut pt2

It was the next, week after the shower ****, that the team was on the field practicing. After each sprint one or two of the guys would slap my butt and give it a squeeze. At first I would slap their hands away, this caught the attention of the coaches and they gave me a dressing down.

I had to let the guys slap my butt because this was seen as a congratulatory gesture. I wanted to tell the coaches what had happen but was silenced by the coaches. I had to be a team player or they would reconsider my request to join the team.

I saw the rest of the guys looking in my direction and snickering, they knew that I had to go along with their sexual advances or be kicked off the team as a trouble maker.

I entered the locker room knowing that I would be ****d multiple times. As I walked to my locker I heard the team hooting it up in the shower. This day the coaches had to go to administrations and apply for the schedule of meets. No faculty was in the gym or locker area only student monitors, and all of them was on the team.

I entered the shower and saw the only available shower head was at the very far end. I walked down the middle of the shower naked as I came into the world, when I reached the open shower the action begin.

Willie and Brian approached me first 'we all ready had our part, now you have to work the guys that didn't get that ass before,' said Willie. I looked over their shoulder and saw fifteen of my team mates stroking their cocks.

Willie and Brian walked backwards through the crowd, the guys came at me reaching out twinkling my nipples and pulling at my buttocks, some poked their fingers into my anus causing me to flinch.

One guy came and sat on the ledge below the windows, holding his cock he ordered me to 'come and suck on this here dick.' As i bent at the waist my hands on his thighs some one slid their rubbery rigid cock head up and down my butt crack.

When he found my anus, he pushed f***efully till my anal opening relaxed and allowed him to enter, I grunted in pain as he worked his cock into my rectum. After a few minutes he shot his load of spunk in my butt. The guy whose dick I was sucking was nearly ready to shoot when the next guy shove his larger cock head in to my butt causing me to yell in pain.

The guy whose cock I was sucking grabbed my head and shoved his dick into my wide open mouth and into my throat. Gagging on his dick made him to shoot his load into my mouth. As he stood up I held onto his thighs as the brute in my anus worked fast and furious, soon he shot his load and held on to my buttocks as he grind the last bit of cum from his cock.

The rest of the guys were only interested in fucking, they took their time and invaded my anal opening as quick as one would shoot and pull out. I was bent over at the waist getting fucked multiple times, they spunk from the first five cum shots was running down my thighs and legs.

It got easier after the first few, their baby making fluid was acting as lubricant making it easier for the rest to enter. I was crying and sobering as they continued to fuck my ass with gusto.

The entire team had their go at my exposed ass and didn't stop till the last guy had filled me with his spunk. Thinking it was over Willie and Brian came to me as I was standing and trembling under the shower. 'Now all you have to do is suck us all off to be a full member of the team.' said Willie. 'That's what was happening to me when you walked in and saw us,' said Brian.

The team laughed and some shouted 'you need to start now so you want have that many to do.' Bo-Bo and Lee stood in front of me their huge cocks twitching with anticipation. I knelt down and begin to suck on Bo-Bo's cock as Lee rubbed his cock across my face.

I alternately sucked Bo-Bo than Lee as they stood close together, they both shot their huge loads in my face and mouth almost at the same time. The rest of the team came up some wanted to go solo some came two or three at a time. By the time I had serviced the entire team I was covered in spunk and sticky honey.

When the last boy had his cock sucked and he had shot his load Willie came up and fucked me again in the ass till he shot another load saying 'I just like to fuck guys in the ass and I like fucking you.' After that Willie and Brian or some one else would fuck me after each practice. After each meet, the team would gather at one of the guys home if their parents allowed or were out of town and take turns fucking me till we got a new member.
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