Good Room Mate Fuck

It was late Thursday night when Daryl, my dorm room mate, came back. Daryl said that he had shacked up with some chick at her place and didn't want to break the spell.

He asked 'what have you been up to?' 'Nothing out of the ordinary,' was my reply. Daryl looked at me and smirked 'I bet you've been fucked by every horny cock on campus. Any way since been gone I missed your tight ass, get out of those clothes.' Daryl turned and double locked the door to our room.

Daryl was on me as soon as he got out of his clothes, sucking my nipples, licking my neck and nibbling on my ear lobes. He surely knew how to rang my bells, soon I was mewing and purring in his arms as he cuddled me ever so gently.

Daryl whispered into my ear 'I want you to lay on your back and wrap your legs around me while I fuck you silly. I don't want you to tell me to stop till I get ready, you game.' I was so horny that all I could do was say 'UN HUH.'

Daryl slowly raised my legs and applied a copious amount of lubricant to my anus and gently rubbed his solid cock head around my anal opening. Daryl was deliberately teasing my butt to see how much I wanted him to enter my anal sex canal.

I took his head in my hands and rubbed his bald head as I passionately kissed his lips. Daryl slowly inserted his rigid cock in to my anal cavity, I moan so sweetly as his cock head slipped past my outer anal sphincter muscle and hunch up to him as he encountered my inner anal sphincter muscle.

His huge head popped through into my rectum as Daryl fucked slowly into my butt, I just love the way Daryl would tenderly screw me when he wanted to. For the next hour Daryl slowly tortured me so sweetly as he fucked me with my legs around his body. He would stop grinding into me and suck gently on my nipples causing me to moan and groan with passionate lustful anticipation.

I was nothing but putty in the hands of Daryl as he masterfully f***ed me to do everything he wanted. He would lift my legs till my feet touched the wall and slowly grind into my up turned butt. He would order me to slowly stroke my own dick and not cum as he worked my stretched open anal cavity.

Daryl would lower mu legs to his thighs and capture my shoulders in his hands, pulling me down to him as he grind into my willing body. Daryl knew that as the lust build I would not be able to refuse his desires. I could feel Daryl's stunted cock head rubbed against my inner anal sphincter muscle opening as he would grind deeply into my rectum.

The passion of lust got the best of me and I was clawing at Daryl's back and shoulders and bit at his lips as he fucked me so slowly. I was going crazy with lustful joy as Daryl stroked his rigid cock in and out of my tender anal opening.

I was sobbing with lustful passion as Daryl held me so close to him. As I felt Daryl's huge cock begin to twitch and throb in my rectum, I cling to him like a sock stuck to a sweater by static electricity as Daryl screwed my aching butt hole.

When Daryl slammed into me, with great f***e, shooting his load of baby making juice deep into my rectum. I moaned like a love sick whore and grind back to his cock as hard as I could. Gripping my feet I pulled my legs as wide as I could giving my lover as much access as I possibly could.

Daryl rewarded me, by emptying his entire load of sperm into my anal cavity. Daryl laid there on my body emptying his entire load of spunk in me as I stretched my legs as wide as I could and my butt as high as I could. It was so much fun having Daryl back inside my butt that I actually shot a load also between our sweating bodies.

We went to sl**p with Daryl lodged in my butt and me holding him in my arms and legs.
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