More Dicks Than I Needed

By now I should have known better than to trust any of my three tormentors, I do believe that there is good in the most evil or meanest of us.

I must to have been thinking of that when I ran into Bruce(one third of Charlie, Daniel and Bruce, the three r****t that f***ed me into sex), there he was out side the d**g store, leaning against a pole like he own the world. I started to go another way, but he saw me and stood up.

'Hi David, where you headed,' Bruce said with a sly smile. 'No place you are headed,' I answered back. This angered him, Bruce moved quickly to me and gripped my wrist in an vice like hold. 'Bitch, you ain't learned nothing yet have you,' Bruce said.

I tried to twist my wrist loose only to have Bruce twist my arm behind my back in an arm lock. 'Let go, damn you,' I cried as he pushed my arm up my back. 'Bitch, you coming with me and you better not yell.'

Bruce f***ed me down the alley way between the store and dry cleaners, through the rear parking lot down the hill to an empty apartment complex. The first building we went through and entered the fourth building in the complex.

Bruce pushed me into one of the nearly empty bedrooms(nearly empty except for a dirty mattress on the floor surrounded by used condoms and stained with whatever you can guess), Bruce pushed me and tripped me, so I could fall on to the nasty mattress.

I quickly flipped off on to the floor, Bruce laughed as I scampered into one of the corners. 'You know what's gonna happen so don't act stupid,' Bruce said. I stayed still glaring at him as he undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor.

Bruce pulled his hardening cock from his underwear and stepped out of his pants, he walked towards me stroking on his uncut cock. 'Your choice, suck it like a good bitch, I want beat your ass. Act like a bitch, get your ass beat and fucked, like I said your choice.'

I started to think, I didn't want Bruce to beat me or fuck me, I didn't want to suck his cock either. I didn't know if I could beat him in a fight. All this was made mute as Bruce grabbed hold of my head and guided his cock to my lips. Smearing his pre-cum across my lips he pushed roughly against them.

I slowly parted my lips and let his throbbing cock head in to my mouth. Bruce moved my head back and forth on his hardening cock till I started to gag, he stopped and backed off just enough so I stopped gagging.

All of a sudden the door flew open and seven other guys charged in, Bruce and I pushed away from each other at the same time. I didn't know any of the guys but they seemed to know Bruce. One of them said 'Daaaammmnnnn Bruce, get your dick out that punks mouth.'

Bruce looked stunned at first than begin to laugh with them and high five one another. 'Damn,' Bruce said 'you guys scared the shit out of me, bursting in on me like that.' The biggest one of the group said 'we saw you twisting the guy through the cut, so we thought that we better come and see what's up.'

Bruce said 'nothings up just getting my dick sucked that's all.' The fat k** said 'you don't get your dick sucked with your pants off, unless you gonna fuck.' The short one added 'or be fucked,' they all went wild laughing as Bruce stroked his cock and said 'sometime you have to be ready to fuck when you have a good cock sucker.'

The guys looked at each other and back at me, almost to the one they said 'Damn the sucking, let's get to fucking.' I jumped up and backed farther into the corner. The guys stepped past Bruce and begin to pull at me as I tried to fight them off.

One of them grabbed my foot as I tried to kick and pulled me off my balance. I fell to the floor and another grabbed my other foot as I tried to do the same with it. They pulled me to the mattress and all begin to try and undress me, finding it hard to do, with me not being cooperative, one of them said 'fuck this' and straddled my chest and begin to slap me across the face as hard as he could.

I could not even cover up, the had hold of my legs and hands. The assailant continued to strike me till some one said 'I think he gets the ideal by now, quit hitting him.' I was crying from the blows as he stood up over me and said 'you gonna give up that ass and suck us all or I'm gonna kick your ass good and than fuck you.'

I stopped fighting as they pulled my shirt over my head and stripped me of my shoes, pants and underwear. I was laying there naked on that nasty mattress sobbing as the first one flipped me to my stomach. He spit into the crack of my butt and rubbed his rubbery cock head up and down my butt crack. Another knelt down in front of me and lifted my head, I looked up in to his face pleading with my eyes for him not to.

Just about that time the one on my back plunged his rigid cock into my butt hole, I cried out as he roughly entered my anus. I arched my back as he f***ed my midsection into the mattress. The one kneeling in front of me took hold of my raised head and pushed his cock into my screaming mouth.

He plunged down into my throat and pumped violently at the back of mu mouth. I was gagging as he plunged deeper and deeper into my throat. The guy in my ass didn't let up he pounded away like a jack hammer, my eyes were bulging, I was slobbering all over the cock in my mouth as the brute shot his large load of baby making spunk into my mouth.

The guy in my ass seeing his friend reach bust his nut in my mouth, came also deep up in my rectum. As the guy pulled from my retching mouth another one replaced him. He roughly lifted my head and slapped me across the face and commanded 'suck this dick bitch.'

I could not react fast enough as the guy in my ass pulled out another one popped in causing me to cry out. These guys were not just interested in fucking they also wanted to punish.

The two of them roughly fucked my butt and mouth till they shot their loads of spunk in me. I was know close to puking up my guts when another one f***ed his cock into my mouth. Trying not to puke I closed my lips around his huge cock, he mistook this for me getting interested in what he was doing and pulled my head into his waist. His cock slipped into my throat as I gagged at holding back the puke, it was to no use. The vile contents of my stomach came spewing forth from my guts in an explosive stream.

I was bucking up and down as I vomit up with the cock stuck in my throat. The guy in my ass pounded with great f***e as he howled and yelled. The two of them unloaded in my aching body as I trembled between them.

The next guy pulled me from the puke covered mattress to the floor and turned me to my back. Using some nasty cloth he picked up from the floor he wiped the puke from my face and upper body. Then he raised my legs and f***ed his solid cock into my tender anus.

I reached up and grasped his sides, to keep him from entering all the way in my up turned butt. They all thought that I was trying to get him to fuck me deeper. He pounded so hard and fast that he would slip from my grasp and sink balls deep, causing me to cry out in pain.

This position seemed to catch their fancy as they all fucked me in the same position. Some holding my feet, some pushing them to my chest all riding me with vengeance. Crying uncontrollably I could do nothing but try and protect myself from their onslaught.

They all fucked me more than once, some went three or four time, filling my ravaged butt with copious amounts of man spunk. When they had tired of me I laid there shaking and trembling, my legs aching so much that I could barely let them down.

The guys were looking at me as I laid there, my anus gaping wide open with their mixture of man spunk flowing from my bowels. Laughing they dressed and left me lying there on the nasty floor as the night approached.
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