One Marathon Sex Session

Jarvis and I stayed in touch, Jarvis was Daryl's fuck buddy, that is until Daryl found that he did not need to leave the dorm room for freaky sex.
Jarvis wanted to know all about me and Daryl, I drew the line at talking about Daryl, but emptied myself about me and my fantasies.

Jarvis questioned me as to how many men have sexed me at one session, I told him about Mr. Ronald, and how he would pick me up so his buddies could fuck my tight ass. But Jarvis said 'they are just old men trying not to have a heart attack.'

Jarvis asked 'David, do you think you could set or break the record for having multiple sex partners doing a fuck session.' I told Jarvis about being left tied up to a large breeder stand over night and having a huge number of men take advantage of me.

Jarvis said 'that don't count, you have to document what and who and how and how many men invaded your ass in order to break or set a record.' I wanted to know how we could do all those things and still be inside the law.

Jarvis had a marvel ideal, we would register with a gay sex site and have them give us guidance as to how to proceed. Anyway we set up our page and begin to receive applicants from around the city we listed.

We suggested that we needed a secluded facility for the outing. After receiving a number of locations we narrowed it down to four, from the pictures sent in. We contacted the senders and went out to meet and inspect the premises. Finally we settled on one and entered into contractual talks on the site.

The spot we decide on was in a warehouse district out side of the main business district. Plenty of parking and a fenced in parking lot, the warehouse had several large rooms that could be used for different shootings, all of this had to be filmed.

The guy that provided the warehouse had only one condition, in order for us to have free access to his building he wanted to fuck me three times a week for a month. Daryl came up with a monetary figure to place in the contract that the person who provided the facility would accept as rental. The price would come out of my ass when the guy sexed me, he wanted six hours three times a week for three weeks.

We argued it down to two sessions a week for four hours and no one to be in the building but the three of us. He signed the paper and we went to work fulfilling our end. The horny bastard fucked me roughly for the whole four hours and argued when his time was up and he had not came.

The next time we went to meet him Jarvis fucked me as he watched and jacked his cock. When Jarvis had shot his load in my butt he went and and fucked me till he came.

Finally the night was at hand, there was sixty guys in the building all naked and stroking their hardening cocks. In the center of the two large rooms was a dais where a mattress was placed and covered with a sheet. The web site provided five guys for judges, to make sure that each guy penetrated and screwed me for no longer than two minutes with out pulling out. Any one shooting their load in those two minutes would have to wait till every one else had shot their load before they could re-enter my butt hole. And six more to operate the cameras that were used to capture the spectacle so that it could be posted and sold.

To say that I wasn't scared was an understatement, Daryl had to help me on to the dais and steady my legs as the first guy mounted my up turned butt. Jarvis had lubed me very well, placing a large amount of lube directly into my anal cavity and spreading it around my outer sphincter muscle. Twelve guys latter my legs were trembling so violently that we had to take a five minutes break.

After a few shots of "Absolute", I was ready to resume, the next twenty guys went by pretty fast. Five guys latter we had to stop for the filming crew to change film. During this time Jarvis cleaned me up and sucked gently on my cock to keep me horny.

When we started back the guys seemed more interested in trying to get me to moan or cry out in pain. The next three guy shot their loads one after another, soon as they entered my anal opening they couldn't hold back and flooded my rectum with their baby making juice.

The next guys were careful not to loose their loads, they were mindful of the two minutes and screwed me with intent till they were told to pull out. The room was full of the scent of sex, some of the guys had decided to try each other out in the corners of the room.

Finally the last of the sixty was in my butt, he busted my butt like he was riding a bull. When his time was up he was disappointed that he wasn't the last to enter my now fucked raw ass hole.

Three hours had past since we begin, I still had to let fifty more guys enter my aching butt hole in order to break the record. The guys had been given numbers at the start they were told that their number would be called in no particular order.

I had had so many different size and shapes of cocks in my butt that I was getting horny as hell. As the guys numbers were called the judges told them to 'fuck at will for five minutes. Their actions would be filmed closeup for editing latter to include in the final film.

About thirty guys were lined up and mounting me at regular intervals. Most of them screwed me till they shot their spunk into my butt. Some of the guys that were not in line decide to shove their cocks into my mouth. At first I tried to complain but seeing a camera placed near I decide to start sucking the cocks that were placed in my face.

We were down to the final few cocks needed to break the record when Jarvis said 'we ain't gonna just break records we gonna set new ones. For the next seven hours I was the center piece of a huge fuck session. I was sucking and getting my ass fucked from so many cocks, dicks, penises whatever you want to call them. My jaws were sore, my legs were sore, my anus was sore and man juice was flowing from my stretched butt hole like a stream.

Since there was only sixty guys, they had to sex me more than once. Some was more attuned to what was required than others and understood what was expected of them. Some after shooting their load in my rectum were more intent on getting fucked than fucking. In all about forty of the guys were able to sex me three or four times. This I determined when I saw my copy of the movie that was made that night.

When the session was over the judges tallied there notes and announced that I had sucked to completion, meaning that the cocks I sucked had shot their load of baby making fluid in my mouth and/or throat, was seventy-five. Most of the cocks there had been in my mouth some more than once.

The number of cocks that had shot their load of man spunk up my butt was eighty seven. The number of cocks that had entered my anal opening and screwed me for at least two minutes were one hundred and three.

My butt was sore as hell, it felt like some one had shoved a flower vase up my butt and left it there. Jarvis helped me to the back room and shut the door, I could barely walk hardly stand on my own.

Jarvis laid me on the mattress that was prepared for my rest earlier, as I laid there on my side trembling from what I had just endured. Jarvis nudge up behind me cuddling me close to him whispering 'David, you let all those strangers fuck you and you took every dick in your ass more than once.'

I was beginning to cry as Jarvis held me close to him. I felt Jarvis's cock twitch, I adjusted myself a little till his cock entered my aching butt. I clenched at his cock with my aching anal muscles, Jarvis stroked my cock and twisted my nipples so sweetly as he slowly fucked my butt.

I felt Jarvis stiffen after awhile and he shot a huge load of spunk in my rectum. We laid there cuddling each other till the guy that provided the building came in. He saw Jarvis pull his dripping cock from my well used ass and wanted to enter my raw butt also. Jarvis protested, but I said 'let him do me again I don't care.'

The guy turned me to my back and lifted my legs and entered my wide opened butt and screwed me till he shot his load of baby making fluid up my butt. Jarvis standing there fuming as the guy slowly pulled from my butt climbed between my knees and pounded my up turned butt in anger till he too unloaded his massive amount of man juice in me.

Jarvis got up and ordered me to dress and get to the car, The ride back to campus was long and silent, I tried to lay my head in Daryl's lap, he pushed me away. Daryl stopped the car a block from campus and told me to walk the rest of the way.

When I got to Grants Hall I saw Daryl and Jarvis talking and laughing in the doorway. I sneaked around to the back and slipped in and went upstairs, after cleaning up, quickly, I slid into bed for some restful peace.
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